December 13


Create Your Connections with Wooden’s 12 Lessons in Leadership

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Nature Connections

Each step is another chance to connect with others, Nature, ourselves. When I get bumped off course, I hit reset and try again.

Channel the energy, the direction, the lightness.

Oops, dropped it, reset and channel it again.

I had many opportunities to practice this week. But as one of my instructors used to say, practice, practice, practice until it becomes your practice. So I welcome all drops and bumps and challenges on my way of refinement. And thank you.

Lessons in Leadership

 I was looking at Wooden’s Success Pyramid and the 12 lessons in leadership noted at the bottom, and I saw my training and partnership with my horses. From the industriousness and the enthusiasm to the team spirit, each step teaches us each something about the next.

Wooden’s Success Pyramid

I then saw the connection with people I teach and my mind said, “No you don’t”.

That opened my eyes.

Subby’s in Charge

Subby has been protesting a lot since I began this Master Key Experience (MKE) journey. I see connections to our readings and webinars and index cards in things that happen daily and then I hear the No….

I continue to do the work and change the No’s to the positive. This is a key to Wooden’s lessons in leadership.

I am very grateful for Mark, Davene, the Guides and the materials of the MKE for this wonderful experience.

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About the author

Janet Keith is a mentor, writer, and student of horses and life. She is on the path of the Master Key Experience and following her bliss! Janet is training to be a Guide so that others can do the same.

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  • Yes, Janet, that’s it for us to daily and moment by moment choose to substitute our “NOs” to positive thoughts and actions and the persistence to keep on moving forward! Thank you for your sharing about the MKE journey!

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