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Say Yes to a Meditation Vacation

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What is a day and a half that is devoted to Silence, and to decreasing the noise that distracts me from my inner self, my intuition, Source, or the Universal Mind?

It’s a meditation vacation!

I took a meditation weekend and it was a vacation FROM noise, business, busyness, distractions, technology and the outer world. It was a vacation TO my inner world. A vacation of meditation.

By the way, it was not so long ago, before the Master Key Course, that a day and a half of meditation, without outer-world connections like phone calls, texting, TV, internet and social media would have sounded like torture. Now I look forward to this!

Ironically a situation occurred immediately following my vacation from distractions, which did a good job of railroading me from my inner discoveries and insights. I should say, I allowed it to derail me. However, stepping quickly into the mindset that things happen “for me” not “to me,” and finding the gifts in the situation, I’m back to working on those beautiful ideas and insights that occurred during my silent retreat.

Among the inspiring ideas and insights that occurred were some simply beautiful moments.

My Meditation Vacation Moments 

The moments that really impacted me — that were memorable and stood out — were moments that evoked strong emotion such as love, gratitude, deep connection and excitement. They brought tears of deep gratitude.

The moments centered around these 4 themes: 


Several moments occurred where a feeling of deep LOVE washed over me, made me teary-eyed, and reminded me that LOVE is ultimately the most important state of being that not only connects us to others, and to nature, but to Source. Moments of profound love that came up during meditation included moments of interaction with my boys, my partner, and others. I was struck by how pure and ultimately simple it was, and how I want to consciously go into these moments regularly and treasure them. 


A particular scene kept entering my mind. While I had been driving to my cabin I noticed a spot where the ground was covered in purple flowers, and a few yellow flowers, most likely “weeds.” What are considered weeds when sparsely dotting the yard look stunning when multiplied and viewed as a whole picture. The overall landscape was gorgeous with a sea of purple flowers dotted with yellow. And the clouds. The clouds were so low to the ground and looked like white tumbling barrels against the blue sky. The scene was so pretty I wanted to paint it. (I’m not a painter.)

I didn’t know Indiana could be so beautiful! The overall beauty of the whole and complete picture lingered with me. Although each individual flower was beautiful and perfect on its own — each one formed an even more perfect and beautiful whole.  


In my coaching practice, I help clients develop a vivid and compelling vision for their future. In the Master Key Experience (MKE) course, this is referred to as a Definite Major Purpose, or DMP. If you go through the MKE course, you’ll come up with one for yourself too. You’ll also get some guidance on making it compelling, vivid, and most likely to keep you moving toward it.

During recent readings and meditations on the work of Charles Haanel, I realized that it’s absolutely imperative that my DMP reflect my ideal.
See my prior post, What Is Truth?

I rewrote my DMP to reflect my outrageous ideal with no concerns about what might be “realistic” to others. 

What came to me in my meditation weekend, was that my DMP IS real.

The ideal is real.

The ideal is the real deal.

The ideal comes from creative energy which is Spirit, Source or the Universal Mind, and is the ultimate reality. Anything less is fear, analyzation and limitation. During my meditations, I knew that my DMP IS real. Period. End of story.

‘Nuff said. 


It occurred to me that “It will happen suddenly.” I thought about those purple flowers and weeds I mentioned. When I’m in the thick of it, mixed into the rough greens beneath the blooms, my steps feel frustrating and slow. However, when I step back and look at the whole picture… BAM! There it is. The individual flowers or weeds (small, consistent inspired actions) have led to a beautifully magnificent landscape (the big vision, the real ideal) that seems to have happened suddenly. 

When I continue to follow inspiration and take small consistent steps; results seem to appear suddenly. In a moment!

meditation and writing

Moments Are Connection

Those were only a few of my exciting moments. I had many moments of insight and creativity which led me to write furiously in a journal. Creative energy, as well as insight and intuition, is the stuff of Spirit, Source, or Universal Mind. 

I am so grateful for these precious moments of insight and deep emotion. I’m so thankful for moments that sparked creativity and intuition. I thank the MKE for the outstanding idea to take a few days to focus on silence, and for gradually helping me get to a place where I not only thought I could endure 2 days of meditation – but was excited and looking forward to it!

I am filled with gratitude for these moments that made me tearful… these moments of realizing oneness. 

I encourage you to take a Meditation Vacation yourself. If two days seems too long to sit in silence, try a day and a half. If a day and a half still sounds like torture, try a day — or even a half day. 

Give it a try. Set aside a designated time period to put away all electronics and go totally off-grid. (Everyone will survive without you!)

You’ll never know what learning, insights and beautiful moments will come to you until you try it


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About the author

Founder of, Laura Hitt is a Certified Life Coach (CPCC) who helps women break out of the norm to create a life and a livelihood from their purpose. Laura utilizes her love of the Master Key System and black belt training in martial arts to support her clients in courageously following their passion.

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  • Laura, thank you for your blog. What special moments you experienced in your meditation vacation. What a strong case you presented for all of us to take our own meditation vacation on a regular basis.

  • Laura, your blog was very inspiring and gave a lot of benefits for going on a mediation vacation. Your special moments that sprung up while you mediated were stimulating & refreshing. You seemed to connect with each moment. Love made you see how it draws you closer to others as well as giving you the compass to explore nature. Beauty made you be more aware of the little things that are beautiful such as wildflowers and the fluffiness of clouds. How do you set up your mediation for each day of your vacation?

    • Eulaine, thank you for your insights and for noticing how things came together! I generally went with the intention to Sit in Silence as my main goal, but I allowed myself to take breaks as well. I went with the intention and trust that I would get whatever I needed to get from it. Because I had learned to work up to it by going through the progression and learning to sit in silence from Charles Haanel and his Master Key System with the MKE, I was amazed that I was excited to do it! For me, I trusted my intuition about when to meditate and when to take breaks, but I think each person can find what works for them! 🙂 Thanks for your insights and question!

  • Awesome post sitting in silence can bring forth Thunderous revelations.the mke can help you learn to ” tune in to turn on ” the mind to help achieve ur DMP

  • “The ideal is the real deal”. That is so spot on, Laura! When we get in contact with our true selves is it so clear and obvious that the ideal IS the real deal. Another thing that spoke to me was your description how the mind completely change focus when you take a step back and look at the whole picture. Those “weedy” tiny yellow flowers that one commonly attach no significance to become very significant in completing the beautiful scenery. We should take those steps back more often in our lives, and your suggestion to take a meditation vacation seems to me the best way to do that. Thank you for sharing Laura!

  • nice post Laura – many thank yous – it always amazes me how much activity, sound, beauty and more is within that inner venture into silence – it’s all so ‘alive!’, richly so…
    & we’re immersed in the ‘exquisite wonder of it all’, every single moment – even the massive sucks that occasionally surface.
    Your post reminded me of a conversation last night with a friend
    – the ‘wisdom of the stewards of soil’ – aka weeds, (often the first to venture unchecked into foreign lands or show the way)
    – edginess , where habitat’s visible change/transformation is & other things..(she’s a queen of permaculture ways)
    – one of my favourite ‘seeds’ to muse into on a meditation retreat of how, “maybe we are all mushrooms in the mycelium of time” (I am queen of bending her brain)…
    Glad that you enjoyed your meditation vacation,
    mahalo & love to you.

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