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So it has been about two months now since we were at the Hawaiian Island Kauai for the Master Key Experience Live Event. I have so many beautiful memories.

Since then, I have read Mark Januszewski and Lori Enrico’s new book, “The 7 Laws of the Mind”. There are so many things swimming in my mind. I think about what is going on in the world and what our part in it might be. How does it all relate? Then, I decided to reread the contents for the spiritual treasure hunt.

The first treasure – We are created to not be judgemental but to be in harmony with one another just like the rainbow eucalyptus trees. To simply be, existing in the breathtaking beauty with all the wonder around us.

It is amazing how it all ties together, The very first law of the mind, Law of Forgiveness and how nothing can happen without this. The Golden Rule, “Love one another as you love yourself.”

I think a lot about this word Harmony and how the one that comes to “pillage and destroy” wants discord among us. I will never forget that heart connection I had among the eucalyptus trees with my newly assigned master guide. Someone I barely knew but had an instant connection of love and compassion for her story.

I will never forget the love and closeness I feel with all of the beautiful people that joined together in Kauai for a greater purpose.

The second treasure – We are the light of the world. We are the beacon to helping others find their own light more than a lighthouse. We cannot not light the path for another without brightening our own.

As a camper I know this better than anyone. The only way you can make it through a dark unfamiliar path is to hold the light high and bright and let the others walk in front of you so that their path is illuminated.

In “The 7 Laws of the Mind” it is clear we are the Lamp to the world. I think about our role as guides in being that light that connects us. To activate the lamp is our connection to its Source.

I love the visual of Simba sitting with Mufasa in the Lion King talking about how everything is connected as the sun comes up and the light is touching everything. We are all connected and it is our duty to renew our spirit daily for the world to see.

The third treasure – We are the lifeguard, saving “lives of quiet desperation.”We must continue to grow and give HOPE. Take action now.

It is the fruitless and mundane existence that always leads to anxiety, fear of loss and a hollow, empty feeling of self.

It is interesting to think that the only way we can really be a lifeguard though is if we are saved ourselves.

Through the Law of Practice and Law of Growth we can move mountains toward a more fulfilling life.

We can save people by helping them see what is already within them. Our creative minds allow for endless possibilities. I look forward to being a guide this fall for the Master Key Experience and being that catalyst that can set off that billionth of a volt.

Natural Treasure

The fourth treasure – We are one with nature and there within lies the secret. Everything is connected and when you realize this pure potentiality and the perfect action picks you.

We are natures greatest miracle, greater than the mountains, oceans and everything we see. Promise to accept and claim the golden child within.

As we work on removing the cement upon us the beauty and all encompassing light spills over onto everything else. I love this. As we master “The 7 Laws of the Mind” we are one with our creator and everything we touch can feel it.

The future is bright!

Come join us for the next session of the Master Key Experience to re-discover your natural light. This course is only offered once a year and has limited spots due to the authentic, hands-on support from the guides. Click here and hop on the early notification list. Do it Now!

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About the author

Heather loves life, family and adventure. She stumbled upon the MKE and realized that gratitude and happiness can be a part of your mantra no matter what life throws at you. Creating more intentional BLISS in her life she now enjoys helping others as a guide find their BLISS

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  • Thank you Heather for reminding us these great moments of the Treasure Hunt, real sources of joy and inspiration in our journey of elevating our individual and collective consciousness!

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