November 12


Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween!!

Today is the day that we all dress up in costumes and become whomever we choose to be. Truth is that most of us are in costumes for the other 364 days of the year. Our true self is buried deep inside under the cement that has been deposited over the years by people, experiences and ourselves.

The Master Key Experience gives us a way to chip off the cement and find the person within, their goals and dreams. The song that has been waiting to be sung! Each of us does our own work and finds our own answers supported by a wonderful team of guides, staff and Mark and the Fab Davene.

Come join us and find the gold in the world within and start the wonderful adventure to uncover the self!

Enjoy Halloween and whomever you are today. Tomorrow as we put those costumes away, let’s start to lose the costumes we have been hiding behind and uncover the gold!

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About the author

Janet Keith is a mentor, writer, and student of horses and life. She is on the path of the Master Key Experience and following her bliss! Janet is training to be a Guide so that others can do the same.

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