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Thoughts Are Like the Wind

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Each morning I awaken to the sound of a Diesel engine drifting across the creek in the lower field, usually about 6 o’clock.  It is my neighbour headed to work.  I have never met this neighbour and it always makes me smile at this unknown, unexpected connection.  

What is really interesting is our properties are not close—we are not neighbours as you might imagine, living next door to one another.  The sound that brings us together is carried by the wind…it is the way the wind blows.

Think about this: the wind is energy—you can’t see it except in the change it creates.  You can see the movement of the tree branches, you can see the stir of the dust, you can feel it against your skin, and you can hear the sounds it transmits…but you can’t see the wind.  

Much like our thoughts. You cannot see them but you can feel them, you act on them, and you create realities spawned from them.  But the thought itself is simply energy, that will ultimately perpetuate action and a reality.  

My mother always warned me, “Be careful what you think because it might just come true.” She was right, as was often the case.

Thoughts, like the wind, are invisible, but they are the catalyst for movement and creation.  Be deliberate in your thoughts, because thoughts do become things.  Be conscious of your feelings, because they affect not only you, but others.  Know that the energy is moving, it is not static, it is life and it connects us all.  

Like the wind and the sound of the Diesel engine in my lower field, our thoughts are released and sent into the universe carrying a message, co-mingling  with the collective consciousness…shaping the world—and most of us never realize our part in this creation.  

Be careful what you think—choose good thoughts.

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About the author

Dr. Tonia Chandler, board certified in family practice and pediatrics, has served her community for over 40 years.  She has spent the last 15 years studying personal development, working with leaders such as Bob Proctor, Mike Dooley and Mark Januszewski.  Currently, Dr. Tonia utilizes her consulting and coaching skills to help others live their best life.

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  • Thanks so much, Tonia, for sharing your blog! Love the comparison of thoughts to the wind as invisible yet powerful.

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful metaphor Tonia! I just love it! It reminded me of that you never see within others either, the energies vibrating and working in form of thoughts and emotions but you can always see the changes in people as the outcomes. And if you are sensitive you can feel something of what is going on within others, but never grasp the whole picture. It also reminded me of that we don’t always grasp the whole picture what is going on inside our selves either. To go after your metaphor you can say that we need to take down the wind shields within so we can feel the powerful and wonderful wind blowing within us.

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