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How Coaches Change your Life

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If you played sports growing up, you may remember experiencing how coaches change your life.  Remember for a minute your favorite coach. Even if you didn’t, you know the impact that a coach has on someone.

That’s why we, the members, guides and staff of the Master Key Experience have always called our guides COACHES, not trainers. Trainers are people who got some weekend certification, love to exercise, thought they’d hang out in a gym all day, and count your reps or scream into a headset. They deliver workouts. And for some people, that’s cool.

I think the biggest difference between a coach and a trainer, putting aside backgrounds, degrees, etc., is this…

A coach delivers an experience that truly changes your life. Sure, there is a time and a place to modify technique, pick the right exercises, and count some reps. However, what about those discussions when you’re having a bad day? What about that external reach out via a Facebook message or e-mail to see how you’re doing? A coach looks at the total picture, delivers a complete experience, and truly makes a difference in your life.

How Coaches Change Your Life Beyond Training

A coach is not just concerned about this one week’s assignment, but your entire journey, and you as an entire person. We have an incredible team of coaches, and we deliver a coaching program so that there’s nothing like it.

I always tell people…

If you’re looking to be told what to do and not willing to do the work and not like being accountable for the requirements needed to reach your goal, we’re probably not the right fit for you.

You can pay for other programs. You can pay to listen to talks. You can pay to see motivational speakers. BUT if you don’t follow through with what you learned or are accountable…then WHAT??

The Magic is in the Coaching Experience

That’s something that can’t be duplicated, and it’s the coaching, accountability, and a strong community that goes behind everything we do that makes it such an incredible experience.

In surveys, by far the number one thing that always tops the list…


So why is this important to you?

Well one, I want our readers to be super educated.

Whether it’s here or somewhere else, I want you to know the difference between a gym and a coaching program.

Two, I want to give huge props to my team because they’re the best team around and they don’t like being called trainers 🙂 If you don’t have coaching and accountability behind what you’re doing, in some way or another, you will not achieve your goals. It may be blunt, it may sting a little, but it’s the truth. That’s true for all of us.

coaches change your life

Even us coaches have coaches.

Just remember this…

  • The magic is not in whether you do a kettlebell squat or a bodyweight squat…
  • The magic is not in whether you do a push-up or a dumbbell press…
  • The magic is not in whether you follow this diet or that diet…
  • The magic is in the quality coaching, consistency, community, and culture behind it.

Let me know if you agree.

If not, that’s super cool, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

So, action item?

If there is an area of your life you’re looking to improve ask yourself this question…

“Do I have a coach on my side?”

This goes for not just fitness, but any aspect of life.

If not, go get one. And we’ll give you one in the next class of the Master Key Experience. That’s right — GIVE you one. You can’t buy the course, but you can apply for a scholarship. So get on the list now and don’t miss out.

I promise, if you find the right one, or in our case, a team of them, you see how coaches change your life.

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Living example of the Master Key Experience, with a passion to pay it forward through personal support in the members' weekly blog posts, Julia is an MKE 2014 LifeTime member with lasting friendships around the world.

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