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Master Key Experience Live Event: Vacation or Spiritual Journey?

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Many have said that a vacation to the islands of Hawaii are on their bucket list or that it’s a dream vacation. I have to say that it wasn’t really a dream vacation for me nor was it on my bucket list! Of course, that was before the Master Key Experience Live Event was going to be there!!!

An opportunity arrived, but I’d just moved 700-miles to be near a relative for medical reasons. So I felt that the only way I’d go is to bring that family member with me. Realizing the respective health challenges they had, I initially thought it was a no go. But at any rate, I applied the processes that I’d learned via the Master Key Experience and soon everything fell into place and it became a reality!

Hawaii & Master Key Experience

The mystic nature of the universe before us as a whole and as parts, it appears, it exists, it is all around us. Was it a Hawaiian trip to the island of Kauai that it took to see this?

As intoxicating and awe-inspiring as it was, I have seen the mystic nature of the universe before. Actually I’ve seen it many of times in my lifetime. Yet, maybe it was that part of my journey, a journey that really began to call to my soul when I started the Master Key Experience last year, maybe it was a part of that journey that led me to Kauai?

It was, after all, a live Master Key Experience event. It was that it took bringing me there to really touch my very soul! In part, it was knowing that we’d be there at that live Master Key Experience event… but there was more, much more! I could feel something deep inside me long before ever getting on that plane to Kauai.

The Mysterious and Miraculous Hawaiian Islands

Seeing all that is before us isn’t as simple as simply seeing things that exist all around us. Maybe it’s more than that, much more? The creations right here in front of my eyes and your eyes every single day can sometimes just seem as ordinary things that pass through our line of vision.

However, if we stop for a moment, maybe closing our eyes and listening, then opening them again and looking to see what exactly it is that was making that sound when our eyes were closed.

Maybe it’s in that moment, no matter how long or how brief, that we truly see the wonders, the mystic existences before us? And yet it’s entirely possible that we sometimes still miss them!

Being at the western most part of the United States to witness the western most sunset… that was inspiring!

The canyon in the middle of the island on the way to see that sunset was almost intoxicating. Yes, almost intoxicating!

It begs your soul to let it in and breathe for you for a moment or two. It inspires you to aspire to become more spiritual, whatever that means to you or I.

To find that part that was inside of us begging to get out.

Or maybe it was the universe begging us to rejoin it with our soul? We would all soon discover that mysterious thing that was out there, just waiting to become a part of us, a part of our existence.

I’m not sure which part of this majestic place touched or souls the most….

the rainbow eucalyptus trees,

the ocean on one side and the mountain on our other,

the Sleeping Giant, the parts inside the conference room discovering more of ourselves….or maybe it had to be all of it in its entirety?

There’s a part of me that recalls what we’d read during the Master Key Experience course that Og wrote of:

“I am a unique creature of nature. I am rare, and there is value in rarity; therefore, I am valuable….
I am nature’s greatest miracle!”

Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman

And if we’re nature’s (God’s) greatest miracle, then those islands certainly put a whole new perspective on how great that is, how great we are!

In all reality, there’s no way I’d ever have had any of this knowledge or experience in my life without the Master Key Experience! It’s more than life changing, it’s life enhancing!

If this blog sparked your interest, click here to hop on the early notification for the next session of the Master Key Experience course that starts in late September. This opportunity is only offered once a year. Give yourself the gift of your best life!

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About the author

Drew Timm is a minister, published author, life coach, entrepreneur, and building contractor. As a confident builder, both of structures and people, he finds his life harmonious with a purposeful journey in the service of others. After manifesting his life’s goals and dreams, he decided to share that wisdom with others as an MKE guide.

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  • I have been in Kauai four times so far to participate to the MKE Live Event, and I am totally in synch with you about the miraculous effect the combination of the Nature and the Live Event activities has on our soul! Awesome experience, thank you Drew for this passionate sharing!

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