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3 Critical Traits to be a Self-Directed Thinker

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“Don’t Believe Me” – Self-Directed Thinker

When I was a student, I discovered an Indian spiritual master named Jiddu Krishnamurti and I quickly became passionate about everything he wrote and taught.

At that time, I did not understand a lot of what I was reading from him, but I was hypnotized by his books, and so I kept reading them during many years, although my understanding of them did not significantly increase before I turned my attention to other topics.

Today, what I do remember specifically from all these readings is literally nothing…except one thing: his constant repetition in every chapter of every book and in each interview of the warning “don’t believe what I write” or “don’t believe what I say”…

At that time, I gave up after a while trying to understand what he meant by these statements, and why he was repeating them quasi obsessively throughout his entire teaching.

Fortunately, time has passed since that period of my life, during which I could finally grasp the message he was conveying with his enigmatic mantra: “Please, don’t believe me!”.

It’s mainly about truth, about what we believe as true or false in all areas of our life.

It’s All About Truth

Let me explain. All earnest students of the Master Key Experience (MKE) discover long before the end of the six months training, that the truth about any concern of their daily life, is entirely subject to the nature of their beliefs.

In other words, the truth about the kindness or the wickedness of their neighbor, their boss or their stepmother, or about the benefits or the danger of drinking a glass of red wine every day at lunch, or about the importance or futility of wearing a mask in the street, or about…you name it…in short, the truth about any topic human beings can think of or deal with…is RELATIVE TO THEIR CURRENT BELIEFS.

Does this mean that absolute Truth, with a capital T, a Truth that would be the same (i.e. true) for everyone, whatever their beliefs, does not exist?

Yes, absolute Truths definitely exist; however, they belong to another realm of the Human Being, namely its Spiritual or Inner World (which is by the way also the realm of the seven Laws of the Mind) and which can be approached only by raising our consciousness above a point where it becomes obvious (do you remember the famous statement from Teilhard de Chardin “we are not human beings living spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings living human experiences”?).

So, for those who are interested in further exploring their Inner World and coming closer and closer to this notion of absolute Truth, it is important to find a way to raise their level of consciousness.

Becoming a Self-Directed Thinker

And the best way to do this is…to work at becoming a Self-Directed Thinker, ie. an individual who mainly trusts and follows the guidance of his/her inner voice – intuition, heart – rather than the injunctions of his/her mind, which are only based on the perceptions of the five senses.

So, we become a self-directed thinker by learning how to perceive and listen to the messages of our inner world, and how to differentiate them from the noise produced by our five senses, our ego and our external environment.

This is hard work – sometimes referred to as ”the hard mental labor” that so few are ready to do – hence requiring a entire and persistent dedication to the task.
Here are a 3 criteria I have identified for myself on the journey towards becoming a self-directed thinker.

Note that what follows in not absolute Truth, but only my subjective truth, based on my current beliefs dictated by my habitual thinking and my current mental Blueprint… So please, don’t believe what I write! 😉

3 Distinct Traits of Self-Directed Thinkers

  • The first thing which comes to mind is that self-directed thinkers in the making are committed to a permanent and persistent learning and practice of distinguishing the thoughts coming from their inner world from those coming from the environment and their ego/mind.

For this, they are systematically questioning anything coming through their five senses and from external sources of information (parents, friends, strangers, books, medias, etc.).

To break from a mere boring enumeration of self-directed thinker traits, let me invite you for a minute or two to a little experiment about the notion of relative truth.

What do you see in the front picture of this article? Take one minute or two to imagine what these friezes could represent, and let your imagination run wild during the time you are looking at the picture…Do it now, then come back to your reading…

What does this have to do with truth? Well, if I told you that there is a circle somewhere in this picture, would you believe me? Probably not, true? Now you would come to that conclusion based on your sense of sight, yes? But didn’t we just pretend that we should systematically question what is coming from our five senses? More on this at the end of the article!

  • The second critical behavior of self-directed thinkers is to maintain an open mind every time some of their current assumptions or personal references (lying in their blueprint) are questioned, either by someone else or by themselves when they are experiencing a new situation.

This is key since “experience” is the main way by which the individual consciousness can be raised…

  • This is driving the third characteristic common to all self-directed thinkers, namely the belief that it is always possible to progress further to the “real truth” in each area of life, providing that temptations like “now that I got this, let’s do a break” are carefully avoided…You know the type, “oh yeah, gratitude is a cause, I got this a long time ago, and I’ve been doing my three gratitudes a day during weeks on that time, gimme a break now!”

That ego driven behavior would be fatal to any would-be self-directed thinker, who will then, by Law, immediately fall back into the River of Dreams and a life of quiet desperation.

Hopefully, there is a moment in the progressive elevation of the individual consciousness where we all realize that the potential for growth is infinite, and that there is no ceiling to what we can conceive, do and achieve…And this soon becomes an ineradicable motive to become a self-directed thinker!


Let us now put a (temporary) conclusion to this topic with a little self-test: are you an open minded self-directed thinker?

If yes, are you ready to consider again my statement that there is a circle in the front picture of this article? Have a new look…Did you find it?

If yes, congratulations!

If not, here is a hint: there is not only one circle in that picture but SIXTEEN of them.
Yes, this is true, if you don’t see them yet, persist until you do…As I know you ARE a self-directed thinker, I’m sure your inner voice will let you know what to believe 😊

With love,

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About the author

Luc is a trainer and mentor in individual transformation towards a harmonious and joyful lifestyle. He has experienced numerous transformations during his life; software engineer, successful corporate consultant, efficient networker, entrepreneur, Integrative Energy therapist. Luc is a happy family father, and currently a fulfilled trainer and MKE master guide. In the realm of individual transformation everything is possible, providing you believe in it. Are you ready?

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  • What a powerful and interactive read, Luc! I finally did see all the circles, and am so very grateful for the exercise and reminder to be a self-directed thinker. (And thanks for the chuckle, when like your long-distant mentor, you said not to believe you…and then put a smiley emoji.) I really enjoyed this time encountering you…

    • Thank you Shirley for your kind words and congratulations for having been persistent enough to find the circles! When I saw the picture for the first time, it took me ages before I could eventually find the circles, I nearly gave up 😅

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