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Silence is Golden – Hush of Another World

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When you were a kid, do you remember sitting in church or other public meetings and being told to “shush?”

  • What was happening that caused us to feel we had to speak or just be noisy?
  • Were we really making a lot of noise, oblivious to our surroundings, or just bored and felt to urge to talk or make noise?
  • Why do people feel like they have to drown the silence with speech?

When I was young and walked into church, a certain silence was to be revered.

Hush of Another World

A particular “hush” made you feel you were in another world, in the presence of solitude with the unknown. Now when I go to church, everyone seems to be talking until they need to participate in the singing or other activities. Even then, it seems people think they have to comment to their neighbors and fellow parishioners about something that must be so important that it must be said.

For a case in point, if you haven’t recently, I suggest going to a school graduation ceremony. People feel they have to talk over everything. They talk through the valedictorian, the president’s speech, and even the graduates’ announcement. It doesn’t matter if it is kindergarten, grade school, high school, college or even higher institutions. People cannot seem to keep from talking, texing on their phone, or even be making a phone call.

My friend is a teacher in a grade school. She told me that sometimes she uses a microphone so that she can at least talk louder than the talking buzz. Today’s kids just don’t seem involved in their education but are absorbed by talking or looking at their phones in class. High school students are worse than grade school students.

What is so important is that they have to be talking instead of listening? Silence is golden, don’t they know?

Avid Hiker – Tales from the Trail

I’m an avid hiker. I love to go into the woods, the mountains and feel the solitude of being one with nature. Alone on the trail, and what do you know, here comes a hiking party. One is carrying some sort of mechanical audio speaker, listening to their music.

Others are hiking ahead of the group and everyone is talking over each other trying to outdo their other’s experiences. They seem to go into great detail so they can control the conversation. Someone points out a particular flower, tree, or other natural species, which goes unobserved as they are more involved in the conversation than caring about nature.

No Interruptions – Silence is Golden

  • Have you ever sat for 30 minutes without interruptions?
  • What were you thinking about?
  • Did you find that you had thousands of thoughts running into each other?
  • When was the last time you entered that world of silence?

Some call it meditation but I like to call it my world of golden silence.

That is when you become aware of life. Indeed, silence is golden.

You may most often find two people having a conversation with each other.

But if you stop talking and start listening in on this conversation, you just might find yourself and your purpose in life!

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I did.

Do it now.

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About the author

Wes Bartell has enjoyed life as a Naval Aviator, a career as a Software Engineer, and retired to become an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, it soon became complicated as to what his new role in life would be. Wes enrolled in the MKE course in 2019, and learned how to redefine his life and goals. Wes resides in Coarsegold, California, and is an avid Affiliate Marketing representative who enjoys helping other people be entrepreneurs. Wes became a Certified Guide for the MKE so that he can “pay it forward,” helping others to manifest their health and wealth.

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  • Wes, your blog really resonates with me as this is one of my favorite practice that I commit to continue applying more in my life. I love how you called it “Golden Silence”. The silence is truly golden and in silence, yes, we find the golden treasure of our true self and our purpose in life!

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