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I Would Choose Re-Birth Like the Deer

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BE THE REBIRTH – Be like the DEER.

When I was a little girl when I was asked “what animal would you like to be reborn as?” I would respond, “a deer because they were free to do anything they wanted.” I felt as if the deer would have peace and harmony with nature; as well as being nurturing and caring for all the forest animals.

As I reflect the thought process as a child I feel as a fawn symbolizes my innocence and purity of youth. It reminds me to be protective of and gentle with those who are younger and to respect their process to grow and evolve on their own terms….Listen….like the deer..

Do you remember that scene in Bambi, where the young orphan deer heads out on to the ice? Innocent, vulnerable, with long and thin legs shooting in every direction, it seems impossible that such a gawky, gangly creature could ever make anything of its life. Yet, as the storyline tells us, the ungainly Bambi is ultimately destined to replace his father as the Great Prince of the Forest.

A challenge awaits you: in nature, the grazing deer must always be alert to the possibility that a predator or hunter might be nearby. As a child I was constantly warned of predators like the deer, the fawn must always be alert. You may be kidnapped by someone or something lying in the grass, waiting to attack you.

Be Aware Like a Deer

Being aware of that possibility may help you to stay safe, as may the knowledge that you have the grace, fleet of foot, and ability to stay one step ahead of your adversaries. What about the people whom you trusted who may betray or attack you?

A loved one may need your help: like the deer in a clearing being stalked, someone close to you might be in danger or perhaps that person, like a deer that managed to escape despite being injured by the hunter’s bullet, now needs your help, care, and attention to get back to full health.

If one of those interpretations resonate with you, take a step back and “cast a cold eye on life” – the answer may be staring you in the face.

Be Open Like a Deer

In such instances, the deer as a young fawn symbolises raw, unformed and unrealised potential; as we are “nature’s greatest miracles” God gives us the tools required in place for us upon birth, all we need is time to mold into the great gifts.

Patience, there’s no need to rush or hurry; things take place in their own time, in their own course, and at their own pace.

The fawn also indicates vulnerability, and to succeed, you need the help and input of others, particularly from your parents, guardian or grandparents. Thus, where the subconscious is built…..

The deer is closely associated with nature, freedom and running free.

Are you so busy in the grind of work, raising a family or taking care of a loved one; somehow, somewhere in the hustle of “life” you have forgotten about the simple joys of life?

Do you need to reconnect to freedom and the eternal truths that make your soul and spirit sing to feel alive and at peace with yourself?

The deer reminds us that we ignore nature at our peril. Also, brings us back to the simple joys, sheer magnificence and restorative powers of nature: a crisp morning walk, a stunning sunset, fresh sea air or a beautiful view all work wonders for the soul!

I imagined being a deer majestic, mysterious and spiritual animal that often stayed to themselves and come in public when least expected. As a result, you might expect new surprises to come soon in your life; with not only speed, but gracefulness and power, the deer reminds me to move through life in the same way.

So, whatever shows up in our experience, trust that we have the capability to move through it just like the deer makes her way through the forest.

In observing a deer, she moves almost intuitively through the wilderness, possesses an incredible sense of hearing and smell, is in tune with the environment and responds appropriately.

Be Intuitive Like a Deer

Are you following your intuition as you navigate through life?

I found when mastering my empathetic skills my spiritual journey deepened. I believe the deer has a strong connection with the heart and unconditional love, like when I empathize with others.

Make sure to protect your heart and energy by listening to your intuition! If you need to rest and be alone for a while, do it. It can be quite challenging for empaths sometimes to not overextend themselves.

I was inspired to write this blog because my mastermind partner shared on his walk a picture of the fawn and I felt it was a spiritual sign for him. A lucky person, sharing I felt
encountering a fawn reminds us of our gentle, pure nature and compassion, like a deer. It might also bring up mothering instincts and remind you of your childhood innocence. Who wouldn’t want to protect such an innocent, precious being? Aw, a little baby deer, how cute!

Most importantly, asking ourselves to look at how we take care of our inner child and our own nurturing qualities. Are there ways that we can take better care of ourselves currently? Is there any baggage from childhood that we might need to let go? Be gentle with ourself and allow the more vulnerable parts of ourself to heal and grow.

Antlers are shed and regrown each year, so they are indicative of regrowth, rebirth, regeneration and renewal. So the symbolic meaning for us may be as simple as that. At a more practical level, a stag’s antlers are objects of sexual attraction, and they are also used for fighting between males. There is even evidence to suggest that large antlers can deter other predators. So if you keep seeing a stag with antlers, what does that mean for you?

like the deer

The antlers could certainly be seen as indicating something to do with relationships.
Are you fighting with someone else for the attentions of a lover?

Are you still alone because you are not spending enough time and attention on making yourself attractive to the other sex?

Or perhaps you need to grow a hypothetical pair of antlers to fend off the attentions of an unwanted nearby predator!

A new chapter in your life: if, like the deer, who has big antlers, it may suggest that one stage of your life is coming to an end and a new chapter is about to begin.

In the same way that the stag discards its old antlers and grows a new set, so you might be about to leave your old world behind you and be presented with new opportunities.

Do you know someone whose strength is their weakness?

Or conversely, whose weakness is their strength?

Here, the deer is telling us that what we may perceive to be a positive quality is in fact a negative one. Yet the opposite is also true: what we may think is a negative characteristic is actually something worthwhile and advantageous. We can choose how we wish to think about any given situation. You might think you are quiet and introverted, whereas someone else might have you down as attentive and a good listener. Conversely, you might be proud of your self-confidence and intelligence, but others might see you as arrogant and selfish.

like the deer

The deer indicates that, at the very least, we should possess enough self-awareness to be able to look past our egos and accept that others see us differently. To have such self-awareness is an incredibly powerful asset, as it makes us more considerate and thoughtful to the needs of others. Ultimately, that benefits ourselves just as much as those around us!

As the deer itself can take many meanings, so does the ultimate symbolic message it means for me. In order to fully understand the meaning, I often need to open my mindful third eye and heart fully and be acutely aware of what is happening around me at all times, like the deer. Only then the inherent significance and true meaning become clear. Thus, the present day of daily sits taught in the Master Key Experience are of utmost importance.

Leave me a comment and tell me if you were a little child what would you answer to the question: “ What animal would you want to be re born as and why?” And consider applying for a scholarship to the next Master Key Experience class. You can’t buy it.

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As a financial, health and wellness mentor Cindy is passionate in serving one person at a time through the master key experience to create their life by design.

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  • Oh, Cindy! SO MUCH wisdom here. I love your describing your gifts in approaching your life as a deer, to live “with not only speed, but gracefulness and power.” I would have said “otter.” I admire their physical energy, joy, playfulness, loyalty, curiosity and ability to navigate water, which is the element representing emotions. You’ve given me the great idea to spend some time with these characteristics I identify with! THANK YOU!

    • Beauty in nature is sure a key for our lives indeed! Thank you for sharing how you felt and such encouragement! Super grateful you are part of the MasterKey Journey as well!

  • What a lovely and inspiring blog, a new perspective that inspires me to see the ultimate symbolic message. Thank you, Cindy!

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