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I am forever grateful for the Master Key Experience (MKE) class that I took back in September 2017 thru March 2018. This opportunity came to me at the perfect time in my life when I really needed to take a step into ownership of my life and invest in myself.

It is so easy for us to blame others and our circumstances for anything that is not desirable in our life, right? But what good does that do for our life? Does it change anything in our life for the better? NO, actually it makes worse.

As we complain and blame, our mind is focusing on those negative things and we bring those negative feelings and thoughts to ourselves. What we need to do for ourselves is to take responsibility for our life and take a step toward making changes that are better for us. No one can do that for us other than ourselves.

Yes It’s Work But So Worth It!

Yes, it was challenging mental work for 6 months going through the Master Key Experience class but it was so worth it. It required daily practice, persistency and focus.

So many times, I was tempted to quit but I made a commitment to myself to do this so I was able to push through and completed the 6 month long class.

The great news is that you are not alone in this journey as there are guides who walk along side of you and the other members in your tribe who share the same struggles and encourage you to continue on, cheering for each other.

When you feel like not doing the mental work required, that’s when you need to pick up where you left off and just keep going. Can you imagine, the powerful habits that you build as you put into practice daily exercises and sits (meditation)?

Everyone who completes this 6 month class witnesses amazing changes, not only in their life but also in others’ lives around them.

The community that you build through the Master Key Experience journey is amazing as we continue to share our progression in life.

I’ve shared in my recent blog about how my dream became my reality after the MKE class. Click here to read all about it.

Blessings and the Master Key Experience!

It is truly a blessing to see where I am in my life now at the age of 60. I just celebrated my 60th birthday on September 13th.

When I look back over the last 60 years, I am so grateful for the amazing experiences that I’ve had all through my life; all the challenges, struggles, painful times, joyous occasions, all the people that I’ve met, all the places that I’ve lived, and growth that I’ve experienced.

Everything happened in my life was meant to be for me to be who I am today.

I am here in a new place, resting and relaxing for now but looking forward to new adventures that are ahead. I am picturing myself sitting by the beautiful scenery soaking in all the beauty, writing poems, and also drawing and painting.

Master Key Experience- the time is now!

For now, I am gearing up for the next MKE class staring in a few days (September 24) as a Master Guide and am so excited to welcome the new members who are committing themselves to take responsibility of their life and invest in themselves.

It is such a joy to be part of their journey and witness the powerful transformation!

I am so excited! What about you? Why not join us for this year’s class as it will be another year to wait if you miss this opportunity.

Why not now? Now is the best time! Click here to apply and start your journey.

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About the author

Esther is very passionate about helping people to discover their “True Self” and to live their life to the fullest potential. Her own journey with the Master Key Master Mind Experience in 2017 opened her to an exciting internal journey of unpacking her life to discover her own True self to live more meaningful and peaceful life. She is eager to meet you and guide you alongside your own journey of Self-Discovery and New Vision!

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  • Inspiring blog Esther! Thanks for sharing with us the value and impact the Master Key Experience has had on your life and those you know who have also taken the class. The best time to do it is NOW!

  • Happy landmark birthday, Esther! This is such a wonderful share, looking back and looking forward. Cheering you on to a fab personal year.

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