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How to Manifest True Love in Our Daily Life

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Manifest true love? With myself?

There is a very powerful practice in the Masterkey Experience (MKE) with which many MKE Heroes in the making are struggling at the beginning. 

I know it as a MKE guide but also because I struggled with it too when I was walking the path of the MKE for the first time.

The practice is the “Guy/Gal in the mirror”, and more specifically its last step which consist of telling to yourself while looking at you in the mirror “I love you (your name)”.

It took me a while before I was able to pronounce this little sentence “I love you Luc Griffet” out loud with a clear and firm voice while looking at the “Guy in the mirror” straight in the eyes…

The first time, I remained frozen in front of my mirror for a minute or two before a voice inside ordered me to go to bed, which I obeyed diligently!

The next few times, I could hardly hear myself whispering “I love you”, without my name and with the door of the bathroom closed…maybe I was afraid that my wife Françoise would hear me and lock me up in the asylum (actually, I would probably have deserved it just for having such a silly thought!).

Hopefully for me, my willingness to progress was stronger than the twisted beliefs which brought me to resist in the first place, and after some weeks, I finally felt fine to practice the “Guy in the mirror” correctly till the end.

Can I Overcome Past Beliefs?

What are these twisted beliefs that bring us shame when we would like to express love?

Why is it so difficult for most people to witness love to themselves?

I will not attempt to answer these questions, as everybody knows that what we focus our attention on grows…and I certainly don’t want these twisted beliefs to grow!

Rather, what if we try to find some questions that would lead us to a better and true expression of love?

For example: “How could I freely feel and express true love to anyone else if I cannot feel nor express it for myself in the first place?”

My straight logical answer is: I cannot! 

Because if love is energy (for example, think of the force which binds electrons and atoms together), and if I am blocking the natural flow of that energy in me for any reasons, then I am like a Golden Buddha, full of love inside (as my body is made of quite many electrons and atoms!), but covered with cement and unable to fully express my true Self. 

Hence another question, “If I believe I feel true love for someone but it is not, then what is it that I feel?”

The answer is linked to a funny anecdote of which I was the poor hero several years ago.

It happened during an evening family meal while my three children were still teenagers. 

The conversation was running around love, and its details are too fuzzy in my mind today to be reported here, however one thing is still crystal clear in my memory: the collective reaction of the four diners around the table when, after someone had mentioned that “a baby had unconditional love for his mother”, I said “Well, you know, what babies are witnessing to their mother is not really love but attachment.”

After a moment of floating that lasted about a second or two, the whole room rapidly filled with high voltage electricity and I instantly felt like a lightning rod undergoing a rolling fire of lightning. Had I not educated my children reasonably well, I would have been forced to leave the dining room with the spaghetti pan on my head…

Love or Attachment?

Today despite this family incident, I still believe that babies are behaving primarily from attachment rather than love for obvious survival reasons. However as much as it is perfectly fine for babies to live through attachment to survive and thrive, as much as it is an obstacle to our growth as children and adults if we blindly continue to do so. 

For example in the realm of relationship, how many times in our life have we witnessed someone in our inner circle explaining why he stopped “loving” a friend, a partner or even a child or a parent because that person did not behave as expected?

And how many times did that same scenario also happen to us, sometimes as judge, sometimes as defendant?

And that brings us to the most important question: 

“What can we do to improve our ability to feel, express and manifest true love?”

Ok, I know you know where I am heading from here… Let’s start with ourselves first!

Learning to observe the difference between attachment and true love in our thoughts, emotions and feelings would be a great start.

Of course that requires the creation of specific conditions and the acquisition of definite skills that nobody teaches us at school or at home unless rare exceptions.

Even worse, we are constantly exposed to unconscious attachment behaviors from people we respect, and we are therefore considering these behaviors as legitimate and worthy of duplication.

So what kind of conditions and skills do we need for feeling, expressing and manifesting true love?

The Critical Components

Two critical conditions are a positive mental attitude and a permanent state of gratitude.

Everybody can create and grow these two conditions in his/her daily life with patience and the practice of the appropriate skills, which are all taught in the Master Key Experience.

If you are in the program, you know these skills as, among many others, the Mental Diet, the Service Card and “I Always Keep My Promises”, the Stacks of Cards with your Qualities and Successes, the Blueprint Builder, and of course…the “Guy/Gall in the Mirror”.

Now, because attachment behaviors have been so deeply ingrained in us since we were born, we need some discipline and persistence when we decide to acquire these skills… Manifestation of true love does not usually pop up from us just after one or two weeks of practice; it’s going to take a little longer.

That’s why I’m happy to share with you a little trick I’ve been using so far with great success when I feel discouraged or when I’m under pressure from my Old Blueprint to not do some of the exercises.

Each time this happens, I think of the greatest model of True Love I know in my physical environment. Do you have any idea of what it could be?

Every single human being knows it and many cultures and civilizations have worshipped it since the beginning of humanity…

Manifest true love

Yes, you got it, it’s the Sun!

The Sun sends its light and its heat on every single living organism of the planet. It doesn’t select who deserves it and who doesn’t. And it is infallibly and equally present for everybody, including the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Isn’t this a great source of inspiration?

In conclusion, for anyone willing to feel, express and manifest true love in his/her daily life, I recommend to start with oneself, to decide to faithfully practice the skills taught in the MKE, and to let oneself be inspired by the Sun.

Once we are manifesting true love every day of our life for everyone and everything, like the Sun, what else do we need to be happy?

With love,


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About the author

Luc is a trainer and mentor in individual transformation towards a harmonious and joyful lifestyle. He has experienced numerous transformations during his life; software engineer, successful corporate consultant, efficient networker, entrepreneur, Integrative Energy therapist. Luc is a happy family father, and currently a fulfilled trainer and MKE master guide. In the realm of individual transformation everything is possible, providing you believe in it. Are you ready?

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  • Great blog Luc! I just loved the anecdote about your conversation at the table. The baby have an attachment to the mother but I also think that thru that attachment (still free of conditional stuff) the baby learns to feel love, because the mother is the one (as well as the father of course) that is feeling and giving unconditional love. Maybe that love is the first emotion we learn as new human beings?

  • Loved every single word. And yes saying “I love you, Toya Horn Howard”, is one of the hardest things ever to say. . . still struggling with it. But ahh really like the Sun shining metaphor. Thank you

  • Wow everyone on the planet should read this blog Luc! Amazing and I agree with you about the Mom and Babies – when I had my first child it was like – you are a total stranger how can I be in love with you and I wasn’t that took some time to grow that real deep love – some may have it instantly but I didn’t and I felt bad about it like there was something wrong with me as a mom. Nope just had to grow into that love… Mahalo for sharing this profound blog Luc – love you man!

  • That’s great Luc – I love the bit about the Sun especially. You may be right about the baby’s attachment to mother, but I do believe that most mothers do have unconditional love for their baby.

  • Luc, I enjoyed how your post revealed that having the ability to feel and express self-love is a precursor that makes it easier to manifest true love to others. And thanks for the flashback! I also remember vividly the initial awkwardness of reciting the Guy/Gal in the Mirror poem, and am grateful that we both persevered!

    Thank you too for the suggestion to observe my emotions, thoughts, and feelings so that I become aware of when I’m displaying attachment instead of true love. I’m so glad I participated in MKE and learned the many ways to nurture a positive mental attitude and gratitude–which, as you pointed out, are essential skills for manifesting true love! ❤️

  • Yes, the art of love is to love thy self first and watch how we see LOVE in all things and in others…Sat Nam, Love, Light and Life to each one of us and our environment.

  • what a funny picture – ‘the spaghetti pan over your head’ !
    & thank you for the powerful reminder about the Sun 🙂

  • Thanks, Luc, for this amazing blog! To paraphrase Michael Jackson, “I’m starting with the (wo)man in the mirror.” That is the only way to create a loving atmosphere. The MKE is a great way to begin and accomplish it.

  • Such a profound and thought-provoking article that really causes one to think when it comes to love for oneself and others. And the baby analogy is so spot on. Much like how a puppy attaches to his or her owners.

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