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Live The Adventure: The Time is NOW

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It’s a magnificent Fall evening in Minnesota. I sit on my backyard deck overlooking the solitude of the wooded wetland adjacent to my property. Taking in the breathtaking sunset, watching Mother Nature show off, I am deeply immersed in this glorious moment. I smell the grasses and the flowers. I hear the wind rustling in the trees; I feel the breeze in my hair. Squirrels chase and chatter, chickadees and hummingbirds take turns at the feeders. My tiny, long-haired dachshund sleeps peacefully on my lap as my hands stroke her soft fur.

I am wildly alive in this moment. The integration and connection I feel with the world around me are unmistakable… it touches my soul. Like every tree, animal, and bird, I am aware of my role in this perfect symphony, simply by being true to my nature and by being present.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

7 years ago I would have missed 80% of this moment, though I’d sit amidst the same wonder. That described most days for much of my adult life as I juggled business, personal, social, and family life. Like many people in today’s busy world, my mind was constantly swirling and switching between reflecting on yesterday’s decisions (should-haves), worrying about the future (the moving goal post of tomorrow’s success), and an obsessive drive to accomplish everything on today’s to-do list in some vain attempt to maintain order.

When we habitually multi-task and function with a divided mind the body, mind, and spirit all suffer… and by extension, so do our relationships, our health, our professional success, and our peace of mind. The rat race takes its toll. We’re perpetually dissatisfied, regardless of how much money we make or how hard we work. 

the time is now

When you add to all this the heavy influence of consumerism and manipulative marketing (which craftily convinces us we’re “less than” unless we buy their stuff)… we medicate ourselves with addictive electronic devices and seek fulfillment in the “stuff” – the fancy car, the gym membership, the next weight loss solution, the next cosmetic procedure or wrinkle cream.   

Here’s the deal… as we fall prey to society’s ideas of what makes us successful, we stop thinking for ourselves. Fear drives much of our behavior. We believe these things will make us happy… and at that point, our dreams are really in jeopardy. Most of us reach 30 unaware of this. But then comes 40 (faster)… then 50, and 60… until something finally wakes us up and we find ourselves asking questions like:

  • Where did the time go?
  • How did the kids grow up so fast?
  • How did this happen to my body?
  • Why am I always tired and stressed?
  • When did I lose the connection in my marriage?
  • Why am I unfulfilled in my job / career?
  • I thought I’d be further ahead

The result?  

We begin to believe things like travel, fully-funded college educations, debt-free lifestyle are unattainable… out of our reach. And suddenly we understand the wisdom behind some of those annoying sayings grandma or our favorite uncle used to say:

Time flies; You only live once; Time waits for no one (Folklore); Time lost is never found again (Ben Franklin); Stop and smell the roses; Ya-da, ya-da…

SO… Ever heard this saying?  

“The Infinite is in The Finite”

Each 24-hour day is actually a collection of finite magnificent moments like the one I described above… whether we are sitting in solitude, working on a project, playing with a child, or engaged in a conversation with another human being. Infinite possibilities, infinite power, and infinite joy lie in each of these moments. They are the “NOWS” of life… the only place where anything actually happens [regardless of whether we are paying attention or not].

As Eckhart Tolle once said, “Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one.  But then you miss your whole life, which is never NOT now.  And that’s a revelation for some people: to realize that your life is only ever now.”

So how do we make this mental shift?

In his best-selling book, Standing Tall, Mark Januszewski provides the key in such brilliantly worded language that it bears repeating word-for-word. I urge you to really ponder his message as you read the following 2 passages. I have highlighted a few lines that I hope will hit home for you…

  1. “I am grateful that I am, day by day, minute-by-minute more and more aware of the infinite bounty surrounding me.  Each passing moment I become more humbled by the unmerited gifts and opportunities continuously cascading into my life.  Any shame my mind begins to experience for the self-centeredness I previously lived with… and self-pity that blinded me from seeing the real riches of life I’ve always been blessed with… is quickly extinguished by a great truth

    Now is all there is.  Now is all there ever was and now is all there ever will be.  Everything that happened in the past happened when it was now.  Same is true of the future.  What happens two weeks from today can only happen two weeks from today.  Whatever happens can only happen in the now.  I am grateful for this truth and living in the now honors that truth within me.”

    Mark’s next passage provides perspective on how we can make productive use of the past….
  1. “I neither regret the past nor wish to close the door on it.  Living in a state of gratitude right now is the vitalizing redemption from my self-centered perspective of lack.  I use the past and my recollection of any selfishness that stole gratitude and riches from myself and others to appreciate the now should my mind wander into old thought habits of lack, entitlement, or fearI am present.  I am grateful.”

Now… Close your eyes… Imagine…

How would it feel to live in a state of constant awareness and gratitude like this, with new gifts and opportunities continuously cascading into your life? What if, 6 months from now, you have changed your predominant method of thinking… you’ve developed productive new habits to replace the old ones that no longer serve you… and you have forged a whole new direction for your life?

If this vision stirs something in you…

You have just come across the motherlode. 

The 2022 session of the Master Key Experience officially launches tomorrow.

Inside this one-of-a-kind course is a combination of ancient wisdom, proven science, and 1-on-1, hands-on support.  Members quickly find themselves rooted in an environment and curriculum where authentic self-discovery is not only possible… it’s a given… for anyone who rolls up their sleeves and executes the simple daily steps.

What can you expect?

To discover your bliss, your unique gifts, and your mind will be alive with ideas on how to put them into service.

I believe every person on the planet has a right to enjoy all 13 Riches of Life — including true health, financial wealth, hope, harmony in all relationships, and success in a labor of love. You are worthy of a rich, fulfilling, adventure-filled life.

We can all live in the now – and experience each moment in living color like Mark J and Eckhart Tolle describe above. Now…

One of the 13 Riches is an Open Mind.

If this sounds like a sales pitch, it’s not. For qualifying applicants, tuition into the Master Key Experience has already been paid by previous members who endowed the 2022 session with “Pay-it-forward” scholarships. You can find out how to qualify for one of these scholarships in this video.

The Master Key Experience will challenge you. But with challenge comes change. 94+% of MKE finishers report being happier, healthier, and more successful in their career or business.

Here’s what I know. When the student is ready, the teacher shows up. All that’s required in this moment is an open mind and a desire for change.

Now is all there is.

Awaken the glorious gifts, ideas, and talents lying dormant within you.

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About the author

Lori is a Color Code Certified Trainer and founder of Legacy North Consulting, providing workshops & professional development services to organizations. She brings 30 yrs training & coaching experience to the MKE staff and shares our mission to create self-directed thinkers.

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  • Lori, your blog was so descriptive that it inspired me in many ways and renewed my thoughts. I especially like your statements on Now: “Now is all there ever was and now is all there ever will be. Everything that happened in the past happened when it was now”. How important it is to live in the now and appreciate each moment . Thanks for your pearls of wisdom. How can we pay more attention to the “Now of Life”? How does the “Now of Life” honor the truth within each of us?

    • Thank you so much, Eulaine. As you and I both know, living in a state of constant gratitude is the key. In the #MKE we learned to cultivate gratitude through a powerful exercise… writing down at least 3 things you’re grateful for every day, and flashing through the growing stack of gratitude cards daily. Eventually, it moves from being just a list…. an exercise… and implants itself into your heart. Living in a state of constant (often overwhelming) gratitude stops us in our tracks and causes us to “be there” in more and more of those NOWS.

  • Lori, thank you for your blog. You DO always keep your promises. Yes, take action NOW. The Master Key Experience can empower you to make the best use of your NOW.

    • Absolutely, John. And it’s been a real gift to witness your own growth and increase as you’ve traveled through the MKE and continue to be in service to all of our guides and new members.
      Thank you for all you do!

  • Wow… so much goodness and so many insights in here. I particularly like how you bring us right into your own experience of the NOW and let us experience that with you. … I love the two parts of Mark’s book that you shared and highlighted. Im going to take with me that self-centeredness and self-pity have “blinded me from seeing the real riches of life I’ve always been blessed with… is quickly extinguished by a great truth…Now is all there is.” I’m going to take that into a “sit” and allow myself to see all the goodness and richness of life that surrounds me! … love that you said there’s a gift in here.. There is! Be a grateful receiver and I’ll see you next week! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Laura! That quote from Mark’s book really hit home for me as well. It’s so true that when we’re immersed in our “issues”, we’re usually lingering in the past or worrying about something that hasn’t even happened yet… and sadly, rob ourselves of the magnificent moment that we’re in right then.

  • Wonderful blog post Lori! You highlightened the “now” so vividly so I felt I was with you in that beautiful moment you described. I have a saying in my phone that says: Every new day is a new chance to change your life. My reflection is that you also can say: Every new Now is a new chance to change your life. Why waiting for a new day to come? Do it now!

  • I was so immersed in your blog “…the glorious details and opportunities peppered throughout the NOW’s in your life…. the mother-load…”, & “the Infinite is in The Finite”…
    many mahalos for that 🙂
    & now, a week later re-reading your post, I see that I didn’t comment, so taking action !..
    and sitting quietly still amidst so much magnificence 🙂

  • Lori you are the “mother load” because, as this post exemplifies, you are one with #MKE and it shows! If each of us MKE’ers could bring a small % of what you do, individual success in all endeavors would be as profound as the success of the entire MKE program is guaranteed! You are a joy full of yellow sparkles! 🙂

  • You paint such a beautiful picture with your words to really entice people to want to learn more about living in the moment and discovering their greatness within. Thank you!

  • If this article awakened in you like it should a desire to find out how to qualify for a MKE scholarship, I would just add one (Master Key) thing: “Do it now!” Great post Lori, thanks for the inspiration!

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