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In Those Quiet Moments

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This has been an interesting season — these last two years — difficult yet cathartic.  In those quiet moments is where I, then and now, find solace. The Covid circumstance struck me to my core in multiple ways.  I’ve seen my personal health come into serious question.  I watched my child battle for his life and fought beside him.  

I’ve seen my livelihood shift in ways I hadn’t expected. The good thing is I know there is a greater force than I in this process. I am thankful and trust God for all that He brings to me. And I find that I shine best and arise from the difficulties through the times I spend with Him in those quiet moments.

It is there that I find truth — the time when I stop my mind from the constant chatter to allow the flow of positive productive thought. Unified with the greatest MasterMind partner of all time, I can see what I have done well and what I can do to improve. Without judgment. Clarity, peace, progress, and adventure all arise from that time.

I’ve always been incredibly healthy because of the choices I’ve made through food, supplementation, exercise, personal development, and the guidance of helpful “angels” along the way.  I am so grateful for that foundation because I believe it gave me the physical fighting chance my family and I needed to survive. I believe spending time in those quiet moments saved our lives.

Peace in those quiet moments

When adversity rears its ugly head, I prevent it from gaining control by tapping into my resources in those quiet moments.

Through our son’s illness, I saw a level of determination in myself, my husband, and him that I hoped was there but never had a reason to implement until the situation arose.  Again, better choices in the past prompted successful healing along with the openness for new ideas of therapy and treatment.

In my livelihood, doors are closing and opening — surprising yet positive — all a part of my growth.  Humbling to experience and exciting to anticipate.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”

Chinese Proverb

What are you doing to prepare for all that may come into your path? Are you focusing on your physical, mental, and/or spiritual health? Are you looking for a way to find it? It would have been best if you had been focusing on those all along; however, it is great to do it now!

I am grateful that I am prepared for anything that I come up against because of the choices I have made and the connections/resources/tools I’ve acquired along the way and the time I spend in those quiet moments.  It is there that I find my answers.  

It is there that I find peace because I know that I always find inspiration in adversity and WIN!!! My victory comes in those quiet moments.

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Pammy shows you how by helping you to determine and set goals so that you achieve success quickly, while instilling peace and having fun, too!  As a certified Health and Life Coach, she inspires and encourages you into the actions needed to transform your dreams into reality and to establish ongoing growth.  

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  • Pammy, your son’s illness awakened such powerful determination in your husband, in you, and in your son. Your determination is always with you. Thank you. From your blog rover friend John.

      • Pammy, you are very welcome. Each of us has powerful determination inside us. We just need to awaken OUR DETERMINATION. The Master Key Experience can empower someone to do just that.

  • Pammy, what a heart filled blog, sharing many precious gems that you’ve discovered along your journey of life. I enjoyed your quote: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago .The second best time is now”. What types of inspirations have you found in adversities and how do you win?

  • Thank you so much for this reading. I just stumbled into this in Clubhouse as a missed event.
    Thank you for this insightful blog and beautiful reading. I appreciate you so much.

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