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Persistence Paves the Way – 2 Inspirational Stories of Real Humans

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Persistence Paves the Way

Have you stopped recently to think about what makes something happen?

How much preparation and effort goes into any accomplishment in life?

In the moment of success, it’s easy to think how easy is this! But the real work that paved the way is there, however hidden.

Every single human being’s story is a motivation to me.

Even the life stories that have valleys which are hard to witness.

Dr. Maya Angelou is a foremost inspirational force in this century as well as the last. Born in 1928, she lived a life with pizzazz (as she called it) until 2014. She spoke 7 languages and overcame great adversities at a very young age.

‎The desire to reach the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise and most possible.

Dr. Maya Angelou

I listened to a podcast interview today with Dr. Angelou; the story of her 16-year-old self becoming the first African American streetcar driver in San Francisco in 1944 is a master study in the art of persistence. Unbelievable tenacity; her laser focus, including two weeks in the transit office waiting room for 8 hours a day, led to the start of her paid working life.

Every Human

I truly do mean that every story is an inspiration. I behold the superstars as well as the unknown heroes.

Perhaps my awe is even more so with everyday humans as they haven’t achieved any recognizable notoriety yet, but yet they persist.

My husband has had the dream of visiting Japan since a very early age. He realized an open window of time at the end of February and happily made his dream come true. What a year 2023 is already!

I can’t say enough about how much the trip meant to my husband and what a fundamental change the kids and myself have seen in him upon his return home. See the beautiful nighttime Temple photo in Kyoto for a sense of the magic!

Whether it is a world-famous person or a person at my nightly dinner table, I find inspiration in everyone’s story. Persistence paves the way!

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