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The Critical Key for Me and You? Patience!

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In the first week of the Master Key Experience (MKE) 2021-2022, and I’m super excited to have made contact with my Guide. Her words are reassuring, and it is exciting to go through this adventure once again, with patience.

I am a different person showing up for the MKE in 2021 than I was in 2017.

What we are ‘being’ is far from what we truly are within! Having patience, kittens will see the lions that we truly are.

Here’s my FIRST blog 4 years ago, this same week.

Have a Little Patience – My First Blog

Even though I was in Spain training in a intensive program, I was keen to make sure I was part of the enrollment of MKE. I couldn’t believe there was a course designed around the book by Charles Haanel. More exciting was the course landed in my lap just a day before I was leaving and it was due to start in the first week I was in Spain.

I knew I had to start it and show the Universe that I was committed to my goal to gain complete clarity before the 19th of November. Why 19th of November you might be asking? I had my astral reading done a few months ago and I was advised to source clarity because the energy of the planet will take me towards that what I desire. So It was imperative that I gain that clarity.

I only arrived back from Spain yesterday and working quickly to get to grips with the system because I could not access all the features via my phone while I was abroad.

I have loved scroll 1 of ‘The Greatest Salesman’ every day and going back to part 1 of the Master Key System.

The Master Key Experience, even have their app, it has kept my mind organized, and I stay with the activities for each day. Its like a life line.


It’s Like a Life Line – 4 Years Later

From this vantage point 4 years later, I aim to look at myself with fresh eyes: become the observer of myself and discover more and more and more of my truest potential.

When I wrote my first DMP, I wrote it from the place of being in my future, and it felt exciting. It’s my first draft, and I look forward to the guidance of gaining more and more clarity so that my Subby can get to work.

I know the magic of gaining clarity as recently I brought to life some of my vision board from five years ago. This time I am looking forward to creating a whole new vision for the years to come.

How much of your time do you invest in clarifying your vision?

Blog #2 – Game On

My second blog is a clue to the level of work required with MKE:

The knowledge delivered with such gusto and enthusiasm that I feel I cannot breathe…

Every minute since my return is being used up to catch-up with the Master Key Experience.

I do have the light from my Guide. Having her there gives me hope. Her words are encouraging and full of praise. It’s funny how even when you’re older, you need that arm around your shoulder telling you its all going to be ok…

Looking back now 4 years later, I am becoming the lion that I knew I have always been. The MKE support is unparalleled and I hope you are feeling the MKE support network too!

I now know that I am starting to see my life has meaning and that I am here to share my experience through creative expression of what LIBERTY from my emotional chains, looked like for me as was creating a LEGACY.

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About the author

Naila is a successful property investor and developer based in the UK. She is a qualified guide with MKE and supports the mission by continuing her commitment as a Blog Rover. Her mission is to live an inspired life that awakens others to live their best selves. Her passion is to inspire young minds and often works with high school students.

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  • Thanks Naila for this great idea to come back to your initial blog post to see the progress…We are hardly aware of all the changes which continuously take place in our life since we started the exploration of the MKE, unless we take the time to pause for a while and look at how we were before…And this is a great way!

    • Thank you Luc. Your comment reminded me of a time when I was hiking with some friends. I had become so tired looking at how much more I had to hike until my friend asked me to turn round and look how far I had come.

      Sometimes we do need to look behind and see how much we have grown and this is certainly something I wish to embrace while taking the Masterkeys again four years later

  • Naila, I am so proud of you that you decided to retake the course again. I know you are going to see the material in a different light than you did back in 2017. Your blog is a great comparison of who you were 4 years ago and the person you are today. I am glad you are the lion and not the kitty you once were. I’m glad you are attracted to the magic gained by being involved in your own clarity and finding your true meaning to life. Thanks for being open to share your feelings & your journeys. What specifically are you doing to become the lion you knew you always desired to be?

    • Thank you for your comment Eulaine. Certainly, since taking the Masterkeys four years ago, I am very different today. I am very grateful that I completed the full course in 2017.

      I find that the growth after completing the Masterkeys continues to affect us and some things change about ourselves and remain changed.

      the masterkeys is like parenting ourselves to become the best versions of who we desire to be.

  • It’s always great to revisit the beginning, to remember how it felt as a novice, and then track progress through the years. It is a humbling experience that creates more gratitude for the journey, and for those who come alongside.

  • What a wonderful blog Nailia I especially identify with your statement about being older and still needing that shoulder – As I age it feels even more important to have shoulders to count on. People like you! ❤️

    • Thank you, Davene. There is something magical about growing wiser. I find that I have opened my life to more people who enjoy helping me and my love for them and for myself also grows. You are absolutely right about having shoulders to count on. It is when we are surrounded by such shoulders that I know I feel calmer and in harmony with my life. Things are easier to cope with.

  • Naila, thank you for your blog. You painted such a nice picture of embracing the power inside you. My friends, we all have our power inside us, waiting for us to embrace it. The Master Key Experience can empower you to make that decision to do so. It is going to be my treat to see you further blossom. Blog rover friend John.

    • Thank you, John. Having people around us who lift us up help us to see our truth and when we see our truth and taste it, I really feel we start becoming more of who we are within.

      I am grateful to call you one of those people in my life who help me to see more of my potential. I hope I can be the same for you.

    • Thank you, Laura. I have found the person I was back in 2017 has evolved and I am now in my cacoon once again creating that clarity to get even closer to my true purpose for life.

  • Naila, what a beautiful post on patience and the gifts the Master Key Experience offers. So grateful to be part of your community and to have been granted the gift of your own experience, or at least a snippet of it. Enjoy your journey!

    • Thank you, Day. Life has become an enjoyable journey. The challenges come so that I can become more and though they might make me feel discomfort. I know after each challenge, the reward is magnificently delicious in so many ways.

  • Thank you, Naila, for sharing your MKE journey. Once begun, the journey is ongoing and becomes more and more exciting as the fears fall away along with the old cement and the bright light that is our true nature is revealed.

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