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Sublime Solitude — Meditation Matters

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Republishing in tribute to Jane Cox, always in our hearts.

Not knowing I would discover how much meditation matters, early last month, I traveled to Sammamish, WA to visit with my daughter, granddaughter and great grandson. When I arrived my daughter had gone to Tennessee to visit with her eldest daughter while my granddaughter and her son had gone to Utah to a wedding. So as the timing worked out, everyone would be gone for a week and I would be alone for solitude, meditation and some work!

Masterful Meditation

This was perfect for me because I was going to attend an online Worldwide Convocation of a Yoga organization that I have belonged to for more than 40 years. I was wondering how I could do it while visiting with them. As we learn in the Master Key Experience (MKE), the Universe gives us what we want and/or need.

I was able to attend all the lectures and meditations, as well as attend all the webinars required to be a guide for the MKE. One of the best things I got out of it was the silence I was able to enjoy between lectures and meditations. There is nothing like being in the silence, feeling the peace and listening to the sound of nature (I call it the “sound of silence”). My daughter has a beautiful yard that has many places to utilize for meditation and being alone. She has no close neighbors, so it feels like you are in the wilderness.

It was really great getting to know myself a little better, knowing that I am never alone, and feeling the connection to all that is.

My Daughter’s Backyard — where meditation matters

meditation matters
Meditation matters no matter how it comes

I learned during the silence and being by myself that there is no spirituality without heroism. You either grow or you die. The MKE is where I learned to grow. It gives you the tools you need.

It takes you back to school, but this time giving you the tools to use so you learn how to work with the subconscious. MKE teaches you how to replace old habits with new ones, because that is the only way to get rid of a bad habit. And because I’m learning how much meditation matters, I am making it one of my good habits.

You can reject the call to discover and improve yourself, but then you stagnate. MKE teaches us to look within to grow. We are unlike anyone else. Take one thought and dwell on that. Sit with that thought until you get the answer. That is why silence and solitude are so important. The answers come in the quiet.

Consciousness Rising

Even though it’s hard to see, our consciousness is rising. MKE is helping raise the consciousness of those who take it. We need to get more people taking the Hero’s Journey.

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About the author

The Master Key is definitely the best self-development course I have ever taken which is why I want to help others get the benefits that I have seen in my life. It thrills me to help guide people and watch them discover who they are and what they want their lives to be.

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  • Jane, your blog was a beautiful example of the Universe giving us what we want & need. Your sound of silence seemed inspiring to your soul. It gave you a peace and made you aware of the sounds of nature around you. Thanks too for reminding us of all the great tools that the MKE gives us. I appreciated the suggestion of doing a sit on one thought and dwelling on it until you received your answer. Also reminding us that the answer comes in the quiet moments. Thanks for sharing these pearls of wisdom. What are the things that cause you or others to stagnate?

  • I agree with you Jane, we either grow or we decline until we die, life ignores status quo, and always rising our consciousness is the most exciting thing we can do to grow…especially with the MKE!

  • Jane, you are such a sweet inspiration for us all! Your family and friends are so fortunate to have you there showing them how to be so joyful, kind, and loving! 🙂

  • Great blog Jane! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Yes, the Universe gives us exactly what we need (and that isn’t always what we want LOL). I really like the idea that the consciousness is rising. I think that is the highest responsability we can take; to do what we need to raise our consciousness, because then can we together rise and shine (sorry, I like playing with words) in love and light as the gorgeous creatures of the Universe we are.

  • Jane, thank you for your blog. How true you are. The Master Key Experience gives us the tools to becoming our desire best self if we are willing to listen to them and to apply them.

  • What a beautiful story! I love how you immediately saw the gift in the situation. And it sounds like a beautiful week – and you still managed to get in the guide training! Love your title and wisdom too.. Meditation Matters. Wow, I find it’s one of the most powerful things we can do, and I’m so grateful I learned that in MKE.

  • Thank you, Jane, for being such an amazing beacon of light of goodness and love. Your sweet nature will truly be missed. I am honored to have been able to spend time getting to know you. I know that you are “dancing the dream” at the feet of our Lord at this very moment. Until we meet again . . .

  • There are people that make impressions on our lives in the most positive way it’s the most positive way. Jane spread Peace & Love to everyone she met and all things she did in her life. We will all miss you until we see you again Jane.

  • This blog is the epitome of Jane. It makes me all the more grateful I had the honor of knowing her and gleaning from her timeless wisdom. A beautiful life that touched multitudes through the eternal ripples she started as she sowed seeds of Sublime Solitude. Grateful and Blessed!

  • Such a powerful description of the importance of meditation and silence, of how it brings growth and peace. Honored to have gotten to experience through our group mastermind your wisdom as well as the peace and love you brought to all. Grateful. Until we meet again Jane.

  • Jane, I was just getting to know more about you when we were in PMA class together. When you spoke….I could feel the peace you exuded and the power from within. The evidence was there that you spent many hours in quiet reflection. I am grateful to have had the class together. Rest in peace dear friend.

  • My precious friend, I will forever hold the peace that you exuded in my heart. You were a treasure, a blessing to know, and I will miss you intently. Wishing you fair winds and following seas in your new life in the great beyond. I love you!

  • Your grand, beautiful consciousness is soaring to a whole new plane, my friend. Your perfect wisdom, kind heart and brilliant soul reach off the page and infuse me with love and joy. Your legacy lives on here, Jane Cox. I miss you… and am so grateful I had the honor of knowing you.

  • I really enjoyed reading Jane’s blog. There’s so much truth in what she says here. I’m experiencing the same things as I persistently focus more each day on my sits.

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