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Master Key Experience and A Certain Way

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Every year, in the late spring or early summer, The Master Key Experience gives members the opportunity to sign-up for a week-long retreat. This year was no exception.

At the end of each retreat, there is a take-home exercise. Keeping foreshadowing to a minimum, and to get us rhymed-uped for what lies ahead, what follows is my answer to one of the questions I asked while doing this exercise with my assigned mastermind partner, John Francetic…

Poetry for an Exercise

If any of what I have written was true,
It might be if I really followed through,
Because only then would it be more me and less you.
Not that this is the greatest thing if true,
Because we are all one after all,
Whether living small or “Standing Tall.”

I guess I may have chosen differently,
Instead of what words I did.
Look for the paradox inside,
Where it’s often hid.
Look at me looking at a pool of water,
And me becomes we.
Look at evil written on a page,
And we see “live” getting ready to engage.

From an acorn comes the tree,
From two seeds comes the me,
We as humans always need a mother.
We all start out the same way, so much alike, yet so different from one another.
The direction we take, the power we express,
Is, therefore, very genetically inclined,
Yet just as importantly,
Upon the amount of love we were weaned and have dined.

I guess when trying to say and upon the truth of this I pray.
It’s “One for all. All for one.”
It’s based on a universal truth as certain as the rising and setting sun.
Oneness, is the power that binds us,
No matter where in the world fate should find us.
And our faith depends not upon victory in battle,
But to the degree we’ve been able to express our kindness.
And to anyone who thinks it may be anything other – more or less –
It’s my wish that someday soon they get over their state of temporary blindness.

Road Less Traveled

And what follows is a mix of my Master Key Experience‘s Definite Major Purpose and Master Key Experience-like principles, that begged to be included in this blog:

If there is any truth to the “Road Less Traveled,” then the reason it is less traveled is obviously very few people take it, Why is that? The Road Less Traveled is gorgeous inside and out, the outside is so rich and juicy and full of everything we would normally want more of. The Road Less Traveled meanders throughout the land of abundance. The land where everything is more than enough for anyone that goes there. Yes, this is the place where the glass half empty gets filled to overflowing with all the truth and all the knowing.

Knowing that the world within creates the world without. Is the way the Master Key begins and never stops. Although not specifically mentioned as such, Aladdin’s lamp comes to mind. One slight difference though. Successful wishes are never limited to just three.

This is a land of diversity with oneness, the super duper glue holding everything together. The differences show up in ways like Jerry’s definite major purpose in life is to become a great artist – painter, singer, violin virtuoso. Linda wants to open her own health and beauty club – which features things as diverse as far infrared sauna and tai chi. Ferdinand wants to go to Bora Bora to become the waiter extraordinaire, because he has more to offer than the restaurant whose food he is currently carrying, because all people know how grateful they are to have found this new way of power to be.

How to be happy all the time, negative words seem to have vanished along with the feelings they are usually associated; buried under the joint and bliss of having found that one thing; and whether it be Angelina Jordan singing with Jerry, the stream of people leaving Linda’s healthier, happier, more radiant than they were before they walked in.

Ferdinand? Well have you ever seen the lunch or dinner table floating gently in the shallow and warm ocean water surrounded by the soft sands of this tropical islands luxuriously protective hands? Only appropriate then that our table that’s surrounded by guests, laughing and talking with complete abandon – some splashing in the water upon which the table floats, because the ultra comfortable chairs are enjoying the same sparkling, clear, and salty medium the table is, – and, well, as you can tell, Ferdinand’s Bora Bora dream has come true.

And Ferdinand reminds them that their health, their wealth, and all of their greatness came from thinking and acting in a certain way. Since God dwells within you as you, you see God in all people with tremendous gratitude that the more we give the more we get. Since we are identical to the universal mentality in terms of our physical,, mental, and spiritual nature, the only difference is a matter of degree, and therefore we each have tremendous power – godlike power; and that means thinking and acting in ways much different than… no time for that, let’s get into the main topic of this blog. It is…

A Certain Way

Chapter 11
The Science of Getting Rich
Acting in the Certain Way

Written by Wallace Wattles a little after the turn of the century, his words are timeless and fully embraced within the philosophical constructs of the Master Key Experience.

So why have I turned his prose into rhyme? I can’t help it. I’ve been infected by rhyme disease, so that’s what I’ve done…

If what you desire is to never become shipwrecked on some rocky shore,
Then realize that thinking in a certain way is like a compass helping us to find our way to riches and so much more;
However, without taking all the actions required to follow the course that we’ve set,
Then disaster is quite likely the outcome that we will get.

It’s Wattle’s point of view that creation is currently a hands-on proposition.
To think our mind alone is ever enough, is like a genie in a bottle or some such fictional tale;
Likely to be as successful,
As the hunt for the holy grail.
Based in the realm of make-believe that thrives on superstition–
And instead of help, just as likely provides opposition.

Yes, thought can awaken the gold spirits nestled deep asleep within the mountains made of solid rock.
Yet the finding, the mining, the refining into double Eagles able to fly straight into your pocket –
Well, to believe in such a possibility,
Is a crock.

By harnessing the world within
Is where we must begin –
Pertinent productive affairs of others are ordered in alignment with our cause,
Such that we need be only ready to receive it –
And that’s according to Natural Laws.

The Boy Scout motto – “Be Prepared” — that so many learned when just a kid,
Is as true today as it once ever did.
Yes, our thought does make all things animate and work to bring us what we desire,
However, it’s our personal activity that determines the preparation the motto does inspire.
It should be geared entirely to receiving.
Otherwise, compared to expectations,
The results are very likely entirely deceiving.
Man has yet to reach the evolutionary heights found in Disney’s “Forbidden Planet”, where mind alone was enough.
No need to lift a finger to do everything they did –
No matter, how simple, no matter, how tough.
Yet, there’s a price to pay.
Who really wants to be devoured by the creature from the id?
Likewise, charity and theft of any kind are out.
What we give in use value must be greater than its cash value;
That’s the correct prep — without a doubt.

The scientific approach is to form a clear mental image of what I desire:
A definite major purpose –
So hot with the yearning,
It feels as if it’s indeed burning.
Filled with the grace of grateful faith.
It brings together both the seller and the buyer.

Leave the Ouija boards and the hypnotic trances far behind,
For most folks dare not help those, who may have lost their mind.

We need merely to impress our vision upon the formless substance with that desire so hot it burns.
Thereby all available channels are thrown open,
And the greater life you’ve envisioned, now returns.

Remembering our vision, our purpose, our faith, our gratitude,
Are the ingredients of success;
To do more by guiding or supervising the creative process,
Brings nothing but a mess.

It’s acting in the CERTAIN WAY to recognize, relate, associate and appropriate (r2a2) – Mi Casa, Su Casa – what’s mine is yours.
It’s a formula that turns on the spicket.
First it trickles, then it roars.

Knowing what’s in your heart to have, must include a knowing of what’s in the hearts of all those carrying the puzzle pieces to turn partial into complete.
Give more. Get more.
Is the compensatory nature, we must never, ever ignore.
If you wish to ride on the gravy train, that’s the price to take your seat.

There’s no time to rest upon our laurels.
Continuous, consistent effort; there’s no time to take a break,
‘Tis a lesson we must become so familiar,
It turns action into habit impossible to forsake.

Fortunato Purse is an illusion as elusive as that Genie in the bottle.
Perfect thought combined with perfect personal action
Is crucial to the main attraction,
If we are to keep it going — full throttle.

In order to give, we must be ready, willing, and able to receive.
Be as certain in this, as anything else you might believe.

Thought does the bringing, action the receiving.
No time to waste, so do it now.
If you want a “field of dreams,”
The soil needs a plow.

Clarity of your mental picture means freeing it from past recollection, Or thoughts of future insurrection.

The past is gone and the future never here.
So banish both, should ever they appear.

Just as the right business or the right location should have no bearing on your thought.
Do not wait for either to take action,
Where you are with what you’ve got.

Be here now. Let the rest fade in the distance;
Both before you and that behind.
Out of sight out of mind,
If being true to getting rich, you are happily resigned.

Now is all the time we’ve ever got.
Equal shares all around.
And for those who make the most of it,
That’s really quite a lot.

In your present place in time,
Think not of where you’ve been;
and treat all thoughts of where you might be going,
As if they are a sin.

Keep all work in the present tense.
Well done or ill done;
leave yesterday’s work in the corral behind the fence.

Trying to do tomorrow’s work now,
Makes today’s work less.
So do you really want to do this?
Do you really have to guess?

Ouija boards and mystical means are out — need I repeat?
With love in your heart to make the most of where you are, is the way each new day to greet.
A better place awaits for those, who better the place where they are.
Let waiting become your shadow,
Because today you are a star.

With all your heart, with all your strength, with all your mind
Is how your star defined.
Hold fast to your singular vision
Without daydreams to create division.
Or, perhaps, some remarkable stunt.
Either of these helps ensure your giant life remains a runt.
Stick to the tried and true,
Is the best thing you can do.

PMA, all the way, leaves no room for discouragement, or time to lament.
Cast doubt aside, as you’ve done with all your old cement.

Action taken with faith and purpose gets the universal to move with your whim and way.
You’re not drowning in deep water,
So why tread, when you can easily swim away?

Wattles ends this Chapter with the words his masterpiece begins. I leave this text as is…

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the inner spaces of the universe of thought. Thought in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing is the upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

In order to do this, man must pass from the competitive to the creative mind, he must form a clear mental picture of the things he wants, and hold the picture in his thoughts with the fixed purpose to get what he wants, and the unwavering faith that he does get what he wants, closing his mind to all that may tend to shape his purpose, then his vision, or quench his faith.

That he may receive what he wants when it comes, man must act now upon the people and things in his present environment.

Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich, Chapter 11

And so ends Chapter 11. That takes us to the way a Master Key Experience guide, Shirley Koritnik, closed one of her recent blogs:

Want to have this experience, too?

After decades of searching–I’m so grateful to be part of the Master Key Experience where we learn from others and 4000 years of wisdom all the ways to enrich our lives through SILENCE.

I understand if up till now you’ve not had something like this and have been missing out. I skimmed life, too. So if you’re ready to stop skimming and to join a powerful Master Mind of like spirits, we can help. The Master Key Experience (MKE) course and its scholarships happen only once a year, starting in September, and you can get started today.

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