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How to Experience a Journey of a Lifetime

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Wondering how you can genuinely experience a Journey of a Lifetime?

For starters, let’s check out the book titled The Master Key System – Part 25, Haanel states:

“The vibratory activities of the planetary universe are governed by a law of periodicity. Everything that lives has periods of birth, growth, and fruitage. These periods are governed by The Septimal law. The law of seven governs the days of the week, the phases of the moon, the harmonies of sound, light, heat, electricity, magnetism, and atomic structure. It governs the life of individuals and of nations, and it dominates the activities of the commercial world. We can apply the same law to our own lives, and therefore come into an understanding of many experiences which otherwise appear inexplicable.”

“Life is growth, and growth is change. Each seven-year period takes us into a new cycle.”

“The first seven years is the period of infancy. The next seven the period of childhood, representing the beginning of individual responsibility. The next seven represents the period of adolescence. The fourth period marks the attainment of full growth. The fifth period is the constructive period, when men begin to acquire property, possessions, a home and family. The next from 35 to 42, is a period of reactions and change, and this in turn is followed by a period of reconstruction, adjustments and recuperation, so as to be ready for a new cycle of sevens, beginning with the fiftieth year.”

“Those familiar with these cycles will not be disturbed when things seem to go wrong, but can apply the principle outlined in these lessons with the full assurance that a higher law will invariably control all other laws, and that through an understanding and conscious operation of spiritual laws, we can convert every seeming difficulty into a blessing.”

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, Part 25: 54-56.

As many of you know, the number 7 is my absolute lifetime favorite!

This year, I emerge into my 9th cycle of 7’s. Now, this is the stuff dreams are made of, and suddenly I find myself wondering what happened to my life, and at the same time, relishing in the excitement of being back to my younger self. Perfect!

Just Wow! The knowledge I gain. The skills I secure. Such an incredible age to just BE!

Oh, and what a life changing, and Incredible block of time the last 7 years have been!

My recent 7 year Journey

I’ve lived in 7 different places (Texas, North Carolina, 2 different Islands in Hawaii, Ohio, Colorado, and back to Texas), driven 7 different vehicles for my “Job”, and I just completed 7 years here in the Master Key Experience and most recently, it’s been 7 months since my youngest daughter moved to Colorado.

Whoa! Where is it that time goes again?

An age-old story of that pesky Old Blueprint and that comfort zone that we all seem to have begins to rear its head…

Laziness, Procrastination, Perfectionism, Fear, and Resistance all show up to pay me a very unexpected visit.

I know that the mental work it takes to rid yourself of these stumbling blocks is very REAL, and to those of us who know, the result is nothing short of a Miracle. So…..

In looking into what comes next, I make the decision to move my household yet again. I look around my home here, and I think… Do I really need all of this stuff? Hmm…

In the silence a still, small, yet very powerful voice, begins to answer… and she is getting louder, and clearer by the day.

I must be getting ready to Grow again…as there seems to be a few obstacles here that I absolutely must turn into stepping stones!

Off I go, to do just that!

If my blog has sparked your curiosity about uncovering your journey of a lifetime, hop on the early notification list for the next session of the Master Key Experience that starts in late September.

In the meantime, you’ll receive a FREE Tool called the 7-Day Mental Diet that you can apply right away to discover what kinds of thoughts you are experiencing now about your Life. Guess what? It’s time to “Do It Now!”

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As a certified MasterKey Experience Guide, Brenda Buck is a personal development coach and writer who is passionate about helping people grow into the best version of themselves. She helps other entrepreneurs grow, scale, and leverage their own businesses by connecting them with outstanding supportive communities.

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