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Renovate Your Life: Transformation to Self-Directed YOU

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Yes, you already know how to renovate your life. Here’s how I know. As a homeowner, one of the most dreaded repairs a person faces is a slab foundation repair.  Not only does it affect the entire house and structure it also involves the plumbing in the foundation for such a transformation.

You can observe the house beginning to have cracks in the sheet rock or an uneven floor. As the weather changes from season to season the soil expands and contracts to cause foundation movement. It is one of the most costly repairs.

Call the Engineer

The reason this comes to mind for me is when we build a new home the first thing we do is consult a structural engineer.  He checks the soil conditions in the place we are planning to build.  The structural engineer gives us a detailed set of instructions as to how the foundation needs reinforcing. 

Done properly the structure stays solid and secure for many years never requiring a foundation repair.

  • How carefully do you prepare for your life on planet earth? 

We know there are adversity and difficult times. 

  • How do you handle those bad times? 
  • Do you have a plan in place? 

Just as carefully as we plan for a solid foundation to build our home we also need to carefully structure our lives for the ups and downs. 

  • How do you carefully structure your life for health, happiness?
  • How can YOU restructure what you may have built unknowingly? 
home transformation
Renovate your life like you renovate a house

How to Start to Renovate Your Life

Sometimes the things we have learned in the past need a little renovation.  We have had our papers graded in school for years and dreaded the red pencil marks telling us we are not good enough. 

My school papers were graded for what was wrong, not what was right! 

As a toddler, we were told “No” more than yes and we followed the examples our parents set for us.

When things are going well in life, I cruise along.  But then there are those things come along that shake my foundation to the core.  You know what those times are in your life.  For me, it was divorce, child custody battles, and family sickness. 

My foundation began to crack, my health began to decline and I was unhappy.  The life I thought I would have at retirement began to crumble beneath my feet.  I lost my direction when I realized my Grandchildren would be swept away and my daughter became ill with a little-known disease. 

No Price Tag

At this lowest time in my life, a friend recommended a class to me called the Master Key Experience.  I looked into the information my friend sent me and I was amazed that there was not a big price tag on it.  So I signed up with hopes of changing some areas of my life to better cope with these sudden difficult changes I was not prepared to handle.

Today I can tell you it was the very best experience I could’ve done for myself.  I have learned how to make the changes that helped me cope with life’s challenges.  I have tools to restore the areas that have been broken. 

My foundation is in a state of good repair and it is all due to the teachings of the Master Key Experience.  I have restored my mind, my body and have found great peace.  It’s like I have found the structural engineer for my life.  I am strong, healthy and wealthy.

Do you need some foundational repairs?  Do you know what you want?   

You can have whatever you want….

What do you want?

Come check out the Master Key Experience.  There is a class offered once a year coming up soon.  Click here for the adventure to begin for you.

Love & Harmony 

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About the author

After traveling the world with a major airline, Joan, as a trainer coach of the Master Key Experience, helps YOU be the Captain of YOUR life, having fun while building life skills. Click on her offer of the mental diet to start your personal journey.

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  • Joan, your blog was a great reminder of the importance of being prepared for the unknown challenges of life. The Master Key Experience definitely offers the tools to help anyone with discovering their dreams , desires, and how to pick up the broken pieces of their life. Thanks for sharing this experience. What specifically in the Master Key Course helped you to restore the areas that had been broken in your life?

  • Joan, what a very appropriate comparison for you to make. It fits so well. The Master Key Experience empowers us to reset our foundation or create one that better serves us. Thank you.

  • Thank you for your vulnerability in this very special personal story. I know it is applicable to my life and I’m sure it can be a guiding light to others as well. You are precious.

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