September 23


New Beginnings and New Goals – Flippin’ My Script to Amazing!

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My horoscope for this month confirmed it’s a great day for new goals and new beginnings in my life:

September 2021-New Beginnings

You are gifted with your own personal New Year today. You’re getting a second chance to start anew with a clean slate and set some intentions for yourself. Think about the changes you would like to see in your life and start taking the steps to manifest those changes. It’s your time to shine, so let your light radiate from within.

So much time, just flying by!

This Master Key Experience (MKE) Hero’s Journey is truly something else, and is a definite catalyst for change. Oh, just so very many of them, where do I even begin?

I begin here, by allowing myself to just BE, and let my light shine from within. Back in March 2020, I moved away from my beloved Island home, back to the mainland, doing a complete full circle, not only once, but twice!

As I read my definite major purpose (DMP) statement, I am absolutely astounded by the manifestation that is occurring in my life! Many things that just a few short years ago, that seemed so far away, are now realities in my life.

BAM! I am Exactly What I Create Myself to BE!

…And THAT, is a Million $ Entrepreneur!

I just reread the last 2 blog entries that I wrote, and followed the link within- to my You Tube channel playlist which I AM now listening to while I write to you, and…

With tears of Joy streaming down my face, I can honestly say: THIS IS IT!

I promoted myself during the last year, and the personal growth and transformation that I used the Law of Attraction to attain is absolutely phenomenal.

Yes, indeed! My new reality. In the here and now…

I Claim My Self Confidence!

I own my power!

I have all of the Master Keys within!

Just this year I was promoted to BE a Master Guide with MKE, a position I have wanted for a couple of years now. So stoked!!! A couple months of practice in, and I find that this is a whole new ball game, another new beginning, and magnificent journey of its own, which I love!

This program absolutely changed my life, and taught me the skills that I needed to have to become the person that I am today.

The new class, an invitation to your new beginnings starts on Sunday.

Sign up for your scholarship here!

Living My Bliss

Self-Directed thinkers? You Betcha’! That’s what we Live to Create around here!

So, with that being said…

I am totally stoked, and my Vision is crystal clear, and now bigger than ever.

I have recently met so many exceptional, phenomenal, and like-minded people.

I Say… And travelling the world to exotic vacation destinations with them? What?! Straight out of my DMP???? Even better!!!!

YES!!!!! Until next time my friends…

Shine ON!

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About the author

As a certified MasterKey Experience Guide, Brenda Buck is a personal development coach and writer who is passionate about helping people grow into the best version of themselves. She helps other entrepreneurs grow, scale, and leverage their own businesses by connecting them with outstanding supportive communities.

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  • You are so filled with positivity, Brenda, you are the perfect emissary for the messages MKE brings to the world. As my blog rover and mastermind partner, John Francetic, is prone to say, “good for you!” 🙂

  • Brenda, I enjoyed your blog and the great gems that you reminded us about. I liked the the reminders that I’m gifted with my own personal new year, I’ve be given a second change to start anew with a clear slate, I’m able to set new intentions, to think about the changes I want to make, that it’s my time to shine and to radiate from within. I also realized by reading this blog that I’m exactly what I create myself to be. The importance too of claiming my self confidence and my own power. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What do you specifically have to do to become a self directive thinker? How would you describe what a vision is and what is your vision?

    • Oooo… Great Questions, Eulaine! The answers are a whole other story all together for the next month or so. However, I am specifically listening to my own voice, instead of the voice of society, and….my vision is what makes my soul tingle. To Create that magic like I do, according to my one and only brother, and to Love, Inspire, and sprinkle Peace everywhere.

  • Wow Brenda! Such a positive and inspiring blog! And I can just sign everything you wrote. Master Key Experience is an awesome adventure and life journey to discover yourself and realise your dreams you have, and some that you didn’t know you had.

  • Brenda, thank you for your blog. Good for you for embracing and living your power. The Master Key Experience can empower one to embrace and live their power as well.

  • Brenda Buck is a personal development coach and writer who is passionate about helping people grow into the best version of themselves.
    Helping entrepreneurs grow, scale, and leverage their own businesses by connecting them with outstanding supportive communities.

    Thank you, for all you do for us.

  • Well done Brenda! You are a living example of all the good that an earnest and determined person can create for herself by relying on the guidance of the Master Key System! Thanks for your enthousiastic sharing!

    • Luc! Thank You for your kind words! 😉
      I Stand enthusiastically Tall this year.
      Determined to Be all that I AM.
      I just Feel the powerful Growth in every fiber of my being.
      Wow! This MK Journey is so very Awesome!

  • Thanks, Brenda, for sharing this wonderful blog and your amazing accomplishments. The truth is there is #NothingLikeIt as far as the Master Key Experience is concerned. Where else can you help all your dreams come true with only paying $1? Get on the list for the free scholarship. It’s happening soon . . . September will be here before you know it.

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