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Spiritual Growth and Our Consciousness

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I’d like to share a personal story of how a cat helped me see how spiritual growth is naturally linked to our consciousness.

Since two or three years we are visited by a little tiny cat with a flamboyant coat gently walking around the house, crossing our terrace then going down the quiet street which passes the house.

One day, as I was doing my regular jogging workout session in the neighborhood, I saw her walking on the street in her typical proud and relaxed look nearly two miles away from my home.

I remember my astonishment and my thought of the moment: “Wow, that cat is a real adventurer and a freedom lover!”

Then, during last winter, she stopped visiting us for several weeks…until one early morning…I was just getting out of bed when I heard several consecutive meows that gave me instant cold feet.

I knew nothing about cats at that time, but I assure you that I knew instantly that that cat was hungry and was asking for food!

Going to the terrace I recognized my freedom lover adventurer, but this time she had lost her flamboyance and some weight too.

You know the rest of that happy ending story: that day I fed the cat with whatever I found eatable for her in the fridge, and since then my wife and I became her daily appointed principal food providers…

A very common little story, after all…or maybe not?!

An Interesting Lesson for Spiritual Growth

If we look at it for one minute from the viewpoint of the cat, we discover a valuable spiritual lesson (at least for me).

The cat knew by instinct the natural law “Ask and you shall receive!”

Since the moment we started feeding her, it seemed completely natural for her that she just had to lay down on our terrace when she was hungry, and patiently wait for us to bring her a meal.

And it works! Do you think we would NOT give her food when she asks for it? That would just be inconceivable!

The Universe is entirely benevolent for all creatures, no exception, nourishing, caring, and protecting…providing the need is expressed!

In this story, I am purely acting on behalf of the Universe which naturally endorses the protection of the cat.

A proof? When I heard her meow of distress, all my actions came automatically from the heart…I was left NO choice but to feed her, and it is still the same today: I will feed her until the day she’ll decide to explore another source of food.

Could our human life be so simple too?
It’s up to us to decide…After all, we all have the freedom and ability to become at least as wise as a cat, don’t we?

Spiritual Growth is Natural

Wisdom grows naturally with consciousness…So what do we need to do to grow spiritually, in which kind of environment should we live for this to happen gently?

The answer is simple and easily illustrated through a little metaphor.
Imagine for a moment you go back to the time you were a newborn baby…
Of course, you won’t remember your thoughts nor your feelings of that period of your life, but would it be reasonable to assume that you did NOT ask yourself at that time “what do I need to do to grow my body?!”

It’s because the Universe, represented by your parents or maybe some other dedicated caregivers, were there to take care of this question entirely for you, correct?

Well, it’s exactly the same for our spiritual growth: to the question “What should we do to grow our consciousness?” the answer is “Nothing in particular, the Universe is guiding us every step of the way since our birth, and will continue to do so indefinitely.”

In other words, there is nothing specific to do to create spiritual growth (ie. “to elevate our consciousness”).

“Spiritual Growth” is not a physical, nor emotional, nor intellectual process.
It is a natural process coming directly from the essence of our being, our spirit.

Keeping a Healthy Environment for Spiritual Growth

That’s why I said that we have nothing specific to do for growing our consciousness, except to keep our environment healthy…exactly as the parents who need to maintain a healthy environment for their baby to make sure he/she will grow harmoniously according to the Laws of Nature.

This leave us with only one critical two part question whose answers are different and highly personal for each individual: what is a healthy environment regarding our spiritual growth and how to maintain it?

If you still have to answer that question for yourself, I strongly suggest that you take some time to do it sooner rather than later.

As an example or to give you some inspiration, here are some elements of my personal answers.

The vision of a healthy and harmonious spiritual environment I entertain for myself is one of permanent inner joy, kindness, gratitude, beauty, acceptance and self-confidence.

To bring me closer to that ideal state of mind, I keep myself away from all known sources of discordant feelings (for example the mainstream media) and most importantly, I look for recurrent occasions to create silence during my days.

I also have a series of common and regular practices which help me maintain harmonious feelings and thoughts, many of them by the way I learned through the Master Key Experience: the Mental Diet, the Mental Blueprint Builder, the Service Card, finding and sharing my talents with others, doing what I love, being in contact with Nature, interacting with other like minded individuals…You get the idea.

Would all these practices help me become wiser than a cat? I’m not sure, but I do my best!

Be wise like a cat, my friend!

If this blog sparked your interest about having a harmonious mental environment for yourself, click here to join the early notification list for the next session of the Master Key Experience which starts in late September.

In return, you will receive a FREE tool called the 7-Day Mental Diet that you can use right away to become aware of the health of your current mental environment.

Give yourself this gift, be wise like a cat!

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About the author

Luc is a trainer and mentor in individual transformation towards a harmonious and joyful lifestyle. He has experienced numerous transformations during his life; software engineer, successful corporate consultant, efficient networker, entrepreneur, Integrative Energy therapist. Luc is a happy family father, and currently a fulfilled trainer and MKE master guide. In the realm of individual transformation everything is possible, providing you believe in it. Are you ready?

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  • Your writing is totally charming, Luc, and it has been so useful to me to read your reflections on the cat’s behavior of asking as something we creatures can do easily and naturally in the right environment. I know so many wonder what to do and work so hard at the wrong things! So I’m grateful you described some of YOUR environment that has been so supportive in this cat-egory! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words Shirley! It’s true that the challenge of “asking” is definitely something that we, Blues, have all in common, hence a great reason to be grateful when a source of inspiration comes our way…even when it takes the form of a little cat!😉

  • Luc – I so appreciate your story-telling talent. The cat story is a great example for all of us to remember to “ask and we shall receive”.

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