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How to Expand Your Thoughts About Your Health

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Have you ever wondered how to expand your thoughts about your health?

“Primus non Nocere”

Considering my background in Manual Medicine, this phrase is very close to my heart, and, in my opinion, it represents the most important (and probably most ignored and neglected) principle in modern medicine.

In English this phrase means:

“First do no harm”

It is the first principle of Hippocrates oath, that every medical professional should be extremely familiar with!

So, what does this principle practically mean?

Well, that is of major and urgent importance for anyone caring about their health and lifespan in general, and health span specifically!

With this in mind, I’d like to introduce two major axioms here:

  1. Health represents so much more than the absence of disease or illness, and by optimizing our lives and bodies for health, the latter can be avoided completely or to a great extent. This means that lifestyle choices play an enormous roll in maintaining health and/or developing disease.
  2. Every medication, be it natural or manmade, represents a toxin or poison, that in certain situations can be more beneficial that detrimental to the organism. Therefore, the expected upsides of using a certain medication must always be weighted against potential risks, and only be used when absolutely necessary and as a last resort.

I believe that healthcare means the proactive focus on health promoting thoughts, feeling, habits and behaviors. Ask yourself how often are you proactively thinking about your good health and well being?

While the system we mostly experience today should be referred to as sick care, meaning the maintenance of disease and illness rather than promoting health.

One of the great drivers of the current system, is the widely accepted ‘war on disease’, that has been established by modern medicine, in my opinion mainly due to financial interests.

There is unfortunately very little profit to be made from keeping people healthy in comparison to selling drugs to sick people.

Now, does that mean I believe that people are made and/or kept sick on purpose?

While some might argue there exists some evil conspiracy, I believe that to be a grossly exaggerated analysis of the matter. I’d rather interpret the situation as the result of market forces combined with human nature!

It’s just natural for corporations to strive to maximize profit, and this often includes aggressive marketing, and just as natural for people to go for the easily available, and subjectively apparent, effective solution!

Now, in this case the combination of the above mentioned natural inclinations, has lead to a health crisis of biblical proportions, that also has gone way too far.

Just imagine a substance that is supposed to protect You from an infection, and the entity distributing the substance knows for a fact that it is not merely ineffective in its purpose, but actually can inflict just that same infection to people receiving the substance!

Think I’m way out there???

Think again…

Your Thoughts and Your Health

Let me just put it to you straight: Your health is way too important to be outsourced to some profit hungry, potentially criminal organizations (yes, that would be the pharmaceutical complex) who’d sacrifice you and your loved ones in a heartbeat if they can increase bottom line!

To be responsible citizens we all need to learn the basics of staying healthy, and always ask ourselves what motives are driving people who try to tell us what to do.

And that goes for me as well, please don’t take my word for it.

Do your own research, think, think, and think some more!

Then make a decision that makes sense to you and that you feel you can live with – because I promise you that, you will have to live with it!

Hope that you got some value out of this, and that I nudged your thinking out of the old ruts.

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Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and insights!


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About the author

In addition to being a certified guide with the MKE since 2015, Claes uses his experience from his manual medicine practice in combination with extensive coaching and mentoring experience and being certified as a Color Code personal skills trainer and Colors for Leadership trainer, to inspire and facilitate people to become independent and discriminate thinkers working towards their dreams for the benefit of all.

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  • Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insights. In addition, for sparking us to take a closer look at our own thoughts about health and to do more of our own research where needed.

  • Thanks for this encouragement, Claes. I so agree with you! When we think about our bodies not being made of synthethic chemicals, why in the world would we think that synthetic chemicals could be the first, second of 49th thing to either prevent illness or heal an imbalance!? We know from the MKE that what we focus on grows…why would we want to focus on illness?

  • I totally agree with you that good health is not just the absence of illness. In fact, a healthy life begins in the mind: anyone who takes an insurance against illness is assured…to become ill one day or another, by Law…The Laws of the mind as we find them in the Master Key System deserve some attention for those who want to preserve their good health for their entire life! Thanks Claes to remind us the essentials about a healthy life, great post!

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