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Needs are Important! Have I over-“kneaded” in my search?

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Personal pivotal needs (or PPN’s) are important! What?

Never have I thought about what I NEED. Only have I thought about what I WANT.
“Need” has a different connotation than “want.” I was viewing “need” as being “needy.”

However, I have determined a different definition of “need” with a course entitled Master Key Experience (MKE). I learned that Personal Pivotal Needs are important. They are our deepest, authentic needs. Instead of me viewing “need” as being “needy”, I now see “needs” as desirable and useful for my well-being. THAT’s how needs are important.

Perhaps I can ask for a “need.” In the past, I have not been prone to asking for much of anything, and not even of myself. I’ve slid through life, like biscuits on a buttered cookie sheet. Have I been too proud, too stoic, too afraid? Too hot in the kitchen?

needs are important
I’m kneading. My grip is tense. Gotta lighten up.

I might fall, like the yeast bread attempting to rise. Yeast is tricky. The temperature has to be just so. I can see how I related that to living fully. What if my yeast doesn’t activate and rise and instead it deflates into a sad pile? Dough and bread have needs and yes, so do I. Needs are important.

Just like the kneading of bread dough, my tense grip on the ball of dough is symbolic of me…I WANT this bread to turn out “right”. Have I over-kneaded? I WANT to do this MKE course “right”. Can I do it? I WANT my life to be “right”. Will it ever be? And then this bread may not turn out “right” so do I throw out the dough? Hmmm, why not see if it rises in the pan?

Where do PPNs or personal pivotal needs come in as an ingredient? Do I have needs I haven’t focused on? Ah, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Needs are Important

After contemplation of the choices offered by MKE for my own personal, pivotal needs, I determined they are: Spiritual Growth and Liberty. Spiritual Growth because I would love to hear that “still, small voice” that people hear from their Source. While sitting in silence I do get ideas and “ah ha’s” yet I’m intrigued to know that my Source can be heard. Further, I instruct yoga and desire for students to know the spiritual aspect of who they are, not their physical self only. I want them to know their needs are important too.

Liberty is ever-so-appealing. You’ve heard it defined as the freedom to do “what I want, when I want, with whom I want.” I am drooling with this idea. It enlivens me like a slice of hot buttered bread with a mug of dark roast coffee. Meanwhile, “Hurry up, bread, bake to perfection!”

Going for it

Is that a metaphor for my perfectionism? Have I been hanging around the kitchen waiting for bread to rise, then bake, instead of trusting it will? Have I been ignoring the fact that these special needs are important? I want others to enjoy my bread too. Farmer’s Market, here I come!

This was only week two in the MKE course for me, and it was exciting to determine my personal pivotal needs and have these desires at the forefront of my actions. Novel, indeed, and what a lesson to learn, that needs are important! So excuse me while I get this pan of rising bread dough spilling over its’ sides, into the oven. This dough again is symbolic of me, rising higher. Coffee, anyone?

The bread is baking. And it will taste divine! Join in and take a bite of your own by joining this magical class when it starts again this September. Just click here and get your first free gift – a 7-day mental diet!

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About the author

After two decades on the street as one of the first female police officers in Milwaukee, Mary turned to her passion of supporting one's health with plant based eating and practicing & Instructing yoga. She is currently studying Ayurveda, the holistic science and ancient wisdom of the yogis. Mary and her husband have rescued countless street cats, fostered them to good health and found loving homes for them. Her definite major purpose is to have cat cafes existing world-wide. Purrrrrrr

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  • Thanks, Mary, for sharing this amazing blog. It can be hard for us women to feel justified in fulfilling our needs; however, it feels so good when we honor ourselves and our true nature understanding that we have a right to having our needs met.

  • Wow, what a beautiful way to connect PPNs (needs) with this analogy of baking bread, rising of yeast, and kneading process. What a delicious way to share your MKE experience, Mary!

  • I love your writing, Mary! Illustrating less tangible ideas with the baking bread process is brilliant and persuasive. And when Wes commented here that we “knead” each other I applauded because this then includes the MasterMind part of it, too! Thank you for powerfully anchoring this in me.

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