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Manifest the Life You Truly Want in 3 Easy Steps

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Is it really possible to manifest the life you truly want? Do you often wonder how things have come to be? Have you had an idea that you thought was great but never put it into action because you were unclear of the process of how to realize the outcome? A few steps need to happen in order for you to achieve all you have ever dreamed.

Step 1: Idealization

Idealization is really is where it all begins.

It starts as a tiny seed, something that you want in your life.

It may be small, it may be large, it may be something that you truly think is very far out of your reach but remember;

you can have anything that you desire as long as it is good for you, good for the world, and does not take anyone else’s good.

So how do we start once we plant this tiny seed? We need a clear picture of what we want the outcome to be. Just as we cannot plant a carrot and hope for corn, we also cannot sow a seed and only HOPE for the best outcome.

You need a solid plan to build on from the very beginning. The engineer and the architect both have a solid plan and know what the result of their creation will look like BEFORE they ever start construction.

If you cannot see your ideal clearly in your mind then you will need to return to a sit (silent meditation) and visualize until it becomes crystal clear. At first, your vision may be dim but given time and mental energy, you will gradually develop the ability to formulate the plans that will eventually materialize in the world without (what you experience). Your ideal will soon become clear.

Step 2: Visualization

Visualization takes place in the world within. It is not the physical act of seeing as it takes place in the world without. We all hear how athletes visualize their races before the event, every step, every turn, and every second. We all have to learn how to do the same with our ideals.

Visualization is our imagination at work and therefore it can grow.

We must learn to see every detail no matter how small.

If something does not seem right, we concentrate on that area until we know exactly what needs to be done to reach our ideal.

Through repeating this process, you will develop confidence and the power of concentration that will allow you to block out all thoughts except the ones associated with your purpose. You will build accuracy and clarity.

Each repeated visualization brings the image more accurately to your mind than the previous one. Once all details are exact then it can take form in the outside world.

Step 3: Realization

Once we have the mental image, we have made it clear, distinct, and perfect you must hold that firmly in your mind. When you do this the ways and means will develop, supply will follow the demand and you will be led to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way.

Ernest desire brings confident expectation and this has to be reinforced by firm demand. Ernest desire is the feeling, the confident expectation is the thought and the firm demand is the will.

When these three elements are all put together, they cannot fail to achieve results. Feeling is what gives intensity to thought and will holds it steadily in place until the law of growth can manifest your ideal.

We have always been taught to look without to gain strength and power. We are never told to look within ourselves. If you give no attention to the world without but look to the world within, you will find wisdom and power that will manifest the external conditions that you desire, but you must practice and be determined to overcome the inexperience that you first have.

Putting it Into Action

Create ideals and make the world within a beautiful place and the world without will create the ideals that you have visualized. Concentrate on the things that you want, not the things that you do not want.

If you want abundance, think abundance and put a plan into action to attract the Law of Abundance into your life. Visualize the conditions that abundance creates and the result will be the manifestation of your desires.

What are you waiting for? All that is required is you have an open mind and plant the seed.

Work with visualization and concentration to receive the knowledge that you require.

You will find that doors will open.

People will appear when needed and be ready to act when the time comes.

I’ll see you at the top, the very top, the tip top!

If you would like to learn more about developing the skills to manifest the life you truly want, check out the Master Key Experience. It is a 6 month course that takes you on a deep dive to discover what you truly want and learn the mental skills to manifest it.

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About the author

Suzanne loves to create using any medium available, including carpentry, drawing, even baking. Her passion for her family and being in nature is closely followed by appreciation for the peace and purpose she found through the Master Key Experience. Now, as an MKE Guide, she longs to share these tools so anyone can realize their potential.

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