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The Great Reset

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The Great Reset sounds great, doesn’t it??? Everyone kinda needs a reset every once in a while, and so, why don’t we all just embrace a GREAT one?!

Well, let me begin by telling You a story…

Many years ago when I was a teenager in Berlin, Germany, I wasn’t the most popular guy in class. To be candid with You, I wasn’t even close, and being one of the bullie’s favorite target, I took my refuge to reading at home instead of hanging out with class mates. The upside was that I read a lot of books most teens probably never lay their hands on. Besides the entire Shakespeare collection in original English, at one point I had two diametrically opposed volumes on my nightstand at the same time, reading them parallely – the two being ‘Mein Kampf’ by Adolf Hitler, and ‘Das Kommunistische Manifest’ by Karl Marx.

What really made these books stand out, was not just the differences in philosophy and politic standpoint, yet in what similar and detailed way they described an intended line of action, without actually been taken very seriously by the readers at the time. Both books describe vividly, and in no uncertain terms, what the author determined being the necessary line of action, and history tells how the appointed actions then followed accordingly. Both describe their own version of the great reset.

I’m sure there are more than a few other examples throughout history how inexplicably horrible plans of action are shared to the public prior to being executed, without anyone really taking the information serious. And right now we’re at a point in history when this pattern repeats itself…

Should You have read the publication ‘Covid 19 – The Great Reset’ by Klaus Swaab, I urge You to take the book seriously, and, if You have not, then please do!!!

One of its main points is that in 2030 the individual shall own nothing and be happy, which might sound pretty benign, yet is a major threat to our native human rights… another version of the great reset.

‘Own nothing’ means violating the right to property, and with that the right to the results of Your labor. It means having to rent whatever You need at every given moment which automatically puts You in an inferior position to the owner. Not being able or allowed to own property individually, defines Your status somewhere between servitude and slavery.

BTW, multinational conglomerates lika Vanguard and Blackstone have already started buying individual homes at 25-30% above market price, just to make sure they get ahead of the game, their version of the great reset. Do You want to own Your home, or be dependent on renting!

Now, if that doesn’t feel like a position You’d like to find Yourself in, You’d might want to think about what You’d like instead, and what You can do to make it happen!

Many years ago Napoleon Hill and W Clement Stone defined what we call ‘The Success Formula that never fails’ and it works every time!

DMP + PMA + WPOA + MMA = Success

Stay tuned for the next post where we get inte the nitty, gritty details of that formula!


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About the author

In addition to being a certified guide with the MKE since 2015, Claes uses his experience from his manual medicine practice in combination with extensive coaching and mentoring experience and being certified as a Color Code personal skills trainer and Colors for Leadership trainer, to inspire and facilitate people to become independent and discriminate thinkers working towards their dreams for the benefit of all.

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