October 31


It’s Easy to Do, Therefore Easy Not to Do

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This is my first year as a guide in the Master Key Experience and I thought it might be easy to do.  I must confess that I decided to do it with a selfish goal, I know that I learn better when I am teaching and I commit myself to do the tasks assigned in the system and then finish the entire process.

I think it’s working, I’m attending the live webinars, watching some of the recordings, doing my daily readings almost as indicated, and doing my meditation, which is also part of my routine… I love that moment alone and calm with myself.  That’s easy to do.

However, this week I noticed something strange that made me think about the great responsibility I had and the people who had been assigned to my tribe to guide them on this path of self-discovery I felt sad seeing how half of my tribe did not continue.

They no longer sent their DMP for reviews, did not respond to my emails and they did not communicate by other means.  I thought that was easy to do.  Apparently it’s not easy to do for some.

Sadness because in reality what we do is very easy, of course, it takes time and effort but the reward is very great compared to what we have to do, therefore everything is a very low price to pay to make dreams come true.

I start to think about my own experience, I myself felt overwhelmed, confused, and disappointed when I received my DMP with new suggestions to improve it.

Then the inseparable problems appeared: family, work, not speaking English… all those reasons to stop doing something that seemed to make no sense, because they are things so easy that a 6-year-old child could do, and because of that simplicity in the exercises it’s so easy not to do them and leave the process unfinished.

What can I do or what can I say to keep them going?  I really don’t know. I don’t know what has been helpful in my case, what I do know is that I came back again and again because a seed of faith and hope for a better way of living was planted inside me and it was easy to do.

I recognize that each person has their own time and timings are perfect.  Easy to do and easy not to do.

Now I know that being a guide is a privilege therefore I will never give up doing what I can to help others continue with their own journey of self-discovery. Because I am sure that if it works for me it works for them.  Join us for the next class and see how it can be easy to do for you — to create your life of bliss.

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Business Owner, Speaker, and Rebel With a Cause, Tax Expert Helping business owners to pay less in taxes while making more money. Mission: To Promote human values, financial education, and self-improvement.

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  • What a beautiful share, Maria. Such a golden heart shines from you. I hope many more will take advantage of the gifts you offer as a caring, soulful guide and helper!

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