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Metamorphosis through Personal Development

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As a caterpillar undergoes a metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly, so can we in our own way experience a metamorphosis through personal development.

I started writing this Blog at 11.11 am.
Apparently a gateway to… ?

Let’s consider this a gateway to the higher dimensions of the ‘present moment’.
I say ‘higher dimensions’ and ‘present’ because most people live in either the past or the future and forget that in reality there is only the present moment and it is an absolute eternity if you are remembering your connection to the higher dimensions and being all you can be in the now.

Do you know how powerful that is? I mean, to have that real connection?

The past doesn’t exist, only in our memory. The future doesn’t exist except for our imagination. The present and future is where it’s all happening! Let your imagination come on this journey, you may find it is called many things and is a powerful conduit for creation.

Reflections help light the path

Why do we carry the past so close to our hearts and constantly in our minds? (Go ahead, answer this to yourself or in the comments section below).

It can be so painful. Dwelling in the past, being consumed by our experiences, traumas and regrets. Rarely do we have in the forefront of our minds our happy times, why is that? (Go ahead, answer this to yourself or in the comment section below).

However we do this because we don’t know any better, until a moment arises that teaches/shows us we can be different and change the way we think and exist.

The most exquisite ‘AHA’ moment can envelop us. We find a way to forgive the past. Maybe sometimes, we can’t forget, but if it is forgiven, the emotion behind the memory becomes diffused, until it fades completely without any emotion attached. That’s called transformation. Have you ever experienced that? (Go ahead, answer this to yourself or in the comments below).

My own metamorphosis through personal development

If this sounds a bit LaLa to you, bear with me. I have spent 34 years studying past life regression, rebirthing, how karmic consequences affect us, bodywork to release bodily trauma, etc. etc. too much to list.

One of the aspects missing from all of those modalities that I have experienced, is how to deal with the present moment! How to deal with how our memory clings on to the experience. An alchemy takes place when we instigate a learning process to release the past and change. This does take GRIT. (A concentrated effort and a willingness to succeed and be someone new).

We polish the rock and it becomes a gem.

Sometimes we are successful and our memory/mind/energy field completely releases all association with what it is that you are wanting to release and leave behind.

Sometimes even, the experience of the process has resurrected the trauma all over again and brought it more clearly into our minds. Eeeek!

A true metamorphosis with personal development
Stand Out

As a therapist in these modalities, when I realised that can happen, as it has for me too, I stopped working with people and waited until I could discover a way to deal with how the mind works. I must have been ready for this science to be learnt and understood, because it all made sense to me so quickly. Coupled with this new knowledge and my past practice, leaps and bounds occurred.

Take a deep breath and keep pushing forward, every cloud has a silver lining!!!

Fortunately, just recently, a wonderful resource has been written, that really accelerates some of the understanding needed to progress in this quest. Over a few years I have been practising these laws and have found the wonder of freeing the mind from the past and being in creative control of my present.

New and Effective Options

It is The 7 Laws of The Mind.
Written by Mark Januszewski and Lori Hammond Enrico.

Apart from saying this is a remarkable book that can change your life and so easily read, I want you to discover it for yourself.

Go ahead, download it, or purchase the actual book! Work through it like your life depends on it! Study it, practice it, get pen and paper out and write your responses and muses down.

After that, you may want to take this awakening further. Take the class, starting September 2023.

A Diamond needs to be cut, polished, admired and loved.

So do we!

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Peaches’ favourite saying "Happy is as happy does”. As a Life Coach, Peaches’ training equips her to be the catalyst to your greatness. Inspired in recent times by the Master Key Experience, she can help you bring science and spirituality together in a synthesis of transformative skills for accelerated growth.

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