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A Helpful Zen Story of Massage, Kōans, Zazen: Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

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Massage, kōans and zazen, oh my!

I can’t believe how fast the weeks are running. This week went particularly fast, because I have been working with massage and when I do the massage am I so focused that time almost ceases.

Maybe it does, for what is time?

In the 80’s and 90’s did I spend a lot of time thinking about kōans.

A kōan is a story, dialogue, question, or statement which is used in Zen practice to provoke the “great doubt” and to practice or test a student’s progress in Zen. 


I sat zazen (sitting mediation) and I also used every moment possible to ponder on these kōans which really don’t have an answer. It’s all about shifting perspectives through the paradoxes in the kōans. I haven’t thought about this in many years, and now suddenly I miss it. Like so many others, I use my “extra” time to catch up at Facebook and suddenly you are just surfing around without any clear purpose. It’s like time just ceases.

Wait a minute! Haven’t I already said that?

What is time really? We are accustomed to think and say that we have or haven’t time like it is an amount of time. But in fact is there no time at all. Anyway, not in that perspective, if I may say so. What we have is continuously recurring ”now”.

So time is really what we fill it with, and there we always have a choice (even if we don’t feel we are having a choice). You can say that we create time by filling it with thoughts, feelings and doing. Even thoughts and feelings that we are unaware of.

And the choice we have is not only to A: go along with it, or B: resist it, but also to C: create something totally new.

Imagine your Future

I meet more and more people in my work that say they can’t imagine their future, in other words, they have difficulties to see what they want to do in the future because they have problems creating images of what they desire and even more problems to feel what they desire.

I have thought a lot about that since I, myself, have a vivid imaginary ability, and also a heart that creates a lot of emotions for the things I desire.

My belief is that most people are so accustomed to divert themselves with randomly scrolling around at internet as soon they got a few minutes left for nothing to do, so their brains are customized to passively receive whatever information and entertainment they get from the internet. And that is at the cost of using their imaginary ability to create whatever future they would desire.

And most of the things we are fed with from the internet is of negative character so our brains are also customized to produce hormones that keep us in a downward mood. Our brains like to play and to have fun! That stimulates our creativity, which is necessary for our survival. It affects our immune system and it certainly affect our mental health. We are born with an urge to develop, to make a fantastic life journey.

I want to ask you: What are your desires and what do you want to fill your time with? What kind of time-creator do you want to be?

Look at the Stars

Sometimes when I look at the stars can I think about the perspective from outer space. We are so small and every “I” is so little, but if we put them all together we are being great. We are an universal power. Like a drop in the ocean is not much, but it contains the whole ocean within, and together with other drops they are powerful forces.

Can you imagine how our world would look like if everyone consciously created their time? I think it would be a world filled with happiness, joy, a lot of love for oneself and everyone else, respect, helpfulness and consideration. I spend a given time on daily basis to be with my heart and my ”I”.

That has really been a bliss for me, because I get so many answers for whatever I ponder on and I also get in contact with my true self. I can never do that with the feed from Facebook or other social media, nor the daily news in the papers or looking at the television.

Daily Quiet Moments

A few months ago in my daily quiet moments with myself a line came up in my mind: “Hello is it me you’re looking for”. I had to laugh with myself. But Lionel Richie’s words are actually talking to me:

You’re all I’ve ever wanted and my arms are open wide. Cause you know just what to say and you know just what to do and I want to tell you so much, I love you.

Lionel Richie

Dear, dear “I”, you have all the answers and I want to tell you how much I love you.
If you are not sure how to begin meeting your true self and knowing how you want your future life, I can give you a tip, because there is an ”ocean” out there with a lot of drops and it is called Master Key Experience (MKE).

All the members in the MKE, together with the guides, the staff, the tools and the material make an universal power. Do you wonder how? Jump on it, get a scholarship for just one dollar and try it out. The best way is to experience, especially when there is so much to explore.

What are you waiting for? Your true self and your future are waiting for YOU!

Peace be the journey.

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About the author

Monica has more than 20 years of experience of life guiding and coaching and is passionate about helping people make reality of whatever change they desire in their lives. Her background is a longterm specialized education at the University. Today is she working full time in her own company, living her dream which she credits the Master Key Experience.

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  • Monica, it’s always a pleasure to listen as you read your blog on clubhouse!

    I love how you ask questions so many of us may be hesitate to ask… Keep up all your great efforts and future endeavors too!!!

    Amazing guide and living life by example too.

  • Yes, the MKE is definitely a great way to learn how to create a meaningful life, hence to use our time on the most appropriate and joyful manner! Great post Monica, thanks for these great insights about time!

    • Thank you Luc! And it’s also so clear how much the Master key Experience means to the members when you participate in the members area with masterminding, pepping each other and using the time meaningfully and with joy.

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