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Recalling my Master Key Experience path to bliss

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The blog I am sharing is from week 7 of my first year as a member taking the Master Key Experience (MKE) course. I am happy to say I finished the 26 week course and gained such value from it that I decided to complete the training to become a Certified Guide for the 2023-24 session. The growth I have experienced is remarkable. Here is my blog from last year after only having completed a third of the course.

It’s as if an awakening is commencing, as if something inside of us had finally found itself alive and ready to lead us to our true bliss! All the rewiring and firing inside our subconscious has started to become the living, the conscious part of existence.

We’ve wandered almost aimlessly for decades while believing we knew what tomorrow could bring, yet we could never seem to get out of our own way. We may have questioned that a time or two, but never did we ever realize that it was simple the way we had been wired.

As week 7 of the Master Key Experience came to be and we’ve begun to see the true self that really does exist inside of us, we can’t help but become intoxicated by the new beginnings that is presented.

Or is it maybe just finally finding the true path to where we were always meant to go?

I’ll say that it is just that, the true path that we were meant to be on!

However, until Master Key Experience we really were in our own way and never did we realize it until now.

We have been awakened to our own reality, to our true destiny!

Master Key Experience

And this path, even though it’s tailored to each of us individually and respectively, it was discovered by each of us by way of the MKE and the mastermind alliances that have been brought into our lives!

And if this is where we’ve come to in only 7 weeks, it’s nearly unfathomable how much more we shall find in the following 19 weeks ahead!!

See ya’ll in the bliss that belongs to us! Check out the Master Key Experience course to rediscover your true path to your bliss.

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About the author

Drew Timm is a minister, published author, life coach, entrepreneur, and building contractor. As a confident builder, both of structures and people, he finds his life harmonious with a purposeful journey in the service of others. After manifesting his life’s goals and dreams, he decided to share that wisdom with others as an MKE guide.

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