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The Magical Power of Compliments

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Compliments have an almost magical power to lift people and make them feel special. Seriously, try giving someone a sincere compliment and watch their face light up joyfully! It feels incredible to be appreciated.

But in today’s world, genuine compliments seem to be as rare as unicorns. Many folks rarely get complimented. Can you imagine how lonely and sad that must feel? Everyone deserves to be seen and appreciated for their unique gifts.

It’s time to sprinkle the fairy dust of compliments over the people in your life! You’ll fill their hearts with wonder and delight. There’s an art to giving memorable compliments that genuinely touch someone’s soul. Compliments exist, from simple off-the-cuff remarks to intensely personal observations. Master them all!

Let’s Level Up Your Compliment Game:

First, you’ve got your little strokes “Atta boy!” or “Way to go!” style compliments. These are quick, feel-good booster phrases you toss out frequently to acknowledge what people do. “Great job cleaning up!” or “Love your new haircut!” Little strokes of appreciation are terrific for motivating kids, coworkers, friends, and loved ones. Show you notice them!

Up next is the “grapevine” compliment – so sweet and refreshing! The grapevine is when you compliment someone through a mutual friend. Let’s say you think Emily has a brilliant sense of humor. Tell her friend Jen how hilarious Emily is! Jen will be excited to pass along the fantastic news to Emily. Now Emily feels terrific, and Jen feels happy, too. Everybody wins!

The key to memorable compliments is observing what makes the other person unique. Gaze into their soul. They might light up when talking about music or have a unique way with animals. Find that magic – their one-of-a-kind greatness – and turn it into a “killer” compliment. This kind of compliment goes straight to their heart.

Not gee, I like your tie. It is much more potent than that.

Think hard about what you like about the person. Something very private that you would be embarrassed to say around many people. The killer compliment is a significantly weighty type of compliment. What deep, penetrating brown eyes you have. You move so gracefully, like a ballerina.

This complement is so powerful it comes with a user manual.

  • 1) Give the “killer compliment” privately to the recipient. Give this significant piece of praise when you are one-on-one with the recipient.
  • 2) Give the “killer compliment” on parting. You will probably make the recipient speechless, and it is best at that time to leave.
  • 3) Don’t give but one killer compliment every six months. Otherwise, you will be considered pandering.
  • 4) Make sure it is credible. Most people have an accurate sense of their attributes.
  • 5) Delivery is essential. Be brief, blunt, non-self-conscious, and look the recipient in the eyes. One straight sentence.
  • 6) Make sure the killer compliment is something that the recipient is proud of.

Watch Out for the Oof Compliments!

Watch out for accidentally giving “rotten tomato” compliments! These are shallow, fake-sounding flattery that don’t resonate. Make sure your compliments come from a sincere place of caring.

Receiving is as Important as Giving

Finally, receiving compliments is an art, too. Don’t deflect or deny praise! Soak it up and return the good vibes. “Thank you, that means a lot to me,” shows you accept their compliment graciously.

Your Mission: Bring more magic and light into the world through heartfelt compliments. You have the power to make someone’s entire day! Simple “little strokes” compliments work wonders, while “killer” compliments recognizing someone’s unique gifts can change their life. Try it! Spread the fairy dust.

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