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How to Absolutely Beat Burn Out

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Wouldn’t it be great to know how to beat burn out, and as a byproduct, eliminate procrastination 4eva?

In 2019 the WHO (World Health Organization in case you’ve been living under a rock) recognized burn out as an occupational phenomenon – not a condition but a phenomenon. The most successful people don’t let either of these get them down.

Did You Just Write Eliminate Procrastination Permanently?

Well, I wrote 4eva but OK. That seems a bit over the top – 4eva? Eliminate Procrastination Permanently? How is that possible? The answer is forthcoming and you’re going to LOVE it. First agreement that procrastination can in so many ways directly result in burn out. It’s easy to see how one can beat and eliminate the other. Yes?

Here we go…

How to Beat Burn Out and Eliminate Procrastination Permanently

Do you remember the ‘Man In The Mirror’ Michael Jackson video? Heartbreaking and not enough has changed, sadly since 1988 ☹ 

This is the perfect segue into why The Master Key Experience is so essential for our planet. We need real, honest, caring change and change comes from people!

That’s the answer, “I’m starting with the woman/man in the mirror.” People gotta get better in order for our planet and lives to get better. 

My husband and business partner for the last 27 years, Mark Januszewski aka The World’s Laziest Networker, likes to say to me all the time, “Hey, you’re all about personal responsibility…” when he starts a sentence. I know he wants me to really pay attention; or he’s trying to get away with something by getting on my good side 🙂

Yes, I’m all about 100% personal responsibility. Now this may be the point when you stop reading. If it is, that’s the perfect reason to keep going.

Here comes a tip: If you believe that you are, right now in your life, taking 100% personal responsibility for all that occurs in your life, then you don’t need this blog and can be on your merry way.

If you don’t believe you take 100% personal responsibility for all that occurs in your life, congratulations on your honesty – you’re halfway there!

There’s a need now to explain the difference between taking personal responsibility and responsibility.

It’s Never as Hard as People Think to Eliminate Procrastination Permanently

Taking personal responsibility for anything that occurs in your life, good or bad, is the answer to all the ills of your existence as well as the entire planet.

ALL OF THEM. Think about it…

But there’s a difference between responsibility for something and taking 100% personal responsibility. So, I believe an example is called for here.

Have you even been in a disagreement or argument with a significant other about something? Most people can answer yes to that question. So, I was in an ongoing disagreement about my husband’s dogs.

You see early on in our relationship when I moved in with Mark and his 3 English Setters, I found out a few things. Just a personal note – if you wish to really know someone always live with them first.

How to beat burn out

Mark, my husband, believed that there needed to be a water bowl in the bedroom at night where the 3 dogs sleep. Needless to say, I did not agree. They’ll survive 8 hours without water!

As a result of my failed attempts there was a water bowl in the bedroom. Now this is important. Where the bowl was placed in the bedroom meant I had to traverse between the bowl and the rest of the room. More than once I walked through dog drool water! Gross!

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I barreled into Mark’s office one day and started ranting about the water bowl.

He very calmly says, “Why don’t you just move the bowl to my side of the room; it doesn’t bother me.”

Stunned silence was my response. Ahh there it is – response – we, me, you, everyone all possesses the ABILITY TO RESPOND. Responsibility. Get it responsibility – ability to respond.

That one blew my mind the first time I heard it. Love the derivation of words (slight digression)

Taking responsibility instead of blaming is something I learned through the Master Key Experience and giving me peace of mind and my live and the lives of my loves ones is so much sweeter for it. 

After deciding to take 100% responsibility for what was happening to me and moving the water bowl, presto, no more angst about the water bowl. How much energy, time, love all wasted on a stupid dog bowl… no more. No more burn out. 

 The tough part for me it that most people, about 95%, won’t do it. They would rather suffer and have things to complain about that make their lives more blissful. 

 If that describes you… enter your name and email over there to get started on your 7-Day Mental Diet.

We here at Training Solutions want to change that with the Master Key Experience. We know that in just 120 days, that’s all – your entire life, dear reader, is transformed into a safe space where growth and success are a given.

Where else could I use this magical new skill!?  I started looking for all the other places in my life where I was blaming or could see my part. It was so exciting and wonderful. All the while my life and the lives around me getting better and better. Joy!

What if I had taken responsibility on that job I lost, or that relationship or how many, many times with my wonderful daughters I could have shown them a better way.

I know it seems super easy to solve that, but we don’t do it. We want everyone else to take the blame or do the dirty work or fix the challenge or we pass the buck, ‘that’s not my job waaa waaa’. Well, yes, it is if something needs to be done and you are there DO IT! And do it well.

So you see how taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life eliminates procrastination – when we do it now and now the right thing that scourge disappears. You just do the right thing all the time. Do the next right thing. That’s it.

Think about it, has anything like this ever happened in your life where one small change solves so much burn out! Learn more about how to eliminate procrastination here.

Please don’t hesitate to share with me in the comments about your experience with Personal responsibility.

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About the author

Davene Januszewski, CEO of Training Solutions LLC, has been successfully networking and speaking professionally since 1998. She and her husband Mark Januszewski, The World's Laziest Networker are living their dream on the island of Kauai.

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  • This is such a big topic for everyone and everybody! As a personal experience with it, it’s only in my late 40’s that I started to realize that I could – and should – keep myself 100% accountable for every single thing occuring in my life, no exception; it took me a while to accept it, but when I finally did, I felt relieved and empowered because I knew from there on that I had the power to change any condition (about health, relationship, profession, finance,…) that I didn’t like or want in my life…That being said, I’ll remain forever grateful for the MKE which has given me the essential practical tools to actually manifest the changes I wanted…Be blessed forever Davene for having created this life changing program with Mark!

  • I guess that means that whatever happens in our lives is . . . our fault! It’s comforting to know that there is hope and support to change the undesirable circumstances. Grateful!

  • To take 100% responsibility is also to make you powerful, to put yourself in charge. I like that because for me it is a part of the magic in life knowing that we are such powerful. During the years of guiding others to desired lives and jobs I have noticed that many are afraid to take that charge in their lives. It is like you describe; they want someone else to solve the problems, to make their lives better. I think that is because we are customized to that kind of thinking and being since we are children. It becomes part of our cement that holds us back to be our true selves and live from our hearts. What I really appreciate with Master Key Experience is that with simple daily new habits you crack all the cement that holds you back and you put yourself in charge, step by step, so you get in touch with your true self, taking 100% responsibility and FEELING SO GOOD ABOUT IT. Every day in the MKE is a self discovery trip, a true adventure and you do it from where you are on your life journey.

    • Yes I believe that not taking responsibility is learned behavior, like all our behaviors, we learn them from those who teach us and unfortunately passing the buck is truly a disease in our culture – crack the culture! that’s my new hashtag LOL #cracktheculture

  • We are so used to reacting to a situation instead of changing it. We can’t think straight while we are reacting. Thanks for the great reminder!

  • “Do the next right thing…” brilliantly simple. And you can start out with a “small” next right thing too! Take those small steps over and over and before you know it, you’ll have built yourself one powerful habit! 🙂

  • lol….I see it all the time.
    Thank you for sharing, it’s our perceptive how we see things and sometimes we just have to remind ourselves to simply articulate our concerns in a calm tone and go in with an open mind and open heart.

  • Thank you, Davene, for the great blog explaining this important principle of taking personal responsibility 100% of the time. Yes, I have practiced this principle in my relationship with my dad who I’ve struggled for a long time with my own resentment toward him and blaming him and wishing for him to change. Lo and be hold, how our relationship changed once I started to take full responsibility for how I was acting and reacting toward him. Through last few years, our relationship has improved significantly and such a pleasant relationship that I have now with my dad. Thank you once again for the great MKE journey that I’ve started in 2017 and continuing on! Humbled and grateful!

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