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How to Save 3 Years of Time…

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Time and I have been battling all my life.

Usually time won, of course. As they old saying goes “Time waits for no one.” But that didn’t ever stop my trying to get the best of time. Probably like you, as a kid I’d plead to have more time at bedtime to hear more of the story being read to me. Nope.

Bedtime is bedtime. I’d plead to stay out longer on summer nights because our neighborhood was full of fun kids of all ages and lots of the games we played were so much better after dark. Nope. Time to come in. Through gradeschool Mom would ask, “Why do you always leave things till the last minute?”

Luckily in high school, when I’d leave an assignment to the night before it was due, I had my own bedroom in the basement. Most of the time I could work quietly long into the night without my folks knowing and more often than not get away with it.

Of course I paid the price by looking bedraggled and feeling horrible the next day at school. But I kept battling time because I work really well under pressure and managed to pull excellent grades and accomplish a lot. “So there, Time!” was my foolish thought as my foe got away without suffering a bit.

My battle wounds were constant jangled nerves, stress, discouragement, and a rep for being late.

I got strategic as an adult

As an adult I accumulated lots of tools to take into battles with time. You probably have had most of them, too. There were various kinds of planning calendars over the years, beginning with elaborate paper systems and then moving over into e-calendars with systems like the ACT! database system where I could set up “activity series” and “workflows.”

Before January of every year I’d sign up for the New Year planning sessions that seemed most in sync with my needs and my budget. Probably like you, I did them all.

Over the decades I’ve probably sat through many months of instructional courses, coaching, webinars, and team planning. Every year I’d brush off my vision and set up short-term and long-term goals. I backed them into monthly, weekly, daily, hourly tasks. I color-coded, I laptopped, I set alarms on my smart phone. I made progress–how could I not? But there never seemed enough time to really accomplish everything I had planned.

When I had the least time, I won the battle!

I’m grateful for this video by José Manuel de Laá from Pixabay for the dramatic reminder.

A year ago summer I watched three videos that made a lot of sense about how work life and personal life ought to work, and what is not working for a lot of us. I decided to accept a scholarship to the MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE offered by Mark and Davene Januszewski. I wanted that Master Key to the 13 Riches of Life.

Frankly I was really REALLY tired battling time–and I realized that I might not have all that much time left to accomplish all I’d always dreamed of accomplishing. Sure it was a six-month commitment and framed as a graduate level university class. But I’ve done tons of those.

Easy-peasy. Classes early Sunday evenings. Doable. I knew some people whom I’ve admired who had done it and when I asked, they all encouraged me to dive in.

First Steps to Understanding

A step at a time, the Guides introduced the whys and hows of using every part of my being to rewrite my vision. They helped me truly identify my personality type in depth, really understand my core motive, and truthfully meet my personal pivotal needs. I learned the trick to putting effective words around how to accomplish my “Definite Major Purpose” so that I can bypass some of the major roadblocks others stumble on.

Most don’t really know how the mind and body are designed to work together. I hungrily learned more about how our mind really works and what kind of productivity is really possible is you put every single way we humans learn into action. I’ve always loved to read and think about what I’m reading–and now a “daily think” was not only required but done in specific ways.

All that began taking more and more time. Suddenly I had the least time I’d ever had–having added to my super busy days at least an hour of the most engaging homework I’ve ever had to do. I began to see immediate improvements! I couldn’t believe it.

How I won without battling time

My new best weapon in battling time became a simple phrase I repeated enthusiastically out loud in as many different ways as I could–25 times a day, twice a day. “DO IT NOW!” It became such an integral part of how I went about my day that taking care of things that had to get done happened without my even really consciously thinking about doing them.

I’ve written about this before…quoting Og Mandino from whom I learned a lot about all this. This was Week 14 into the Master Key when I was already realizing that I need not battle time any longer: Time Boundaries

THE MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE is why I will now save years of time!

Three months into the six-month course I started thinking about the new year, new year’s resolutions, and looking over the myriad of programs being offered to have the best year ever. Deeply in the habit of doing that over my work life, by habit I again invested more time and money.

But what a shock! I participated in 3 such programs and realized why I’d not made more progress over my adult life. Good as they are, they deal with the surface of things. None of them can drill down in that relatively short amount of time with what will help an audience of at least 16 personality types and a wide diversity of purposes and needs.

They don’t have the time to help participants build the habits that science now knows the individual mind has to have to develop all its pathways to get into effective action. In my astonishment I realized I do not have to do those New Year sessions ever again.

Sure I’ve just started reading what a lot of my colleagues are currently reading so I can effectively explain how THE MASTER KEY is different. Have you checked out The Twelve Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months? Brian P Moran and Michael Lennington point to the need for consistent and significant daily action as does the MKE.

But they simply cannot offer what THE MASTER KEY system has created–including thousands of graduates all over the world who have been through it and share their amazing successes. Many graduates continue to form a MasterMind for actively reinforcing and expanding and making electric daily what truly enriches each participant’s life.

You too can win the battle with Time

A MasterMind colleague of mine, Nicole Sikora, explains the power of masterminding this way: The Power of the Mastermind

Time and I aren’t battling any more. I figure the time I’ve already saved and the time and money I will save over the next 20-25 years is at the very least 2-3 years of time and easily $30,000! I AM THRILLED!

I invite you to check out the Master Key Experience to see how it might help you as well. I am thrilled that through it I have found ways to end my battle with time once and for all.

I encourage you to go to the upper right hand corner and sign up to start the same way I started–with the Mindshift you will experience with a 7-DAY MENTAL DIET. I’ll keep with you, sharing other insights with you when you’re on my email list.

Or go here and get on the waiting list for the scholarship program when it opens next September.

Thank you!

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I'm always curious and "detective-y." Since 1993 I've used thoughtmanship and products from my brand partner to sleuth out ways high performing business professionals like me can uniquely strengthen their own mind-body connection. A former teaching and broadcasting nun, I'm prepping my next classroom--an international Detective of Magic radio show about the authentic magic we perfect in MKE. I became an MKE Guide to help others dramatically improve their lives as I have after decades of searching.

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  • Thanks, Shirley, for sharing your message. We know through Mark and Davene that time management is a lie. One of the aspects I love is that the new healthy habits I fostered were tough at the start but quickly become as comfortable as a soft sweater and something I can no longer live without.

  • Great post Shirley, your personal experience with time and how the MKE helped you to replace your clock by a kompass and get rid of the time issue is very inspiring!

  • I smiled thru the whole reading because I could relate so much to that time battle 🙂 And also to the impact of “Do it now, do it now!”. I remember when I sometimes had forgotten to do something during the day. Suddenly when I was laying in the bed, thinking of the day I remembered what I haven’t done and I had to “do it now” before sleeping. And it felt so good. The thing is that I had a habit of forgetting but more and more I bothered to do it now, more often I remembered to do it from the beginning and not late in the evening. I created a better memory by doing it now!

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