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The Secret Power of Hope

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Do you believe in the secret power of hope?

I’ve been thinking about the concept of “hope” lately. I have many challenges presently both in my personal life and in my business.

What is getting me through?

This little notion called hope.

Wishful Thinking – The Secret Power of Hope

Many people may view hope as wishful thinking. But it’s not a passive exercise in wishing, rather an active approach to life.

Hope doesn’t ignore the issue at hand, nor does it make excuses or deny the danger.

Hope is not pretending. It is acknowledging the variety of a situation and finding the best way to cope with it. It’s showing up and working through the hard stuff, believing that something better is possible.

Navigating with Hope

Hope drives me. It helps me navigate through the tough times and focuses me in the direction I need to go. It keeps me moving.

Hope is not just a desire or an expectation for something to happen. It is something we have all experienced. 

Hope is the belief that we can make things happen, and the motivation to reach the desired outcome. You could say it’s directly related to optimism.

While optimism is a general feeling that good things will happen, hope tends to be focused on specific goals. 

Motivation to Keep Going

Hopefulness is also distinct from wishing. You can see wishing as kind of an escape from reality, but hope is different because it has to do with facing reality – it’s motivation to keep on going. 

As with any human trait, some people tend to be more hopeful than others. Even pessimists can have hope. In your darkest hour, you have hope. When things are looking up and going great, you still have hope that they will continue. This is the secret power of hope.

Hope is Ubiquitous

According to Psychology Today, envisioning something hopeful gives a person a moment of happiness. It can make present difficulties much easier to bear. 

By having something to look forward to, we have hope. This is why goal setting is so important. We specify something we want to achieve, plan out the steps to get it, follow the steps, and accomplish the task. All the while, we have hope that we will find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Inspiring Hope

Let’s face it, sometimes we have more hope at times than others. Sometimes we lose hope. But that just forces us to realize the situation and find another way. We renew our hope. Hope keeps us moving instead of staying stuck in despair. 

secret power of hope

Think of Newton’s Cradle, which is a device that demonstrates the conservation of momentum and the conservation of energy with swinging spheres. When one sphere at the end is lifted and released, it strikes the stationary spheres, transmitting a force through the stationary spheres that push the last sphere upward. The last sphere swings back and strikes the nearly stationary spheres, repeating the effect in the opposite direction. 

While this device was initially created to demonstrate Newton’s first law (the collision of suspended bodies including two bodies of equal mass with the motion of the moving body being transferred to the one at rest), we can apply it to having hope.

Once you see the potential that being hopeful has, it continues to be a force in your life. Hope ignites not only motivation but inspiration.

Hoping for the Best — the Secret Power of Hope

The next time you are in a situation, find that one little thing that you can hold on to. That sliver of hope will help you plow forward.

I hope that you find the inspiration to keep moving onward. That it will motivate you to see that you can accomplish anything in your life. Join the Master Key Experience to move your dreams forward.

See the good. Be good.

Because hope is seeing our future as good. This is the secret power of hope.

And that changes everything.

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About the author

After traveling the world with a major airline, Joan, as a trainer coach of the Master Key Experience, helps YOU be the Captain of YOUR life, having fun while building life skills. Click on her offer of the mental diet to start your personal journey.

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  • In the 90s I shared hope and used it as Helping Other People Excel. As we use and share the masterkey experience we truly give HOPE. Enjoyed your blog and warmed my existence for sharing hope to many.

    Let’s keep up our greatness in continue in doing what we are meant to be through the best life coaches and masterkey experience.

  • Joan, your blog on hope was encouraging and gave different illustrations on what it actually is. For example, Hope is the belief that we can make things happen, and the motivation to reach the desired outcome. Hope is a driving force that navigates us through tough times and focuses us in the direction we need to go. It keeps us moving and not on the sidelines. Hope sees our future as good. Thanks for clarifying what hope is and how it is beneficial to our life.

  • Hope is indeed a critical ingredient to our progress as individuals…and also as a community, since Hope is also “Helping Other People Evolve” as we learned in the MKE. Thank you Joan for this great post.

  • Thanks for this inspirational blog! We all need a way to find hope in times of difficulty. The MKE certainly has helped me do that.

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