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It’s Magic! My 4 Personal Proof Points & How I Decided to Become a Master Key Experience Guide

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How I Decided to Become a Master Key Experience Guide

The year was 2017. I had relocated to Las Vegas from Binghamton, NY. Somehow, in a Google search, I stumbled upon the Master Key Experience (MKE). At the time, I was living in a tiny studio, traveling full-time for low pay, and definitely wanted more.

My personal pivotal needs (PPNs) are liberty and recognition for creative expression. I took a chance, paid $1, and went through the MKE that year. I was stunned…..mind-blown actually….at the level of support I got.

My 4 Personal Proof Points

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, my limiting beliefs were behind my limited life. My brain was attracting to me exactly what I had programmed it to attract. I learned some life-changing skills that would alter everything.

Fast forward to 2023!

  • I attracted and married my ideal partner.
  • I’m driving a brand new car.
  • I’ve developed a successful tax practice.
  • I published a book and was interviewed about it on TV in Texas.

Shining the Guide Light for Others

Should you care about what I’ve been able to do through the MKE? No. What should catch your attention is the fact that this coming year is my 2nd as a Guide. I naturally want to help people, and I can think of no better way to do that than to help them identify their true wants, desires, and ultimate purpose.

I know I can manifest whatever I wish. I’ve been doing it for 6 years. More people need to learn what we teach so they can find their own bliss…..their own “True North”, as we call it. We had a retreat in Kauai last June and spent time masterminding with each other and the Universe.

What’s your own personal “Kauai”?

Join us and find out. It is the once-a-year start of the MKE this week. You are not too late to join!

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About the author

Scott Transue has been a member of the MKE since 2017. Through the course, he was able to clearly define his needs and life goals, consistent with his personality. He resides in Las Vegas, NV and is a native of upstate NY (Binghamton and Albany). He owns his own fully-remote tax practice, which manifested using the tools provided in the MKE. He is also active in consumer direct marketing and real estate. His goal in becoming a Guide is to "pay it forward", helping others to fully manifest their "personal Kauai".

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  • This is such a powerful testimony, Brad! I love that you are now committed to showing others how YOU KNOW FOR SURE it works! Kudos!

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