August 24


Oh, Those Dandelions

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This spring, while sitting and enjoying the new life that seemed to be popping up around me I noticed the familiar small yellow spots that started to appear randomly in the grass.

You know what I am talking about, those dreaded dandelions!

Some call them weeds but some people see them as the beginning of life because the flowers can be a crucial food source for beneficial insects such as honeybees, which in turn help to pollinate not only the dandelions but also so many other flowers and plants. They are also safe for human consumption and can be used in salads and made into wine!

As I looked out over the few yellow spots in the green grass, my mind wandered over the miracle that was before me. How did these small plants manage to survive and thrive when there was so much that was against them from the very beginning? As soon as they appear there are people cursing these plants and do everything in their power to get rid of them.

They cut them down, dig them up and if all else fails, out comes the weed killer. Not to mention the children who trample them down during play, and the family dog who, well you know what he does. This wonderful plant has to fight to stay alive through all of this and it does. As it matures, it turns into a fuzzy ball that just sits and waits for a wind or gentle breeze to lift its seed from its resting place and then they settle near and far to start this cycle again.

So, as I was marveling at this plant I started thinking just how similar the trials that this plant has to go through is very similar to us humans and our thoughts. We start out thinking random thoughts, or so I think, when we are very young. As we grow, we start to share our thoughts with others. Much to our surprise, people agree or disagree with us. We take this all in stride, march along and keep growing. We still feel it is okay to share our thoughts and now these thoughts have become our dreams. We happily share what we want to accomplish and what we want to be when we grow up.

Once again, we find out that people do not agree with us but this time we notice that they can be cruel. Not only do they disagree, they laugh, they make fun. They are just plain hurtful.  These can be friends, siblings and sometimes-even parents.  This can even happen if people are just trying to be truthful and really do not mean any harm.

They unwittingly crush your dreams and you no longer feel the trust is there so sharing your thoughts are out of the question. If we picture the dandelion, instead of a human, we see a plant that has been trampled, cut and even used by the neighborhood dog.

This happens even as adults, luckily some people can bounce back while others become a shell of themselves, a shell of what they are and could have been. Use your imagination here and picture this poor little plant shriveled, trying so hard to survive to do what it is naturally supposed to do but has been recently sprayed with a weed killer. Slowly taking away what it needs to survive. As humans, we slowly die inside. Living lives of quiet desperation, never finding our purpose and NEVER living our dreams.

Have you experienced anything like this in your life?

We all deserve to dream. We all deserve to live our lives to the fullest. We all deserve to be the best that we can be. We are all worthy of everything that the universe has to offer no matter your age. It is never too late to start.

Join us for the Master Key Experience where you are guided through lessons to develop a positive mindset and discover your purpose. Be just like the healthy dandelion. Let your dreams once again take flight on a gentle breeze and be the person you were meant to be and live your life to the fullest!

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About the author

Suzanne loves to create using any medium available, including carpentry, drawing, even baking. Her passion for her family and being in nature is closely followed by appreciation for the peace and purpose she found through the Master Key Experience. Now, as an MKE Guide, she longs to share these tools so anyone can realize their potential.

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  • Super inspiring, Suzanne. I may just build a dandelion garden on my patio next spring. It will be a great reminder that dreams matter!

  • Thanks, Suzanne, for sharing your blog! It reminds me that none of nature thinks or lives from a place of lack. Neither should we!

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