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Take a Leap of Faith for a Good Future

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What are you being called to do or face which requires courage?

Through my Master Key Experience (MKE), I have found myself asking: if you weren’t afraid, what would you do?

Living a heart and soul led life is what I have learned and guide others to do to live and create their own best life!

Living a heart and soul led life requires courage to triumph over fear.

Take a Leap of Faith

Often, our fears are the gatekeepers to our greatest gifts; the more resistance we have towards answering the call, the more important it is to our soul’s growth. Sometimes fear is an indication that we are facing the right way. Therefore, facing your fears head on is the best way to find our greatest gifts. If you happen to feel afraid, what is needed is courage; courage comes from living from the heart.

Think of your fears as opportunities to expand, rather than things that are holding you hostage. I you look at your fears in this light then, as uncomfortable as it might feel, it’s actually a sign that you are on the right track.

Take a leap of faith and the universe shall catch up to you! I am courageous and immerse myself in good causes always.

Some know what they are being called to do yet are scared to take a leap of faith toward or away from something. Perhaps, others are waiting for a sign, instruction manual or permission of some sort. If this is you, take this blog as your sign and permission to take a deep breath and leap into your future self.

It may be scary to let go of all that is familiar in hopes for something new and improved. It’s normal to feel apprehensive and anxious at the thought of letting go of what we know for sure.

Lessons of Mother Nature

However, this is the process of rising above to “DO IT NOW” is how you are being called to live. Mother nature is constantly demonstrating how to live with courage.

Fall comes every year and encourages the trees to loosen their grip.

Allowing what once was so full of life, to fall away, leaf by leaf. For a moment everything is still, like nothing will grow again. The branches are left bare without the comfort of what once was full of vigor. Then Spring comes, with shoots of blooms; something new is born that is even more glorious than before.

Or is it that we see it from a different perspective as we change through the seasons too?

Work on your action of taking a good run-up to take a leap of faith!

Leap first, the universe shall catch up! It always does just have faith and go on and leap into your good future with MKE!

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About the author

As a financial, health and wellness mentor Cindy is passionate in serving one person at a time through the master key experience to create their life by design.

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  • Thank you lifting up so wisely about fear. I liked most that fear can be used as an indication for knowing when you are on the right way to find your greatest gifts. We need to get to the area of the unknown to find what are beneath our known beliefs and what we consider as our truths and that can be a little scary.

  • Our greatest achievements most often hide behind our biggest fears, which then become clear indicators of the direction we should go, I’m completely with you on this! I love your reminder on the lessons of Mother Nature, thanks for these great insights!

  • Thanks, Cindy, for this uplifting and encouraging blog. Most everyone finds some apprehension in trying something new. It’s good to know that the MKE helps overcome those apprehensions.

    • Thank you, Ms. Arlene for agreeing. Means so much when something in real time happens to you and just want to share with all. Like you I too love having an open heart and open mind.

  • This is such great encouragement, Cindy! Bravo! I love your giving us permission TO LEAP‼️ And this important insight is so helpful, too: “fears are the gatekeepers to our greatest gifts” pointing them out to us. So helpful.

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