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The World Within: YOU have the Power

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“Ever notice in the long run, those who don’t eventually go “within” often go “without?”


Did you know that we have a world within? You have the power! This is a foundational concept of the Master Key Experience (MKE).

The world within is a world of power, beauty, feelings and life! We all have one! A place no one take from us. We are born with it but rarely are we ever shown how to use it.

The World Within

What exactly is the world within?

It is a place guided by our mind. It is subject to our control, our power and only we possess OUR world within. YOU have possession of YOUR world within, your thoughts and your powers, which may, and probably are, very different from my thoughts and powers. That is what makes us ALL different and unique.

How do we access this amazing world within and gain the power to use it to create the life of our dreams? The life that WE want? The very first step is we THINK! Could it really be that easy?

The outside world (or the world without) is simply a reflection of the world within. In other words, what shows up for us in the outside world is what we have been thinking in the world within. What shows up for us in the outside world is what we have been thinking in the world within.

The world within is very powerful. It has infinite wisdom and an infinite supply of ALL that is necessary.

Does this mean that all you have to do is think that you will become wealthy and you will?


Level the Playing Field

What this does mean is that we are all on a level playing field and the world within is just waiting for you to learn how to develop it and express it. Once you learn how to do this and learn the potential that is available to you, your thoughts will take form in the world without and manifestation is possible.

The world within is dependent on harmony, there can be no confusion. Once you are in harmony within, the world without becomes more pleasant and agreeable. It is the foundation to ALL success.

Harmony in the world within means that we have the ability to control our thoughts and helps us to determine how ALL experiences affect us.

The world within is a practical world and it has everything we need to see a vision for ourselves and the practical skills to make this our reality.

You Have the Power

Once you understand the relationship between the world within and the world without, you will understand the power that you have. The power is from within and is under your control. Through knowledge and applying exact principles, you can control your thoughts and you can apply this to any condition. Control your thoughts so that you only bring to the outside world desirable conditions.

Remember the world within makes the world without. Join the MKE class coming up to get a scholarship spot and make your vision a reality.

YOU have the power!

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About the author

Suzanne loves to create using any medium available, including carpentry, drawing, even baking. Her passion for her family and being in nature is closely followed by appreciation for the peace and purpose she found through the Master Key Experience. Now, as an MKE Guide, she longs to share these tools so anyone can realize their potential.

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  • Great article and reflection on the Master Key Experience training we completed. Understanding those thoughts seems very easy. However since most people have not been trained to apply their mental powers it takes MKE training to do that. Thank you for your thoughts.

  • Thanks, Suzanne, for sharing your blog. My favorite thought from your blog is “the world within is just waiting for you to learn how to develop it and express it”. Most people don’t realize that they already have everything they need to create the life of their dreams if they would just focus and create the right habits.

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