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Small Acts of Kindness: Sprinkling Heaven on Earth

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In the cozy French town of Alençon, there was a girl named Therese Martin, born in 1873. She would grow up to be known as Therese of Lisieux or “The Little Flower” and teach so much about acts of kindness.

Her story is a beautiful path filled with flowers of love, faith, and extraordinary moments. Even though she started as an ordinary girl, her life story has touched the hearts of many people worldwide.

Therese was the youngest of nine kids, but sadly, only she and four of her siblings grew up. Her family was very religious, which helped plant the seeds of faith in Therese’s heart.

Getting Closer to The Dream

When she was just a little girl of four, her mom passed away, which was hard for her. But instead of making her feel lost, it made her feel even closer to God and Mary, who she thought of as her mom in heaven.

Even when she was little, Therese deeply understood faith and love. She believed doing small things with much love could help bring people closer to God. She called this her “little way”. It was like her special recipe for living a good life.

Therese had a big dream when she was 15 – she wanted to join the Carmelite convent in Lisieux to dedicate her life to God. It wasn’t easy, though. She was often told “no” but never gave up.

With her dad cheering her on, Therese did something courageous. She went to Rome and asked Pope Leo XIII if she could join the convent early.

Even though people said she shouldn’t talk to the Pope like that, she did it anyway because her heart was full of hope. Her passion surprised the Pope. He told her, “Go – go – you will enter if God wills it.”

Acts of Kindness

Even though people said she shouldn’t talk to the Pope like that, she did it anyway because her heart was full of hope. Her passion surprised the Pope. He told her, “Go – go – you will enter if God wills it.”

Just two months after her adventure in Rome, Therese received the excellent news that she could join the monastery. This news started a new chapter in her life, during which she grew spiritually.

Acts of Kindness Make a Difference

Inside the convent, Therese found joy in the simple things and taught others that it’s not the big things we do that matter but the love we put into the small stuff.

Therese shared her wisdom in her autobiography, “Story of a Soul,” which she wrote before she died from tuberculosis at just 24 years old. Her book is like a treasure chest of lessons on faith, love, and how to find happiness by helping others.

The Catholic Church recognized Therese’s extraordinary life and teachings, making her a saint in 1925 and later naming her a Doctor of the Church, which is a tremendous honor.

Therese showed the world that you don’t have to do big, flashy things to make a difference. Her “little way” teaches us that every small act of kindness can sprinkle a little bit of heaven on earth.

acts of kindness

Therese’s journey shows us that having a big dream and sticking to it, even when challenging, can lead to amazing things. She believed in her dream of joining the convent, and with her family’s support and her never-give-up attitude, she made it happen.

On her deathbed, Thérèse of Lisieux promised to send blessings from heaven like roses.

Acts of Kindness Continue

People believe that when they ask for her help and get it, Theresa sends a “shower of roses” to show that she’s listening and helping from above. Some even report that they smell the scent of roses, a sign that she is answering their prayers.

Her story reminds us gently that kindness and love influence our everyday actions. Saint Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, proves that love is the biggest miracle of all, and by spreading it around, we make the world a better place, one small act at a time.

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  • Carolyn, I loved reading your blog about Therese of Lisieux “Little Flower”. I have learned so much from such as sweet soul to be humble and live a life of child-like faith. It is so true that we can bring so much joy and blessings from every day little things if we focus on what’s important rather than living a life of hurry and miss out on so much.

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