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Learning to Attract it ALL

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We all want to know the steps involved in learning to attract our wants and desires but very few people know that it all starts with your body. That is right, your body! Now let us talk about that for a bit.

The centre of the conscious mind is the cerebrospinal system and the centre of the unconscious mind is the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic system has its centre in a bundle of nerve cells located in the back of the stomach that’s called the solar plexus. The vagus nerve connects the two systems.

All thoughts or ideas we receive are reasoned with in the cerebral center of the brain or the conscious mind. Once it is satisfied that this thought or idea is true it is sent to the solar plexus to be made into reality. Once there the subconscious does not know if it is real or not. It accepts ALL conclusions of the conscious mind and acts to bring this thought to reality.

Radiating Energy to Attract

The solar plexus radiates energy, vitality and life to all parts of our body. When it is working well we are strong and healthy but when not operating well the flow of life and energy stops to some parts of the body. This is the cause for all human illness – physical or mental.

The unconscious mind will carry out plans and ideas that the conscious mind impresses upon it. Since conscious thought controls the solar plexus; the nature quality and character of our conscious mind controls the type of energy the solar plexus radiates.

The more energy we radiate, the sooner we can change undesirable conditions into sources of pleasure and profit. To radiate strong positive energy we must think positive thoughts to expand the solar plexus, harbour nonresistant thoughts and have thoughts of confidence, hope and power.

Fear is the archenemy of the solar plexus, so this must be eliminated before there is ability to expand it.

attract wants and desires

Fear is what causes a dark cloud over most experiences in one’s life. Once you realize that you can overcome any adverse condition with the power of thought you will have nothing to fear. When fear is destroyed, you will find the source of power, energy and life.

Our attitude determines our experiences. If we expect nothing, we get nothing but if we demand much we get that and more. The world tends to criticize and the fear of criticism causes many ideas to fail to see the light of day.

People that know they radiate strength, confidence and power succeed because of their mental attitude. Once we know we have the knowledge to radiate health, harmony and strength we realize we have nothing to fear as we are then in touch with our infinite strength.

Using the Knowledge to Attract

Now that we have looked at the anatomy of it all let’s ask ourselves this question. How do we start to use this knowledge to help us attract what we want?

You must eliminate any time you complain about your life now or how it has been in the past because only you can change it and make it how you would like it to be.

Focus on the mental resources that you have at your command. We have access to infinite power through conscious thought; it is where all lasting power comes. Continue doing this until you understand the power you have and persist in your intent until you realize that there is no failure in the accomplishment of any goal that is harmonious with the universal mind.

The forces that we generate by our thinking is always ready to support our will. These forces crystalize our thoughts and desires into action, conditions and events.

If we repeat actions, they become a habit and automatic. So, the more we practice the more automatic it becomes and the sooner these habits move to the unconscious the sooner it can bring you to your desired life.

This also frees up the conscious mind so it can move onto other things. The unconscious is where the source of all power comes from. It allows you to manage every situation in life in a positive way and is the root for you to manifest all your dreams into reality.

If you start this one thing today, you will start to notice a difference in your life.

And I will see you at the top, the very top, the tip top! And if you’re ready for the amazing hands-on help and coaching to get you to the tip top, get on the list for a scholarship to the Master Key Experience. You cannot purchase a seat in the class. Scholarships only!

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Suzanne loves to create using any medium available, including carpentry, drawing, even baking. Her passion for her family and being in nature is closely followed by appreciation for the peace and purpose she found through the Master Key Experience. Now, as an MKE Guide, she longs to share these tools so anyone can realize their potential.

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