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Removing Life’s Cement from Me – You Can Do It Now Too!

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Hello my friends,

I want to share about my life’s journey – where I come from, where I am, and where I am going AND how the Master Key Experience (MKE) has shaped my life by removing life’s cement and continues to do so everyday!

Some of you may know this, but I am now a Master Key Lifetime Continuation Member. 

I first took this life-changing class in September 2017.  MKE empowers us to deal with our life’s cement which has accumulated over our lifetime and which holds us back from becoming our desired best selves. 

Our family, our friends, the people we encounter each day, and just plain living, all adds to our cement every day.  Unfortunately, sometimes the source of most of our cement comes from what we pile on ourselves.  I piled enough cement on myself to build the next pyramid and then have a big pile left over to start to build the next pyramid.

I was ready to quit the first week to surrender to the urgings of my Old John Francetic who was telling me that this is too hard, that removing life’s cement is impossible, and I was not good enough for MKE. My Old John Francetic had helped me to survive my sixty-six plus years of living until then, but he did not help me to thrive.  Let me say that again. 


I was not taking responsibility for thriving in my life.  I let My Old John Francetic be in control, dictating my life, conveniently believing My Old John Francetic knew best, and I was not good enough to thrive.  Fortunately, my MKE Guide Jen Dilks encouraged me to continue each week, removing life’s cement, so I pressed on even though each week I wanted to quit, just like many other times in my life, to justify My Old John Francetic’s words to me that I was not enough. 

removing life's cement

Jen Dilks has since become my good friend. She believed in me when I did not want to believe in myself.  Thank you, Jen, I am so grateful for your friendship and your belief in me.

These days even though I permit My Old John Francetic to stay around and speak to me, I have now started living in My New John Francetic.  I am grateful to MKE for assisting in empowering me to let My New John Francetic become a part of my life.  It is so interesting to experience the clashes between My Old John Francetic and My New John Francetic as they wrestle for control of me, influencing my actions. 

Before I let My Old John Francetic dominate my subconscious mind.  My challenge is to put My New John Francetic in charge of my subconscious mind.  I am enjoying this challenge. 

BRING IT ON NOW!!!  Thank you, My Old John Francetic, for helping me to survive to now, but I am hereby putting My New John Francetic in charge so now I can thrive.


We all have our cement.  MKE is a very powerful tool for removing life’s cement on you once and for all.  What an exciting adventure MKE takes your on – becoming your desired best self that has been hidden for so many years under all your cement. 

  • Your desired best self is waiting to emerge in your life. 
  • Your desired best self is so special.
  • You are so special. 
  • Your desired best self is urging you on to use your jackhammer to start knocking off your cement and keep on knocking off your cement so your desired best self emerges.


Thank you.

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About the author

John Francetic is an IRS Enrolled Agent, partnering with his brother Paul in both Francetic Tax Resolution & Francetic Tax and Accounting. He enthusiastically and energetically serves others as a Master Key Experience Blog Rover encouraging and empowering members on their Master Key Experience Journey.

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  • Hey John, awesome post, thanks for sharing! Yes, that cement sure stopped me from moving forward, however, it was for me to survive as you said. I am so happy to have found MKE where I can thrive to be truly alive, and be the real me!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story John! I am happy to get to know you, the new John! The true John! You have indeed done a marvelous journey.

  • This new John is becoming MY new friend too! Just like Jen, as the cement falls away, I can see a whole and beautiful John under there. Thanks for sharing your journey here, John. Super!! Congratulations!!

  • Thank you John for reminding some of us that it takes a jackhammer to knock off some of the cement from time to time. One chip at a time gets the job done. I am grateful for the Master Key and all the changes I have experienced in myself. I am a better person today for it.

  • aloha Mr New John Francetic, or maybe it’s Master New John Francetic having a MasterKey experience?
    You enrich this MasterKeyExperience with your daily dedication & I’m so grateful to be witnessing and sharing part of your adventure.
    I’m glad that you are enjoying the challenge and as you so eloquently point out, there is more to thriving than mere survival. 🙂

  • Hi John, fantastic post, I LOVE it! You describe so vividly the process through which the MKE brings us until we eventually connect at a conscious level with our True Self…the New John Francetic who was covered with cement and the battle to stay in contact with him! “We must do it by ourself but we cannot do it alone!” Thanks for your great sharing 🙂

  • Love this John! This heading is my favorite! “MY OLD SELF HELPED ME TO SURVIVE, BUT HE DID NOT PERMIT ME TO THRIVE.” Thanks for sharing your heart and your experience and I love what you shared about Jen Dilks!! Sweet!

  • I have only known you for a short time, John. A fellow blog rover and I can with certainty say you are a different man today than the man I first encountered when we connected about a year ago.

    You have more vava voom, more courage to say what you are thinking while at the same time, you are encouraging, warm and sensitive to the ideas of others.

    I am enjoying watching your transformation over the last month!

  • John, what an incredible blog. Your MKE adventure so far is very enlightening and breathtaking to see the cement fall off. Thanks for reminding us about our desired best self. How it wants to emerge, to be special, and to activate our unique gifts. What specifically is your new John Francetic like compared to the old one?

  • Hello, New John Francetic! Feeling gratitude toward Old John Francetic for saying “yes” to the MKE so we could all be blessed with YOU… the beautiful, giving spirit that you truly are. You are also a wonderful go-giver. Thank you for sharing this post…for your transparency… for sharing from your heart.

  • It is my hope to inspire others who feel their old self does not allow their future self to thrive through your blog. Thank you for sharing this important story, which happens in a lot of people’s lives.

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