June 15


My Path to Devotion

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I saw a quote from Luciano Pavarotti today which sat with me in my sit.

“People think I am disciplined. It is not discipline. It is devotion.”

Luciano Pavarotti

I have spent years practicing discipline in music, horses, archery, Aikido, photography and writing. Each taught me lots about myself and the connection to the energy of the universe.

In music, I played the piano and had an instructor who would not let me play Beethoven. I had to play the modern composers like Dvorak. It sent pain up my spine but I played and when I got home I played Beethoven.

Beethoven’s music took me with it into the heavens. I studied with it and lived with it, much to my parents’ dismay. I love the church organs and the power they emanate. I listened to the Mormon Tabernacle organ and it felt like it was the music of the universe.

Learning Devotion Through Horses

In horses, I spent years learning how to use my mind and all of my body, to use the laws of physics to create my ideal ride. Many days I rode 8-10 horses a day and for months could not find what I was after. I said, “I am never going to find this,” and my instructor just smiled.

Then one day I found just the right piece of magic that made the ride better and I said, “It was so easy what took me so long?” And my instructor just smiled.

Then I found more and more pieces of the magic with more horses. I came to a point where my brain helped me control their movements. We connected and then the energy from the universe joined us and it felt like 1500 lbs danced above the ground.

You are only gifted with as many strides as you can keep yourself there, in that special space. It is worth every moment of frustration and change. It is a devotion.

How I Learned Devotion to My Best Self

Through the Master Key Experience and other courses at Training Solutions, I noticed that I had let go of the moment to moment connection which focused and energized and taught me.

To regain the discipline of the body and mind and not lose the connection has not been as instantaneous as I had hoped. After all I did this before. There were things I had reverted back to as the cement poured on my golden Buddha.

I have watched many riders pull and push their horses around the ring as machines. I was always taught to invite the horse to become himself as my dance partner.

Through devotion, I found how one golden Buddha connects to another and joins the dance of all things in the universe. Won’t you connect with this amazing process? You can’t buy the course, but I’m inviting you to click here and join the list for scholarships to the next class. Find your devotion and that special place.

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About the author

Janet Keith is a mentor, writer, and student of horses and life. She is on the path of the Master Key Experience and following her bliss! Janet is training to be a Guide so that others can do the same.

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