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Time, why do some seem to have so much more than others?

minutes remaining

Time passed, time passes, it dissipates…

Was time unforgiving or was it just a passing existence? It can’t be returned, it never shows up a second or third time, it simply passes continuously as it expires.

So is it time that is different between you and me? Or you and ? Or is it possibly how each individual uses that same increment of time? Can we see those times that someone else possibly wasted their respective time? Can we see how we might, may, or have wasted ours?

Is it even anything related to “wasted time”?

If it were time being wasted, that would likely have been by one’s own perspective I suppose. Maybe that never returning, constantly expiring thing called time is just illusive to us at moments?

Maybe that’s it, just moments of time that randomly expire?

So fueling this or that idea of time past might as well be something that we not waste or use the current moments on?

time flies

To what extent is time any different from one person to the next? It doesn’t come and go any faster for one person as it does for another. It does, however, expire at the exact same rate for all that exist!

My time and your time pass simultaneously. Your time, your friends time, someone else’s time all transpire and expire at the exact same moment! Yet, there are some that seem to have an abundance of time if it were compared to another! But they really don’t have any more than your or I, not one second.

Time and Perspective

Is it then, that their time is somehow different? I believe we’ve already covered that. The answer is and always will be an emphatic ‘No’ or maybe it’s really an emphatic ‘Yes!’ Maybe that too is a perspective respective to each and every single one of us?

So what is this difference in one’s time compared to another’s time, respectively? Where does that come from and where is the differential in any of that time?

That’s the exact same thought that I had not to long ago… I had no clue either, well no clue until only months ago! My perception, user, and application of time changed though.

With that change came so many other things that I had trouble wrapping my head around it all.

Many things changed and at a pace that made it hard for me to keep up with my own future self as he arrived in my present time.

(My future self will be for another blog, I’ll stick to the time thing in this one).

Seriously, I just couldn’t fathom how fast, (this was a point where time seemed different than before), my entire world began to change and how time was suddenly not that same ever expiring time that it had been for so so long.

But my time wasn’t any different than the time that any other person had, not one bit different as far as time is concerned! It was still that passing time, always expiring time that we all knew and know.

What changed was called the Master Key Experience and it entering into my life. It brought a new prospective to me. A different way of using that same exact time that was always going to be there for you and for me. Maybe the knowledge has always been present, but it’s application was unknown and mysterious in a way…

As I began using various things like the “Law of Substitution” and focusing on things that were and are more meaningful in life, everything began to become more meaningful in my life.

The Law of Substitution is about replacing various thoughts with better ones, ones that matter. Thus, a person begins to spend more time thinking about God and other great things, things that matter to them, rather than the opposite (negative, disempowering thoughts).

Finding that type of focus and awareness was certainly a mysterious or deterring thing, maybe we can say it was illusive to me, prior to the Master Key Experience also known as the MKE.

For a lack of better words, learning to use that was an enlightening experience once I had this particular law brought to my attention. And then the application of it into my life was one of the very keys that unlocked that future me’s existence and brought more love and happiness into my world than I could’ve ever imagined existing in my life!

Time and Meaning

And yet time still passed, time still expired, time still kept moving… only it was moving in ways that were more meaningful to me and those that are effected and affected by me and my world.

It would be an understatement to say that just this one fractional element of the Master Key Experience changed more than just my life, but also the lives of those closest to me! Even in and of itself, it was able to create a completely different perspective on all things in my world.

No more time spent on things that no longer mattered, things that had past, negative or bad thoughts that showed up were almost instantaneously replaced with good and great things to come instead of what the past had kept ever present.

Time was no longer spent on expired time, especially things that used to linger long after those various things had passed.

I guess what I used to forget to realize is that the past time was already expired and nothing in the present time can change what no longer existed!

Time is still the same for me and you. It’s still the same for all of us. Yet my time seems to have expanded.

Maybe that time no longer spent on the yesterdays really does make it appear as if I’ve got more time than someone with that exact same time?

If my blog sparked your interest and you would like to learn more about the Master Key Experience, click here to hop on the early notification list. This course is only offered once a year and starts in late September. Check it out and see how the skills you learn help you to upgrade the use of your time.

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About the author

Drew Timm is a minister, published author, life coach, entrepreneur, and building contractor. As a confident builder, both of structures and people, he finds his life harmonious with a purposeful journey in the service of others. After manifesting his life’s goals and dreams, he decided to share that wisdom with others as an MKE guide.

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  • In a world where we hear “If I only had more time for…”, your perspective is so helpful, Drew. Thank you. Another great benefit of SO MANY of just six months of Master Key Experience training. 🙂

  • Thank you Drew for your great demonstration of how the MKE can drastically change our perception of time and improve every minute of it for the rest of our life!

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