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Hill of Acceptance: My Journey as a 10 Year Old Teaches Me Today

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This is the story of my “hill of acceptance”. When I was 10 years old, I once did a long walk in the mountains with my parents and my young brother towards a beautiful lake in which my father had planned to fish for trout.

The path was very peculiar, as it was very steep with a succession of higher and higher hills, and because of the steepness, we could only see the top of one hill at a time, the one we were climbing. We literally had to reach the top of that hill before we could see only the hill which came next!

Of course, quite naturally as kids, after the third or fourth hill, my brother and I started harassing our parents: “When will we see the lake, is it behind that hill over there?”.

My parents’ answer was invariably the same “Maybe, maybe not, we don’t know!” 

My Hill of Acceptance

It took us quite a few more hills and several hours of effort before we finally reached the lake and enjoyed its beautiful view.

hill of acceptance

That little episode of my childhood surfaced in my mind the other day, as I was witnessing an unexpected argument between two good friends of mine, both honorable and usually peaceful men.

The subject of their argument itself was common, but the interesting part was in the different beliefs each of my friends obviously maintained about the subject.

Their respective beliefs were completely irreconcilable, and they hopefully realized it after a few minutes of harsh exchange, so they brought their dispute to a peaceful end.

I instantly felt relieved and I asked myself what could have happened that made them become reasonable in the middle of their dispute.

Levels of Consciousness

Then came in my mind a metaphor with the hills of my childhood representing different levels of consciousness. Each time we reach the top of new hill, sometimes after a lot of efforts, our vision expands to a new horizon.

Exactly as with consciousness: when we raise it to a higher level, new opportunities appear and become available to us, and we can realize them without effort.

In that view, my friends had both reached the hill of acceptance from where they could SEE the differences between their respective beliefs, and ACCEPT that these differences were fine, AND that they could live in peace with them and with each other.

If there were both on a lower hill (a lower level of consciousness), they would not have been able to SEE that crucial notion of acceptance, and they would probably have pushed their argument to a point of no return for both of them.

Is someone who has reached a higher hill a better human being than someone still in the valley?

Of course not, it’s just that the person on the top has started her walk earlier or walked faster than others.

On the other hand, the person on top has for sure more responsibilities to those in the lower hills. My hill of acceptance.

The Hill We Climb

Not that she should climb the hills with them on her back, or persuade them to do the effort at any price. Everybody knows that this would be useless.

After all, why somebody who has never seen a beautiful mountain lake in his life, nor has even any notion of it, would have the desire to make a ton of effort to see one?

No chance, except maybe one, and only one: someone comes down from the higher hills and inspires that person so well that an inner desire to discover what a lake is or what it looks like, starts burning into her!

When we come down from the upper hills and we meet some of our human brothers and sisters, we inspire them by being in great shape, with joy in our heart and by telling them great stories about what is happening up there. My hill of acceptance.

Then, when someone is inspired and says “please, show me the way, I’m ready to do the effort!”, we should be able to help that courageous human being…But how?!

Master Key Experience

Well, the easiest and surest way I know for myself is to point them to the Master Key Experience (MKE).

Because every single person who has walked the MKE path knows it: yes, it takes an important and constant effort as the slope is sometimes steep, but each time a new hill is conquered, dramatic improvement in the daily life takes place…without effort!

It really looks like magic, and it is: Do you know why?

Because each of us is a true magician, and each time we successfully achieve a new cleverly designed progression of the MKE, just like we have climbed another hill, our own magic starts to operate in our life without effort.

And one day not so far away, all human beings will be contemplating together hand in hand the beautiful mountain lake that shines way above the hill of acceptance.

Be an example, my friend 😉

With love,


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About the author

Luc is a trainer and mentor in individual transformation towards a harmonious and joyful lifestyle. He has experienced numerous transformations during his life; software engineer, successful corporate consultant, efficient networker, entrepreneur, Integrative Energy therapist. Luc is a happy family father, and currently a fulfilled trainer and MKE master guide. In the realm of individual transformation everything is possible, providing you believe in it. Are you ready?

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  • The depth of this article seems to me that each time a read this I find something else in this magical story! Mahalo for such a timely and elegant read!

  • gosh there’s a lot in this ! – so many layers – thank you Luc. You are a brilliant shining magician 🙂

  • Beautiful story and how it marries with the personal growth one can receive in the Master Key Experience.
    I enjoyed the part when your parents wouldn’t give you the answer to “When will we see the lake, is it behind that hill over there?” Instead they let you seek the answer to that and experience for yourselves which is a guiding principle of the Master Key Experience.

  • Luc, your blog also was a good reminder of the importance of perseverance. I also liked that little episode from your childhood. Your mom & dad gave you some valuable tools to put in your tool box of life. I was just curious did you catch some fish after you finally got to the lake? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I always enjoy your blogs because they really stimulate my thinking.

  • What a powerful way of incorporating your childhood experience into this powerful truth applying into our journey, Luc! I love this concept of “My Hill of Acceptance” that we are all climbing everyday higher and higher and helping others along the way!

  • Reminds me of the time when travelling to see the grand canyon, couple of the men in the group kept making fun that they were driving for such a long time to go see a hole in the ground…..

    The expression on their faces was priceless, the view indescribable, the aww speechless, something one cannot explain unless you have experience one of the great wonders of the world in person.

    I love the photograph of the calm waters.

  • Luc, your wisdom runs so deep. I love how you share with others successful ways to observe and live a better life, no matter what the circumstance!

  • I accept your challenge, Luc, to be an example! I scramble to find words, paint virtual pix, give encouragement, cajole with a challenge, etc., to share the magic that is happening in my life‼️ Life is too short otherwise and there really is lots of room at the top‼️

  • I am overwhelmed with awe at your concept of the Hill of Acceptance. It is so true that we must be good examples on our path and allowing others to find their own way to the top of their hill. As a Guide in the MKE, you are a beacon of hope shining brightly on your hill.

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