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How to feel lighter and have more energy

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When you wake up, do you feel lighter and energized? Or is lethargic and stiff your description? Do you know how to feel lighter and have more energy? How much do you eat at dinner? Is dinner the largest meal of your day? What routines do you have to give you more energy and lift you for the day?

If you eat a heavier dinner and try to wake early to exercise, your body may feel like slumbering. If you jump out of bed and jump right onto your email, your brain could be taking in extra negativity that can also drain your energy and make you feel heavy.

How to feel physically lighter and have more energy

Let’s begin with changing the label from what we call “dinner” in the evening, to “supper.” Long ago when people were in the fields, mid-day lunch was the largest meal.

Supper is derived from “sup” and “sip” which both mean to take liquid food. Farmers would have a pot of soup on the stove all day, and in the early evening, they would “sup” the soup at supper. What a great way to feel lighter. They already had their largest meal at noon.

The same can be true for the information you feed your mind. A heavy dose of negativity can keep you from achieving your dreams where you can take in smaller chunks of news and outside influences to stay informed to feel light and have energy to move you toward better things.

“Remember that the most difficult tasks are consummated, not by a single explosive blast of energy or effort, but by the constant daily application of the best you have within you.”

Og Mandino

Confession: I was a late dinner eater, usually around 8 PM. Now I finish my lighter dinner by 6 PM and close my kitchen. Why? Because of krama, which is defined as the order of what you do when. The order in which you do the same things day in and day out determines who you become. My lighter dinner of soup, salad, or smoothie requires less energy for digestion. It helps me feel lighter And my daily Master Key habits energize me to move forward on my purpose.

How to feel lighter from worries and woes

Krama has become significant in my studies with the Master Key Experience (MKE). I feel lighter and energized now that I rise at 5 am, do a bit of Wm Hoff breathing, read the assigned MKE readings and “sit still”. This structure has proved to be invaluable in that my day starts early, I instantly feel lighter and I have more time for the rest of the day. I get to bed by 10 PM and wake up brighter … I want to get up and greet the sun!

Order is crucial. By making the right choices the night before, I feel fantastical the next day. Mess with the krama of the night before and I enter the land of inefficiency. When I get the order wrong, I feel like I’m rolling a boulder up a mountain. More energy is expended and nothing more is gained.

How to have more energy to pursue your dreams

Back to an earlier, lighter dinner…when you eat heavily at night you generate more work for your body. You’ll always feel behind. You’ll feel like you’re perpetually trying to keep up–that there isn’t enough time in your day for what you need to do. Digestion plays the role, and that’s another blog. Let me say this simply: eating too much too late challenges your digestion.

feel lighter and have energy to move to your dreams

The same is true with what we feed our minds. If we let in lots of outside influence and ignore our heart’s desires, we can feel like we’re constantly behind, like our dreams are so far out of reach, we’ll never catch up to them.

The morning habits that MKE has asked of me have been a turning point for knowing where I’m going with my life and my productivity. If you’d like to make two changes in your life: an earlier, lighter dinner (just practice) and engaging in the Master Key Experience, you will have less to digest physically and more energy to digest what you really want for your life.

You can join this amazing Master Key Experience community by clicking here and getting on the wait list for the next class which starts in September. In 6 months, with hands-on support, you too can feel lighter and find the energy to manifest your dreams too!

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About the author

After two decades on the street as one of the first female police officers in Milwaukee, Mary turned to her passion of supporting one's health with plant based eating and practicing & Instructing yoga. She is currently studying Ayurveda, the holistic science and ancient wisdom of the yogis. Mary and her husband have rescued countless street cats, fostered them to good health and found loving homes for them. Her definite major purpose is to have cat cafes existing world-wide. Purrrrrrr

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