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Your Dream Life is Waiting — Make Struggles Work in Your Favor

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Your Dream Life

Have you ever had that feeling that you knew what you had to do, but for every reason in the world and your life, you just couldn’t do that thing or things you needed to create your dream live? The struggle is real!

Take tonight for example…I had made it clear to everyone that I was working on my work this evening and starting to get things caught up. Well we took a walk with the kids and our two month old puppies…obviously almost doubled our walk time, then slow cook dinner. Then I messaged my sister in law to see if I could drop in to drop of zucchini or if 830 was to late for tonight? Of course I hear back from her at 945, ‘Oh sure! Kids won’t go to bed, come on over’.

Well at that point I was sitting in front of my computer with a title and staring at the screen. Hmmm, if I’m not really doing anything productive, I might as well go over… A week straight I have been trying to peg down time to organize my missing tasks and here we are still no closer than last Sunday.

Time is Marching Along

I feel like this summer has just blinked by, and that we had been so busy, and yet nothing huge is getting done. Last year I spent almost every single weekend of the summer at my parents house helping with the garden and canning. This year I have been home three weeks from the May long weekend to the end of August. What happened? The kids go back to school in two weeks…and where did summer go? I feel like every time I get a plan or an idea of something to work on it is two weeks later, the house is upside down and my list has tripled with nothing cleared off.

What is going on? This can’t really just be the change between ‘doing nothing’ during COVID and being back to ‘normal’ can it? No, I don’t believe that, but then what is going on? Why is everything such a struggle? Nothing should be this much of a struggle, I really should be struggling to struggle…

Be the Observer

Let’s take a step back to knowing the answers, but not really following through on what you need to do.

The power of the mind and our words.

How many times have you told a child, you aren’t dumb, you made a silly mistake. Or don’t say that about your self, that isn’t positive. We won’t let out kids pollute their minds with garbage that would poison their future, drive and belief in themselves, but we seem to forget about taking care of the most important influence of all in their eyes. We always tell them to do as we say, but then in the same breath always say that actions speak louder than words. Yes, yes they really do, except that it is YOUR actions that are really out showing your words.

My girlfriend told me one day, that she ALWAYS gets a parking spot right near the front of Costco. I thought she had quite the luck!! I mean could you even imagine? I started saying the same thing, but I felt like I really did have the rabbits foot on my side and that I really did actually just seem to luck out, and always get a spot at the front.

Then one day it dawned on me. I was pulling into the parking lot on an exceptionally busy day (the Costco I shop at is the busiest in all of Canada) and I heard my daughter say…’WOW!!! It’s so busy! We’ll never get a spot!’ I laughed, and said, ‘What?? Of course we will, mom always get a spot up front.’

And to almost make a point of it, I got a spot three stalls from the door. But I got to thinking…when was the last time I parked more than a row or two from the front door? I really couldn’t recall any time recent and it got me to thinking a bit.

Changing Habits

I have worked at the same place for ten years, and over the years have found multiple ways to get to work depending on traffic or my mood. There was this one road I refused to take, as I ALWAYS hit the light in an unfavorable color. I had one of those particularly frustrating and thought provoking weeks in class that Sunday, and I was really milling over some of the things Mark Z. from the Master Key Experience (MKE) had been talking about.

Mark had noted how we are the owner of our words, and they really do create the fabric of our future reality.

Now for me to avoid this road, I would take my car across two different train tracks and a horribly rough road….but that red light…Couldn’t do it. So I was sitting contemplating the power of our words and really what we are projecting into our life, and as I was driving to work, I wasn’t able to get over to take the side street, and before I even turned onto the road….I was cursing because I would hit a red light…guess what????

Hey, How did you know??? Of course I hit a red light and it was like Mark was sitting beside me looking at me and asking, ‘Well what did you expect to happen? You literally asked for it?’ As I stared at the light and sat there waiting impatiently, I said out loud, kind of to Ghost Mark in my head, ‘FINE! I ALLWWAAYYYSSS hit a green!’ (kind of in an annoyed mocking sort way). But, can I really change my future? Can I really change my ‘luck’, just by changing my words?

On the Road

Every time I drove that way to work, I would repeat on the way down the main road, ‘I always hit a green, I always hit a green, I always hit a green.’ Wouldn’t you know…9 times out of 10 now, I hit a green light? Mornings aren’t my greatest part of the day, and this one little part of my drive would frustrate and push me more towards the cranky moods. I not only changed the cause of my frustration, but I also changed the course of my route to work, and my ease of taking it.

So I have no problem believing that I can get a close parking spot, or that I always hit a green light, but then what is so hard about believing that I can have my hopes and dreams?

  • What is it about the big meaningful things that is so hard to dive straight in?
  • Who cares if I hit a green and get to work a minute or two earlier?
  • Who cares if I have to walk across a parking lot or just out the door to my car?
  • Am I living my dream?
  • Am I creating the environment I want to live in?
  • Am I being kind, before I open my mouth to opinion?

Create Your Dream Life

dream life

You can create anything you want from your life. Most importantly, you words are powerful seeds, and your subconscious mind is an open fertile soil waiting to return bountiful harvest of what you planted.

There are a million and one things I could be doing with the power of my words and thought and yet I am using untold power on a parking stall, and not to show my kids that you can follow your dreams.

I’m not struggling to find my way, or my head above the water…I’m struggling to struggle, because I’m taking back my power, and continuing to grow and move forward.

Making positive choices with less opinion and more thought invoking.

Remember that you have all the power, and what we choose to do with that untold power….is up to us. Climb new mountains and raise new heights.

Make today a great day!

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About the author

Candy guides you to determining the balance between family, dreams, work and fun with the Master Key Experience. Finding the oxygen for your soul, mapping your goals, and living your ideal life.

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  • Thank you Candy for honestly sharing your experiences and discoveries! I’m sure many can recognise themselves with this. I could. I’ve also this “thing” with procrastination, at least I had it until I participated in the MKE course. No more procrastination now (LOL)

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