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Letting Go of the Dragon Within: A Path to a Full and a Richer Life

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Have you ever heard something multiple times but it never quite seemed to make sense? That’s exactly how I felt when I heard about the concept of the dragon in our continuation webcast. I finally understood the idea of slaying the dragon within us.

As we watch movies or listen to stories about dragons that fiercely protect a treasure that will never enjoy or a princess to never have sex with her and fiercely protect at all costs, the dragon is like a miser who values their treasure more than anything else, even if they cannot use or enjoy it as their obsession with their possessions takes precedence.

The metaphor speaks to the idea that holding onto things, holding onto limited beliefs, living in the past or not letting go of relationships that are holding us back or keeping them too tightly can be costly for several reasons.

“Then drive out of your own mind any belief of lack, limitation, disease, danger, difficulty or whatever the trouble might be. As soon as you have succeeded is doing this the result will have been accomplished, and the person will be free.”

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System

Firstly, it can limit our growth and progress by preventing us from exploring new things and experiences. Holding onto things or beliefs that no longer serve us can keep us stuck in a negative or stagnated state of mind, hindering our personal development.

Secondly, it can negatively impact our mental health and well-being. Holding onto past hurts or toxic relationships can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, leading to physical health problems.

Thirdly, it can strain our relationships with others by making us overly possessive or clingy. This can lead to conflicts, misunderstandings, and eventually the loss of the relationship altogether.

How to let go of the dragon within

In conclusion, holding onto things, limiting beliefs, living in the past, or not letting go of relationships that are holding us back can be costly in terms of our personal growth, mental health, and relationships with others. It is important to prioritize our own well-being and let go of anything that no longer serves us.

In short, holding onto limiting beliefs or keeping them too tightly can be costly in terms of personal growth, happiness and well-being, and relationships with others. It is important to challenge these beliefs and be open to new ideas and ways of thinking.

Now I understand why we need to fight the dragon to confront it and to win it over. Thankfully I am doing exactly this with all the tools in the Master Key Experience and in a way that is simple and step by step and without effort but with the conviction is possible and I’M POSSIBLE.

What about you? Are you ready to live a full and richer life? Get on the waiting list for a scholarship for the class in September and let go of the dragon within you that’s holding you back!

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