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Simple Living & Single Focus

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One of the tools for simple living that I treasure most from the Master Key Experience (MKE) course is “The Sit (Silence)”. We live such a hectic busy life and miss out so many important things in our life. I recently had a chance to go away on a 4-day silent retreat. What an amazing time it was to slow down, away from my day-to-day activities and take time to reflect and appreciate little things in life. It was great to rest, take a long walk in the nature, breathe in fresh air, look up the blue sky, observe various shapes of leaves on trees and enjoy beautiful flowers in all colors.

I usually take a day or two to get away on my personal retreat to exactly do this practice, but it was so good to have an extended time of “Silence”. It is in silence I often discover the truth about myself, truth about life and truth about God.

Charles Haanel’s Master Key System lesson 21:28 later half states

Realize that the Silence offers an ever-available and almost unlimited opportunity for awakening the highest conception of Truth. Try to comprehend that Omnipotence itself is absolute silence, all else is change, activity, limitation. Silent thought concentration is therefore the true method of reaching, awakening, and then expressing the wonderful potential power of the world within.

Charles Haanel, Master Key System

It was no exception this time that I was able to concentrate and meditate on truth. It is not necessarily new truth, but it became clearer and more personal.

As I took time to enter the silence, these words kept coming up in my mind. “Simple living and single focus” I took more time to reflect and meditate on these words and I was able to personalize and appreciate what it meant for me and how to apply them in my day-to-day life.

Simple Living

“I do not own anything. Everything belongs to God. Everyone belongs to God including me.” I came into this world without anything, and I will be leaving this world without anything. Just like Job said in Job 1:20, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” It is so easy to be tied down by things that we own or things that we are proud of or accomplished. Isn’t that why we try so hard to get ahead of others or push ourselves beyond our limits many times? Some of us may even end up in a burn out state. But for what?

It gives me so much freedom and peace when I think that I don’t own anything, and everything belongs to God even people. Why? This way, I am so grateful for whatever is given to me each moment and appreciate each one that I am with. I don’t have to be greedy over anything, I don’t have to worry about anything or anyone because God has all under His control and He is the Master of All and Keeper of All. I realized that I could live a very simple life this way, being grateful and enjoying each moment and each person in my life.

simple living

Single Focus

Another truth that I came away with is that I need to only please God and this is my single focus in my life. If I live to please God then I would want to live my best life in His way, doing my best in all situations and accepting whatever happens as His will and accepting everyone as a unique being who God created and loves. When I focus on pleasing God in all what I say and do, I am in the best place and the best way of living. I don’t have to impress anyone. I don’t have to compete with anyone, and I can “be me” because God loves me for just as I am.

My Personal Prayer

As I was reflecting on this truth “Simple Living and Single Focus”, this was my prayer that I wrote down on my notebook.

“Thank you, Lord, for my life that you have blessed so much all through my childhood to my adulthood. Now at this point in my life, I am so thankful for the life fully lived. I lack nothing, I have traveled many places, I have lived in many places, I have known so many people, I have seen and experienced so many wonderful things in my life. I have worked in many different places, and I have helped many people through my work. I have seen Your work in so many people’s lives. What a privilege it has been. Now I want to give everything I can, I want to live my life to the fullest possibilities to please You, bring joy to You, bring glory to You, God, in all I do and speak. Yes, Lord, this is what I desire so please help me Lord to stay with You, stay by You, stay in You so I won’t miss anything but only what You desire for me and my life, to take them all in, not by my effort or strength but only by Your leading, Your guidance and Your will and purpose for Your kingdom sake, Lord!”

Esther Bae

I can’t wait for my next Silent retreat but for now I am very excited for the MKE 2022-2023 session where I can continue to sharpen my focus for ongoing pursuit of this “Simple Living & Single Focus” with my fellow MKE members!

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About the author

Esther is very passionate about helping people to discover their “True Self” and to live their life to the fullest potential. Her own journey with the Master Key Master Mind Experience in 2017 opened her to an exciting internal journey of unpacking her life to discover her own True self to live more meaningful and peaceful life. She is eager to meet you and guide you alongside your own journey of Self-Discovery and New Vision!

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  • Esther, your retreats sound amazing… I think I’m adding that to my list of experiences I want to have. Thank you for sharing all that you’ve learned!

    • Thank you, Ann, for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts. MKE is truly an amazing experience that we gain so much tools and skills that we can apply in our life journey! Enjoy your MKE journey, Ann!

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