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MYTHS: Why Is The Heroes Adventure Everywhere, Like Everywhere!?

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Why are there so many myths and/or stories, usually with a moral point, across all peoples and cultures on our little blue ball.

The Heroes Adventure is everywhere.

The proliferation is astonishing: TV, videos, YouTube, Marvel, DC, Star Wars/Trek, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Anime, a staggering number of video games. Not to mention the Bible, the Koran, Greek and Roman myths, and all those Egyptian hieroglyphs. All the hundreds of cultures across the globe all have many, many myths.

Any doubt one word – Dragons. And that’s just the beginning, Knights, Gods, Wizards, Witches, Magic… we on the same page? Good.

Here’s an easy example: November rolls around and we in the USA all enact the ritual of celebrating the first ‘meals’ shared by the colonial people and the Native Americans. Because of those events and shared stories, a ritual was born. Even though most of the myth is not true, we didn’t so much share meals with the natives, we slaughtered them and took their land, but you get the idea.

Irresistible Myths

Why is the Heroes Adventure everywhere and virtually irresistible to humans?

Especially the masculine types…?

Studies across all eras of time by so many scholars, including Joseph Campbell, discovered the Heroes Adventure or the Hero’s Journey theme in ALL symbols, ALL stories and ALL rituals that keep appearing in all different cultures. These clear themes coming alive in literature, art and religion and, as stated above, today in movies, comic books and video games.

Wall Street and Madison Avenue also know the Heroes Adventure is everywhere and its why targeted advertising works so well. They know how and why you’re wired as you are and they exploit that at every turn. We are just a revenue stream that is super easy to manipulate. They simply drop you in the Heroes Adventure with a little story and sell you all kind of garbage you don’t need that ends up in the landfill.

Just an aside. We all stop clicking on ads and ads go away.

Ok The Heroes Adventure is Everywhere!

Yes, it is. Your next questions ought to be why, why is this so prevalent? Good question. If you asked that is…

We are all human so we all identify with the Heroes Adventure. That’s it: we all love it because we can all identify. We all want to be the Hero in our own lives! We all want to come through for those we love, take care of them financially, or give them stuff just make the lives of those we love better. Being a hero. Read this for more Heroes Adventure information.

Why are the more masculine types attracted to this Heroes Adventure?

Well, it’s important to know first that we are all dominate in one or the other in our mental states. Either masculine or feminine dominate in our mental own state. NOTE: Not male or female but instead masculine and feminine.

Little common sense coming at ya here – Masculine is bigger and stronger and meant to protect (not lead) protect the feminine. Feminine is meant to connect with the higher vibrations in our worlds. Thus, the masculine uses its strengths to protect the feminine so she’s free to connect with the Divine unencumbered.

All the heroes adventure is everywhere information is true but the most important the most heroic of all acts is the courage to discover who you are and what you’d like to be. To slay your dragons of ego and to instead follow your bliss to the truth. The truth of your very own Heroes Adventure.

Sadly most people won’t ever follow their bliss or understand why the heroes adventure is everywhere as they never embark on their own journey. Tragic.

Don’t you be like them, don’t you be closed minded find out why the heroes adventure is the one thing you can do to achieve your bliss. And if you don’t maybe ask yourself, why wouldn’t I just check it out. Your answer may surprise you.

The MasterKeyExperience.com is one road to your very own Heroes Adventure like the thousands of former MKE Members get started in September. Get on the early notification list now!

Mahalo for your attention
And I wish you an amazing Heroes Adventure
The Fab Davene

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About the author

Davene Januszewski, CEO of Training Solutions LLC, has been successfully networking and speaking professionally since 1998. She and her husband Mark Januszewski, The World's Laziest Networker are living their dream on the island of Kauai.

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  • The Hero Journey and the Master Key Experience is a wonderful assessment of most people’s lives. Excellent article Davene. I loved this part of the program. It gave me an understanding of why I liked all the Disney movies, Rocky movies, etc. and what was happening in my life. Wishing you the best.

  • To answer the question, the Heroes journey is everywhere because the Hero is driven to complete the adventure by going back to the Ordinary World with the reward/treasure he won. It can often be as dangerous to return from the journey as it was to start it in the first place. in essence the Hero is caused to see he has the choice of changing or remaining the same. The treasure comes only after he decides to change.

  • So true Davene, we do all connect with the heroes in movies. We want good things to happen for us just like the hero. MKE gives us the chance to be the hero in our lives.

  • Thanks, Davene, for all the amazing insights. My introduction decades ago to Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey were probably my biggest draw to the Master Key Experience. Who doesn’t want to be the Hero? What the MKE does is make that possible for every person willing to step out in faith and effort.

  • Oh, Davene. You are so good at sardonic humor. Thanks for this gem of a blog–definitely sharing. Love your comment about the guides who get you to landfills…definitely the wrong guidance. “They simply drop you in the Heroes Adventure with a little story and sell you all kind of garbage you don’t need that ends up in the landfill.” THANK YOU for steering us away from that and creating the amazing #MKE‼️

  • Inspiring Blog, it relates to my leap of faith blog…I love that we all have the hero within us and the universe is there to catch us.

    Like you I too want all of us to experience the Master Key Experience.
    As we all live our life by design through the Master Key Experience.

  • I have learned so much about the Hero’s Journey through the Master Key Experience, and I love it! And yes, it is everywhere! We can tune in and make our own adventures, or tune out and live small. We choose. Let’s choose the adventure!

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