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Health, Happiness and Prosperity

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Health, happiness and prosperity are life. Life is fragile. We have an inbuilt vulnerability, whether we acknowledge this or not.

Our mind plays a huge role in how we live our lives. We can make ourselves sick through constant negative thought and habits or we have the power to be constantly well or even to turn it all around and return ourselves to wellness.

Do we know this? Are we taught this or do we rely on the Doctor or Hospital to ‘save us’ when it’s too late and external intervention is required?

So let’s get this a bit clearer. You DO have the power to keep yourself healthy and there are certain practices that aid in this quest.

If, from a child, you are given the tools to be in the best health you can be, how wonderful is that? You are in control of your outcomes. That’s empowering! By the way, if you’re a parent and reading this, start helping your kids now!

If we’re older and a little more set in our ways and have had challenges in our life, then it’s a little different for us. We’ve settled in to a certain way of thinking, of being, of eating, of coping etc. Then, if we do get sick, it’s more of a challenge to really change what needs to be changed so our health improves.

There are those that can radically alter everything about their life to start on the healing process. These people have often studied alternative health or the consciousness aspect of life and adapt immediately.

Health, Happiness and Prosperity

The people who I am really writing for today are those who have not had any exposure to alternative health care or consciousness raising practices. However, if you do have experience, this timely reminder may help?

You DO have the capacity and power to change everything about your life so you can be on your own wellness journey and be in control of your future. You just need to learn how.

The opposite of Fear is Love. Let go of Fear. Give yourself the Love you deserve. “Love Thyself”. That’s strong stuff!

Quite frequently there is a crisis in your life that brings you to your knees. It gives you a chance to change, to reset. There’s an old saying ‘when the pupil is ready the teacher comes’.

There is also a place for Alleopathic medicine. Combine this if you need, with other alternative practices and you have a potent cocktail for wellness. There are some advanced and amazing treatments out there to set you on your way.

These are a few suggestions that may help you:


Take some time to come ‘home’ to you. Find your real self. This can be by taking some time out from everyday activities that normally fill your hours. You can meditate, go for a walk, take a bath, go on a retreat, even turning the TV off gives you a break from external stimuli.

Get help with the kids if you have any. Have a ‘Date Night’, find your happy place. Your mental health is very important. Get this sorted and the rest is much easier.

Look Within

You may find in taking more time for yourself, you start to awaken to certain patterns in your life. These can be behavioural patterns from childhood, stress induced patterns, physical patterns, you name it.

Once you see these patterns and start to let go of them, given the right tools, life can change drastically for the better.


“You are what you eat”. “Let food be thy medicine”. I expect you’ve heard those sayings? Take a look at what you consume daily. Ask yourself, is this the best food I can eat for wellness? Is this hurting me if I consume it?

Quite often, we don’t see the correlation between food and health, so help yourself by getting educated. At the very least, cut out the fast-food burger and fries and sweet fizzy drink diet and see what happens for you.

Some people go full-on juice fast. Always check with your medical practitioner before you make a big change.

Physical Fitness

If you are well enough to do this – Check out how much cardio you do daily. Is it enough, if you can still manage cardio? If you can, start having a gentle walk, building up speed and distance over a period of time. How is your breathing?

Start taking note of your breath. Is it shallow, tight etc. Learn how to take gentle deep long breaths into your belly. Good quality filtered water. How much are you drinking, is it enough? Water is the elixir of life … drink!!

Both the breath and water can help oxygenate and transport toxins out of you. Get out in the fresh air if you can. If you think it’s too cold to go outside, learn about the brave people who take ice baths daily. It puts it all in perspective!!


The majority of really good teachers tell you that Gratitude is the key. It is the greatest of virtues. It forms the foundation for all other virtues. Learn Gratitude. What is it?

Being grateful for all the events or things that come to you in your life. Some of those events or things may not feel as if Gratitude is useful, however, look deeper and let yourself see the eventual outcomes that have occurred.

Then keep a Daily Journal of all the things, little or large that you are grateful for. Start off with 3 things and let your daily list grow over time. This is a potent way to realise Gratitude and it can change everything about you. Please, it is not to be underestimated.

The Solution?

Are you now feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Is this all new for you, or do you have some experience of what you have just read, as a remedy that suits you?

There is so much on the internet, the Information Super-High-Way.
So much that contradicts various different methods that it is hard to know where to start.

Feeling empowered and not just following some methodology is a key in getting real results for yourself. Your change that you need has to come from within, otherwise it’s not real change and a relapse may happen.

Ok, so here’s the pointy end of this blog.

For Real Change, not only do you need to feel and be Empowered, you also need to be Strong, Happy, have Gratitude, know how to overcome old Habits, have Self Discipline, Humour and Knowledge.

Wow!! This is a tall ask I hear you saying!

health, happiness and prosperity

How much does Health, Happiness and Prosperity mean to you? After all, it is Life, those 3 components are Life Itself.

For me, I committed myself to 26 weeks of The Master Key Experience to learn all of this.

I already had a head start, I had experience of some really involved and in-depth spiritual practices and other modalities.

I took this course because it profoundly called to me. I’m very glad I finished the 26 weeks and signed up for further, more advanced studies.

What I found, was the simplest, yet most powerful of exercises that I could practice anywhere I was, at any time of the day, although the discipline that was required created an amazing routine that nurtured and nourished all my senses.

I now feel totally able to direct my life in the way that supports me the most. I’m not swayed by external circumstances and feel empowered to be the change that I need. The added bonus is that as I change, it ripples out and others can pick up on that vibe and find the space for change too.

A win-win situation

There is so much more I can write, but I’m handing it over to you, so you can be the one that finds the way to change your life in the best way possible for you.

The next Master Key Experience starts in September and time flies, so head on over with this link and start to be inspired now!

I am grateful to you that you have taken the time out of your day to read this and I hope it has helped you to find the next step in your journey to Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

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About the author

Peaches’ favourite saying "Happy is as happy does”. As a Life Coach, Peaches’ training equips her to be the catalyst to your greatness. Inspired in recent times by the Master Key Experience, she can help you bring science and spirituality together in a synthesis of transformative skills for accelerated growth.

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